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Deer, skunks, coyotes, and mountain lions have been seen drinking from the vernal pool. During your hike, you may see chipmunks scurrying up the trunk of an oak, deer wading hip deep amid the lush grasses of the pool basin, or frightened jackrabbits bounding through golden meadows to hide behind a fallen limb.
Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
            ~ Anatole, French novelist
Commonly Spotted Mammals
grey squirrel
What is a Mammal?
Lesson Plans for grades 5-6
What They Leave Behind
Even when we are not able to directly observe an animal, we can still learn about them from the tracks and scat they leave behind.

Look for animal tracks in mud, dust, or sand. When trying to identify a track, look for a clear, individual print. If you carefully search for a trail or sequence of tracks, you make be able to tell where the animal was going and/or what it was doing.

Watch your step! Coyotes and foxes will defecate in the middle of the trail. They will also defecate atop fallen logs. Bobcats and mountain lions will scratch near their scat and try to cover it. Deer and rabbits leave clumps or clusters of pellets.
Animal Teeth
You can tell a great deal about what an animal eats by looking at its teeth. Meat-eaters have sharp teeth, plant eaters have flat teeth, and animals that eat both plants and meat have sharp teeth in front and flat teeth in back.
Animal Teeth
Animal  Nutrition Game
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