Before You Go
The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.
                                                                              ~ John Muir
As there are no bathroom facilities at Boggs Lake Preserve, you may wish to take a comfort break before arriving. The nearest towns are Kelseyville and Cobb. Parking is limited at the preserve therefore, carpooling for at least the last few miles is advised.  Kit's Corner Store, at the corner of Highway 29 and Soda Bay Road, or Main Street Kelseyville are good spots to refresh and regroup before traveling the last few miles. Please contact The Nature Conservancy for visitation information. (415) 777 - 0487.
Please click the arrow for directions to Boggs Lake Preserve
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.
             ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
What To Bring
* Lunch
* Water (there is no potable water at the preserve)
* Sunscreen
* Hat and/or sunglasses
*Field guides, pens and pencils, and your field journal
* Tissues or pre-moistened towelettes
* Insect repellant which contains DEET
* Your camera
* A bag for carrying out any litter you produce or find
* Your curiosity
What To Leave At Home
Boggs Lake Preserve is not the place to bring your dog, your horse, or your off road vehicle. It is a sensitive ecological area and one needs to stay on the marked trail. As the trail presents inclines and a short scramble over basalt boulders, those with difficulty walking may prefer a virtual field trip. While encounters with skunks, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and mountain lions are rare; they have occurred at the preserve. Warn children and train them how to handle a possible encounter. Carefully gauge children's levels of respect for nature, impulse control, and ability to follow verbal commands before bringing them to the preserve.
Find a path
Make a choice:
Live in fear and desire
Walk in beauty.
                   ~ Mary Beth Abordo 2004
Stop, Look, And Listen
More than 340 plants have been identified and 155 species of birds have been observed within the preserve. Don't be in such a rush to see everything that you walk right past them! Give yourself a few minutes to breathe the fresh mountain air and adjust. Close your eyes and listen to the breeze and the laughter of the woodpeckers. Open your mind to experiencing a rare, majestic space.
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