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The Wyandotte breed originates from America and is named after a tribe of Red Indian athough no one seems to know why ?, they have been around since the 1880's and come in a wide range of colours including White, Blue, Black, Buff, Barred, Columbian, Partridge, Silver pencilled, Silver laced, Gold Laced, Blue laced, and Buff Laced, some breeders have created other colours as well they come in large fowl and bantams. All the differant colours have a rose comb and yellow legs. The wyandottes I would say are some of the best birds for back garden pets as they came in a wide range of colours and the birds tend to be quite docile and tame quite easily,  we kept a couple of buff bantams in the back garden for  3 or 4 years when I started keeping poultry again, that was about 8 years ago  we now tend to have somewhere between 50 and 120 birds depending on the time year.
These are some of my Partridge Wyandottes  bantams I have kept the large fowl in the past also.
Columbian Wyandottes which I kept a last year, sadley I had to let them go as the cock was the most vicious bird I have ever kept, you dare not take your eyes of him for a minute as he would attack you without warning, so we called him Sid but with my kids around he just was not safe to have around.
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