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The Welbar is a British auto sexing breed that was developed in 1936 by professor R.C Punnett and Mr M Pearce at the Cambridge Research station. It is basically an auto sexing version of the Welsummer that is, you can sex the chicks when born, dark chicks are female and light chicks are male. They do have British poultry club standards but do not have their own breed club they come under the Rare Poultry Society. The females look similer to Welsummers but are lighter in colour and have faint barring in the plumage the cocks look rather like a Cuckoo Maran but far more colourful take a look at some of my birds below.
Other Autosexing breeds include the Brussbar, Brockbar, Cambar, Dorbar,Cream Legbar, Legbar, Rhodebar, Wybar,they are all very rare these days the most popular of these is the Cream Legbar because it lays green or blue eggs which is quite novel Welbars lay dark brown eggs like the Welsummer to see another  Autosexing breed click on the Rhodebar tab to the left.
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