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This is a picture of my wife Sharon with some of our Vorwerk bantam chicks note the chicks colour is totally opposite to that of the adult birds as the chicks feathers come through they change colour  you can see these chicks wing feathers just coming through.

The Vorwerk is one of my faverite breeds, I have kept both large fowl and bantams I currentley only have bantams, unfortunatley mr fox paid me a visit and wiped my large fowl out and Vorwerks are that rare I have been unable to get hold of any good replacements so I only have bantams at present which are even rarer.The Vorwerk breed was created by Oskar Vorwerk in Germany around 1900 and the breed was standardised in 1913,they come in both large fowl and bantam  the bantam being a more recent introduction.

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Vorwerk Bantams
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