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The Rhodebar is an Autosexing breed of chicken that was created in Britain during the 1930's, the Rhodebar is an autosexing version of the Rhode Island Red. Autosexing breeds allow you to sex the chicks as soon as they are born, this principle is still used most modern laying hybrids were they only wish to rear pullets. Other Autosexing breeds created include the Legbar, Cream Legbar, Wybar, Dorbar, Brussbar, Cambar, Brockbar, and Welbar which I also breed click on the tab left to check out my Welbar  page.
These pictures are of some of my Rhodebars, as you can see the hens look similar to Rhode Island Reds but with slight flecks of the barring in the plumage, the cocks on the other hand look more like a red version of the Maran.
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