Sunnybrook Rabbitry
Mini Lops, &  Jersey Woolies,
in B.C. Canada
Creator's Critters:
Specializing in Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Thriantras
and various Cavies on Vancouver Island,
Lots of information on Lionheads and great photos of rabbits
in Washington, USA - 3rd certificate holder
Bugs Bunny Barn:
Excellent genetic and colour info. about Lionheads.  (USA)
Bucky's Bunny Barn:
Specializes in Netherland Dwarf, New York, USA
Kootenay Rabbitry
Netherland Dwarfs  in  B.C, Canada
Mountain Top Dwarfs
Netherland Dwarfs in PA - great colour and genetics section!
Silver Oaks Rabbitry
Mini lops  in Northern California
Cuddly Cottontail Rabbit Farm
Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, and Lionheads in Southern Washington
Helpful information links:
ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders of America)
Become a member and receive lots of information about rabbits (get a book) !
Island Gems
I refer to this compatible colour chart often for guidance on breeding colours together  for both netherlands and lionheads  (general guide only)
NALRC - (North American Lionhead Rabbit Club)
Specific information for Lionheads with great links and breeder contacts .
You also get a book on lionheads  with membership- very hard to find!
Welsh Rabbitry
Fun colour mixing program - very general but fun to play with!
The Lionhead Rabbit Site
Tons of great information on lionheads... pictures, colours, contacts, & more!
Breeders list plus pedigree program.  I use this program, and its awesome!
Rabbit Talk :
Interesting and amusing info on what your bunny may be saying with body language and behaviors
- also section on bunny aggresion.
The Rabbit Hill
Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Netherland, Jersey Woolies, and various Cavies
in San Francisco Bay area.
Other Breeds:
Electric Bunnies
Dwarf Hotots 
in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada
LaReau Lops & Cavies
Holland Lops, French Lops, and Cavies in Wisconsin....
Excellant info on how Hollands are judged... I learned alot reading through her site!
Legendary Farms Lionhead Rabbitry
Lionheads in Oregon, USA
Snowberry Rabbitry
Holland Lops and American Sables in Whister B.C. Canada

Link to Printable
Standard for Lionheads
Canal Banks Rabbitry
Lionheads, English Angoras, Holland Lops - in PEI 
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry
Holland Lops in Michigan U.S.
Fleet Mt. Rabbitry
Netherland Dwarfs in Kamloops B.C.
Fuzzy Peach Rabbitry
Fuzzy Hollands, Netherlands, Dwarf Hotots, Mini Rex and a few cavies  in WhiteRock B.C.
Rachel's Rabbitry
English Angoras in B.C. Canada
The Rabbit and Cavy Directory
Spencerville Hillside Rabbitry
Mini Rex,, Holland Lop, and English Angoras  in Ontario
Waterside Rabbitry - Victoria BC
Holland Lops, Mini Rex
L & L Warren
Mini Rex and Holland Lops in Saskatchewan
The Top of the World Rabbitry
Netherlands and Holland lops in Saskatchewan
I will no longer be offering additional links off my page unless you are a new customer of mine...
it is far too time consuming and I don't update this page very often anymore as
on my old geocities provider...Sorry!
Hoppy Acres Rabbitry
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Mini Rex - near Edmonton Alberta
Cimmaron Lionheads
Gail is 2nd certificate holder and has beautiful stock in MN  USA
- lots of info and pictures on this site too.
Bastet's Bunnies
Dawn Guth  - working on himi's and other colours
Mossy Possum Farms
Jeremy and Becky Armstrong - KS
Secret Garden Rabbits
Lionheads, Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops, and Flemish Giants in New York State
Lionhead Frequently Asked Questions
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