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2nd Movie Summary

May 25, 2005: I actually did some REAL updating and finally added the summary for what seems to be everyone's favorite YYH movie, Poltergeist Report. Besides that, I fixed the layout on a few of the pages and have almost finished replacing all of the banners. Now that I have all of this free time I should get alot more stuff up. Until then...Auf Weidersein.

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RNH is still alive

May 22, 2005: Despite what you may think, RNH is still alive. Now that school and finals are over I might be able to do some actual updating. I will be away alot this summer for different things including a music camp at college. But there should be internet access there so that I can update. I put the correct banner back up and fixed the gallery. There's still plenty of things to do. If you have a suggestion as of where to start, leave it in the guestbook. It will be appreciated. Until then I'll try and add some new pictures and maybe a profile or two. Ja.

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We're Green!

March 17, 2005: Yes, we're green! You can't pinch us! *sticks tongue out* I'll get the normal banner up soon and hopefully actually get some real updating. ^^ I'm so busy! Well, that's it for now. Enjoy your St. Patty's Day! *pinch*

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5,000 Hits!--Lyrics

February 2005: Yes, RNH has finally reached over 5,000 hits, and just in time for Valentine's Day! To celebrate, I've added a Lyrics section under Fans. ^^ And we'll soon be sporting Irish green colors in recognition of St. Patrick's Day! *does a jig* And don't forget to vote for us in the YYH Topsites to make us #1! That's it for now. Ja ne!

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January 22, 2005: The lovely Ama-chan has made lots of beautiful wallpapers for the site! Go to wallpapers to check them out!

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New Valentine's Banner!

January 16, 2005: Alright, everybody! Happy New Year! We've got a pretty new Valentine's Day banner from Manda-chan! Thank you so much. I'm so grateful! It'll be up until after White Day. So look at the prettiness! I'll be sure to add new character profiles in celebration! ^^ And we've also gotten over 4500 hits! Yay! We'll have a special surprise for 5000 hits so visit often, 'k? Oh, and vote for us on Top YYH sites. The link is on the right, so be nice and vote! ^^ Until next time!

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Ask A Character

November 17, 2004: Rekai No Hikari now has an Ask a Character feature. Go and check it out. Write your favorite character and see their answer. Notes and answers will be posted here! ^^

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November 16, 2004: We now have a new affiliate called Kitsune No Sakai Desu. Go check it out under the Affiliates heading on the right. Ja!

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Name Translations

November 6, 2004: We've got some Name Translations for you guys, so check 'em out under the Fan section. ^^

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June 23, 2004: Yes, the laziest Webmistress in the Galaxy is updating. And I have good news for the site. Someone FINALLY gave us some fanart! *all cheer* I bow down and thank Inuko-chan over and over and over and...Anyway, please enjoy your stay. Ja! ^_^

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June 6, 2004: I just got finished celebrating my Birthday and I feel like being nice and updating. Plus, I'm feeling good because I happened to glance at the hits counter a couple days ago and saw that Rekai No Hikari has reached over 2,000 hits! I'm pretty proud of that considering we're an unhosted geocities site. But anyway...I've opened up the "Weapons and Attacks" section of the site. I'll add more soon, but that's all I felt like doing for now. Until we meet again...Ja!

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