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If you're a devoted fan of "Dale Midkiff" and the cast members that starred in "Magnificent Seven" & "Time Trax" movie,please sign the petitions below. These petitions are setup to have votes in,in hopes to have "Magnificent Seven" & "Time Trax" back on air,(television).And also to have "Magnificent Seven" movie made on home video. Thankyou for your generosity & support!

Bring "The Magnificent Seven"back to tv and let the seven ride in our livingroom!.

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Well everyone , believe it or not but supposibly "Dale" has signed my guestbook. However I have no proof if it was really  him or a fan that has signed my guestbook. And to even say, it may have been "Dale's" secretary that has signed. This however is all confusing to me,to even say that what was written in my guestbook has me suspious. I know nothing about what "Dale" is up to now but to mention in my guestbook about his upcoming movie he is starring in?. Who is to say that it was not "Dale" that signed my guestbook or co-workers that work for him. Or could it been a fan thats impersonating Dale?. What is your opinion?. Do you think "Dale Midkiff" has signed my guestbook or not?. Read my guestbook below this message & tell me what you think by adding your own opinion in my guestbook..

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