Toyyoyo's Dark Angel Mystique (black)
Born September 26, 2002
Bred by Carol Schaffer
Mysti is the 4 lb boss of our house. It doesn't help that Mike thinks she can do NO wrong. He encourages her to be naughty. But that's part of what makes everyone love her so much. The first thing most people say is, "Can I take her home?" Before you ask, the answer is "No!"
Mysti just needs her majors to finish her championship.
We sadly lost Mysti on May 26, 2006. We will never stop loving or missing her.
These girls are NOT available!! Go to the available page to see if we have anything for sale!
Jan-Shar's Mother of Pearl (cream)
Born June 26, 2004
Bred by Sharon Hanson
We had hopes of putting Junie in the ring, but she hurt her leg not long after we got her home. She has a beautiful coat, perfect, tight earset, and a cute, cute face. So instead of showing her, she gets to stay at home and keep the dust bunnies out from under our bed. :)
We can't thank Sharon enough for this fantastic girl.
She has given us a couple of litters of very nice babies. We have her daughter that'll be 6 mos in May and starting her show career.
Penateka Lightning Dancer (orange sable)
Born June 12, 2002
Teka, Teka, Teka!!
I don't have enough room to type all the great things about this girl. She has the most fabulous coat I have EVER seen on any pom!!! I have to keep it shaved down because it's too hard to brush.
She's an all around goof ball. She'll lay on her back and have, what others may think are, convulsions. But it's not. She just does it to make us laugh. As you can see in this picture of her, she smiles all the time.  We've decided not to breed Teka so she just gets to be Auntie to the babies.
Li'l Ponderosa For Your Eyes Only (orange sable)
Born November 25, 2001
Bred by Sherry Cartwright
Ivy lives with my mom now. She's on the small side and the other poms were picking on her. Needless to say, "grandma" didn't like it and took Ivy home with her. It's turned out to be a good thing, she gets to be held and babied constantly, and I can visit her whenever I want to. She is too tiny to breed and therefore just gets to be a spoiled lap dog.
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