My Pom Page
This our champ, Eminem. He is so awdorwable!!!!:)
Whenever you talk to Teka she will talk right back to ya!!! She is a cutie!
Star is a real mamas boy but still he is super funny
This is mysti she was sooo funny. I miss her so much.
My pom is named Rani and I spoil her rotten. I treat her like a princess in a castle and I hope to show her one day.
My name is Bailey Pfannerstill, I am a junior handler and am the #10 junior pom handler in the Nation for 2006. It is such an honor to be in the top ten. I adore pomeranians, they rock the house!
This is me and my family with Bill Goldburg, he is hugging my brother because his first word was "Goldburg". Bill was sooooooooooo excited to hear this.
Ivy lives w/ my gma and gpa now but I get 2 see her alot
I got my junior showmanship award because of my family supporting me and Eminem.
I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, Colten, Grandma and Grandpa, Cadon Wilde and his Mom Niki Wilde, Kelly Reimschiissel, Christy Christiansen, Charlene Waters, Gregg Waters, The APC for my Jr award, The Beehive Toy Group, and Jessica Christiansen for telling me the secrets to how to become a good junior handler.

Thanx everybody!!!!
This is JuJu (June) she looks similar 2 Rani but not quite. Totally different personalities.
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