Welcome to my site. Many of you know me from the chinchilla club website. I know a certain amount about chinchillas as i have one and am planning in march to make a cage for her by hand. I am looking forward to next christmas when i can get her a mate because she is lonely.
Her name is Dusty she is about a 14 weeks old and she is a standard grey. She is a right charicter but she is cute and funny.
A little about me:
Well i have a brother and a sister and i am 12 years old. I live with my mum dad and brother because my sister is 20 and moved out 4 years ago when i was 8. When i grow up i want to be a surgeon and as a younger child my dream was to become an author but i passed that stage at 9 or 10. I do enjoy reading and writing long stories and have written many on my computer.
I enjoy playing games so check these out. I also really enjoy a laugh.
While you are here you might as well sign my guestbook or even veiw it. Or you may just send me an email with any chinchilla questions via my email: sam02@ntlworld.com I know my name is Loren but my middle name is Samantha so that is why my email is Sam.
I will be updating this site as regulaly as possible i promiss. :) I just want you to see what my page is like.
This is Dusty my chinchilla
Here i am going to show you what i am going to make my chinchillas cage like I wil not be doing it until December now,
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