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Danielle Cormack - Ephiny

Lucy Lawless - Xena

Karl Urban - Cupid/Caesar

Alexandra Tydings - Aphrodite

Kevin Smith - Ares/Iphicles

Renee O'Connor - Gabrielle

Robert Trebor - Salmoneous


Erick - Hades

Alison Bruce - Queen Melosa

Jay Laga'aia - Draco

Robert Harte - Various

Bruce Hopkins - Termin

Willa O'Neil - Lila

Iain Rea - Philemon

Jodie Dorday - Solari

Xenaverse Characters

Where else have you seen your favorite character? You may be surprised.

Bobby Hosea - Marcus

Melinda Clarke - Valesca

David Taylor - Solon

Ted Raimi - Joxer

Jeremy - Palaemon/Pompey

Sydney Jackson - Vidalus

Tony Todds - Cecrops


Jennifer Ward-Lealand - Boadicea

Claire Stansfield - Alti

Darien Takle - Cyrene

Geoff Snell - Herodotus

Nathaniel Lees - Nicklio

Stephen Tozer - Mezentius

Charles Siebert - Poseidon

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