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"A Little Piece Of Whose Line" was born over a long weekend in April. If I'm not mistaken, Monday was a teacher in-Service day, thus leaving me with three days of boredom. Being the computer geek that I am, I thought, "Hey, why not make a website about your obsession, Whose Line? It can't be that hard!" Famous last words.
From those three days of boredom spawned this very site. It was totally and completely revamped over a collective period of 8 hours and numerous cans of Dr. Pepper. Hopefully the revamping will draw more Whosers to the site. Either that or this'll become another one of my failed projects. But anyway. Check out everything and sign the guestbook if you get a chance.


About 8 collective hours later and 2 cans of Dr. Pepper, everything has been revamped. I'm pretty sure everything works, so check it all out and tell me if anything's screwed up or if the new layout sucks.


As you can see, I'm totally revamping everything here. I'm adding a navagation bar to everything, the colors are easier on the eyes, and everything should be "new and improved."

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This site is in no way affiliated with ABC, ABCFamily, Hat Trick Productions, or any of the cast members. This is not an official site. If someone said it was, hit them. Please note that the author has been called a fraud, a poser, a moodly teenager, a psychotic freak, a depressed weirdo, a criminal, a corpse, a fictional character, an unrelable narrator, an arsonist, and late for dinner by an odd number of incompetant people. Note that I am prone to psychotic outbursts and will lash out at unsuspecting passerbys. Send help at once. All rights reserved.
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