2006 Foals

2006 AQHA Dunalino filly Born 5-22- Sire:Unforgiven Secrets, Dam: Anita Marie Del Rio
Dawn is one Lovely filly - AQHA pending Secrets First Dawn. SOLD Thank you Alona at Ever After Horses in Oregon.

2006 AQHA/ABRA/NFQHA grulla stud colt Born 5-22 - Sire: Unforgiven Secrets, Dam: Imperial Music Style
Scout is mega stallion quality!! - AQHA pending Secrets Imperial Scout. SOLD Thank you Rockcliff Ranch Clancy Montana.

2006 ApHC sorrel stud colt Born 5-12- Sire: Windy Starstruck, Dam: Mandans Goer
Lucky is a very sweet colt and he is very correct!
ApHC pending Mandys Lucky Windy. SOLD Thank you Bowey Family of Lewiston Idaho

2006 AQHA palomino filly Born 2-10 - Sire: Unforgiven Secrets, Dam: One Fancy Sister
Suprise is a very awesome filly and was sure a shock to see her to die for head
AQHA pending Secrets Fancy Suprise, This Filly has been SOLD! Thank you Rock Creek Quarterhorses.

2006 AQHA/ABRA stud colt Born 2-17 - Sire: Unforgiven Secrets, Dam: Imperial Sage
Knight is another awesome stallion prospect and show prospect. Should have kept him back as Max's replacement.
AQHA Secret Imperial Knight. This colt has been sold. Thank you, Carena McDonald of Council WA.

2002-2006 foals sired by Unforgiven Secrets.
Another test of your stallions and mares are the foals. The foals should be better than the mare or the stallion! If not than back to the drawing board so see if you need to change your stallion or mares. Most likely it will be the stallion if all of the foals are not of quality. Unforgiven Secrets has proven that he can make any mare have a beautiful foal and an awsome mare have a foal that is beyond this world!

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