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The home of AD&D--The guys who make my hobby possible!
Aerth:  The Ancient World - A 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game.  The setting is loosely based on ancient times on legendary Earth and the Conan series.  The main difference is that instead of humans, the dominant sentient races are all exotic species like elves, insectoids, and furry animal people. STALLED
*Gygax Homepage--The inventor of the AD&D role-playing game
*World of Greyhawk--Hardcore enthusiasts live here
*Cool links from the guys who brought you the Call of Cthulhu game!
*Unofficial Planescape information
Comic Fanfiction Author's Network -- You can find everything here.
B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness--The largest unofficial site for White Wolf game material
Fanfiction.net --Read everything here.  No smut
The Online Rote Database V2.0
Marvel -- The actual comic company.
Complete texts of Mage Traditions and Spheres
X-men Hero:  Cyclops -- All Cyclops, all the time.  I'm published here.:)
Changeling:  The Dreaming
Heart of a Hero --  Cyke fiction.  Stories whose links are broken at X-man Hero might be accessed here.
Kung Fu Fighting Mages!
Mad Scientists Unite!
Miscellaneous Links:
Red Shades --  Homesite of the mailing list I lurk on.
Conspire.com--The Greatest Conspiracies of All Time!
Fatal Optic --  Homepage for Morwen's Evotution Syke.  Funny stuff
Disinformation--Conspiracies of the day!
Scott Summers --  No fiction, but explanations for everything!
World Religions--Investigate the outer reaches!
Church of the Subgenius--The most subversive religion in the world!
The Definitive X-men Erotica Archive
The truth might be out there, but here's why it's hard to find
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