Warning, weak minded fools!

The Warning Page

FTM, get the idea?

Warning, this page is not for the weak of heart or mind, this page is dedicated to the idea that things are not as
we were taught as a small children. This page is the writings, musings, and information of a young FTM, a female to
male transexual.

If you are offended by trans things, the back button is always open, and if you have the gall to send me any hate mail
just because of what I am, then I pity you, so very much.

Then again...send me hate mail if you want, I think they're funny to read and then laugh and then I make fun of you
because your really queer with your strange bigotted appinion, though if you want to get mad at me for something
else, then I'm open to argue with.

But, enough of that scary legal dribble, the light and happy thought of this page is that it is an outlet for all of
the idiotic things that spring from my head on a whim...not a lot yet. So, if you read the above stuff, click on my
money warning thing on the bottom.


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