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1963 Comet S-22 convertible

The 1963 Comets were introduced with the all new Comet convertible, which was the very first Mercury Comet with a convertible top. In all there were only 13,111 Comet convertibles built in 1963 produced in both the standard Comet and s-22 option, these were a beautiful addition to the Comet line. Also new to the lineup in 1963 was the new Comet Cyclone with the first v-8 engine offered. The new cyclone with 260 cubic inch V-8 added new appeal to the Comet with the cubic inches to back the name. The V-8 was also available with a 4 speed floor shift. The addition of new paint and interior colors added to the excitement for Mercury Comet buyers in 1963.

Kim's 63 Comet Custom Sportster

David Oddo's 63 Comet Fastback on Ice

Johnny White's 63 1/2 Fastback or Sportster

the fastback roofline was not available until February 1963 and was called a 63 1/2 model, just as the full size Mercury, the Ford Falcon and Galaxie. (Their first big showing was at the Datona 500 that year when Fords took the first 5 places of the race. Tiny Lund was the winner.)

Wayne's 63 2dr Pro Street Sedan

Wayne has neetly dropped a 1986 Lincoln LSC 5 Liter in his 63 Sedan

Classic 63 S-22 Convertible Comet

63 Convertible

Kit's 63 S-22 "Onedumbguy"

Dougs 63 Convertible

Mark Jaffe's 63 Convertible

Jake's 63 Comet S-22 Convertible

Curtis Collins' 63 S-22 Convertible

John and Carine's 63 S-22

Ray's 63 Convertible

63 S-22 Convertible

Bruce Clifford's 63 Comet

David Hooten's 63 Comet Villager Wagon

Rick's 1963 Comet Wagon (for sale)

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