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My 63 1/2 Comet Fastback Before and After

My 63 1/2 Comet Fastback After.

The fastback roofline was not available until February 1963 and was called a 63 1/2 model, just as the full size Mercury, the Ford Falcon and Galaxie. (Their first big showing was at the Datona 500 that year when Fords took the first 5 places of the race. Tiny Lund was the winner.)

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I found my 1963 Comet online by placing a couple of "Car Wanted" ads. I was looking for a 2 door hardtop sportster model like the one I had driven in high school back in 1967. I was contacted by Dr. Falcon from the bay area of California and a deal was struck. My Comet arrived in Pennsylvania on June 26, 2000 after a month of sleepless nights. The engine and transmission were in good shape but the rest of the car will have to go through major restoration. It still had the orginal paint job and needless to say is in sorry shape. The interior will need to be completed redone, wheels and new tires are also a must. I will keep everyone up to date as the work progresses.

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