1/1200 -1/300 Painting and Assembly Service
This service is offered for the assembly, painting and rigging of war gamer ship kits.  I limit this service to scales from 1/1200 to 1/300
I have only one standard.  The ship is assembled.  I paint it to the customers paint scheme.  If it is a sailing ship, I rig it with standing rigging and some running rigging.  I use the Langton threads.  I also rig shrouds and ratlines using Langton netting.  Flags are included.  The model is sprayed with a matte sealant.  The ship is based on a basswood base with textured sea.
My basic price for a three mast, age of sail ship is $25.00 plus the cost of the kit and shipping.
These pictures are of a small french squadron of Lanton 1/1200 ships.
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