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Welcome to the realm of the Sha'hariath, the voice of EFC fans past and present. This site is in the process of being constructed.  It will allow EFC fans to keep up to date on the matters involving their favourite actors, fan fiction involving their beloved characters, and anything and everything else  needed (The fifth season will not be included here  — we are focusing on those seasons featuring Da'an and  Zo'or, and the original premises and mythology of the show).

This site will also serve as a centre for those attempting to convince the Sci Fi Channel to take EFC under its wing, and repair the damage that is being inflicted even as we speak.

Sinaui euhura.

What is the Sha'hariath?
The Sha'hariath is that plane of flowing movement and spontaneous transformation into which all things are enfolded, every thought, every sensation, every movement, every particle and every possibility in the cosmos.  The late physicist David Boehm theorized and wrote extensively about the Sha'hariath and called it "the implicate order".  The Sha'hariath is the heaven of the Kimera race, and the dimension which unknowingly, both the Taelons and the Jaridians have been seeking since their two races diverged a few million years ago.

All things are possible in the Sha'hariath.  Liam Kincaid, the human/Kimera hybrid, once visited the Sha'hariath in a lucid dream and encountered his alien father Ha'gal there for the first time.  Liam described the plane as "Nirvana".  For the rest of his earthly life, he has heard the siren call of the Sha'hariath and he finds himself being drawn back to that glowing plane. The mysterious alien being known as Da'an has always been connected on some level to the mystical plane of Sha'hariath, in search of knowledge and peace that often eluded him...

Earth: Final Conflict, the television series produced by Tribune/Atlantis which is now entering its fifth and final season, was a television series which sci fi fans once loved and watched faithfully, one for which they had great hopes; sadly, the series has never reached its potential (quite the opposite in fact), and it has disappointed and infuriated viewers for one reason or another since the finale of its first season.  Many of us no longer watch EFC, and we mourn the series which we loved and have lost.

This is a place in which to explore the series which Earth: Final Conflict could have been, had not profit completely superseded art  and creativity in the offices of Tribune/Atlantis.  In times to come, visit here for information on actors who appeared on the series and have now departed, for information on the characters, for discussions on the series arc and its mythology, for obscure facts about Kimera, Taelons and Jaridians.  There will be fan fiction, art and sound clips here, and eventually there will be articles on the series written by viewers, a chat group and a mailing list.  Let us reconstruct the world of Earth: Final Conflict as it might have been, and as it should have been, and how it may be in the future.

Earth: Final Conflict is now the subject of a movement, to convince the SCI FI Channel to obtain rights to produce a satisfactory conclusion and return the characters of Da'an, Zo'or, and Liam Kincaid if the actors so wish it. Sci Fi was the victim of a cruel betrayal of trust by Tribune Entertainment, as they purchased the series only to have it spiral down immediately afterward. We wish for Sci Fi to produce a sixth season, a miniseries, or a TV movie to resurrect beloved characters and conclude the winding Taelon plotlines. For this, we need EFC fans to band together and make our voices heard. Please sign the petition and guestbook, and we would welcome your company at our message board and mailing list.

Please feel free to sign the Sha'hariath guest book and share your thoughts on the series.  If you are interested in contributing something to the site or would like assist us in creating it, contact one of the websters, Cate and Seven of Nine

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