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Quick Jolene Stats: Birth Place - San Diego, USA; Date Of Birth - March 5th, 1975; Height - 5 feet 6 inches











JULY 10, 2006 - Jolene in SFX Magazine

It seems Jolene is in the latest SFX Magazine. "GustavoLeao" posted this and other photos at the Trekweb.com BBS. Thanks for doing it! I actually recently noticed one of the photos at the web site of a photographer she's used before and wondered what it was taken for. It seems this is it!

JULY 8, 2006 - YouTube Video

Remember that video Maxium had of Jolene's first photo shoot with them a long time ago? It's now available at YouTube.com. To see it, click here.

JULY 2, 2006 - News Archive Updated

JULY 2, 2006 - Last Call

In the second half of June, Jolene appeared on the talk show "Last Call With Carson Daly". It was reviewed on the Trek Today.com BBS by "joncreed" along with "I Dream of Murder". Here is what he had to say:

Jolene, twice in a one week! woohoo!

First off, "I Dream of Murder" was strictly a by the numbers "woman in jeopardy" flick typical of Lifetime. Her co-star Martin Cummings looked like he just got out of rehab and the rest were no-name Canadians passing themselves off as Americans with their "aboots" and "oots." As usual, Jolene was a trooper and put forth an "A" effort in an otherwise "D" list production.

Second, I caught Jolene on Last Call; had no idea Carson "The Douchebag" Daly was the host. The show is on 01:35am PST and I'm guessing its live; I can't stand talkshows with a live studio audience, they waste too much time with insipid comedy bits! The studio audience whoops it up and acts crazy because an offscreen PA is prompting them. I had to suffer through that tool Jamie Kennedy- I muted the sound but it was still a long wait for Jolene. Jolene finally shows up-looking better than ever-and douchebag asks her how long its been since "Enterprise" was off the air, blah, blah...and of course, being the "hip" guy he is, Carson baits Jolene to make negative comments about Star Trek fans, Jolene-always the class act-doesn't take the bait and tells douchebag she appreciates the gifts fans send her via her agency. They then talk about "Slowburn" and how the all male cast took Jolene to a Montreal strip club where they paid for her to have a private lap dance; she couldn't finish the tale because they were running out of time and Carson said they'll finish the strip club story when she returns.

Speaking of "Slowburn," I read Lionsgate will finally release it in limited capacity in August or November; I'm guessing the film will only be shown in big cities like Los Angeles. The film was made three years ago and had its premiere in the Toronto Film Festival back in September to lukewarm reviews. The film has been described as a "Usual Suspects" rip-off with nudity and sex scenes thrown in. I live in SoCal close to LA, so I may check it out when its released. I'm hoping "Slowburn" gets Jolene some much needed attention, as I've posted before on this board, she has "A-list" potential- she can't waste that on more Lifetime movies.

One more thing to add, "Law and Order" the original series, still has not cast the new ADA to play opposite Sam Watterson's Jack McCoy- I think Jolene would be great.

(Note: The "Law and Order" part has now been filled by CSI: Miami actress Alana De La Garza.)

JUNE 19, 2006 - "I Dream Of Murder" TV Guide Ad

I've placed the new TV Guide ad for "I Dream of Murder" as the lead photo for this page. Thanks to "boushh" from the Trektoday.com BBS for this!

JUNE 18, 2006 - I Dream Of Murder

Jolene has appeared in the Lifetime TV movie "I Dream of Murder" (above is a photo from it). This movie will be rerun on Lifetime in July, including on July 5 at 7pm Eastern.. Here is what she told the Daily News about it (thanks to Trekweb.com):

VIDEOLAND VIEW: Former "Star Trek Enterprise" regular Jolene Blalock reports her biggest challenge in bringing her psychologist character to life in the TV movie "Dream Me a Murder," airing Sunday on Lifetime, was to not let her portrayal be tainted by her own opinions.

"I've had my fair share of different therapists," reveals Blalock.

"And I wanted to portray therapists or psychologists in general, without shading the profession with my own experiences." She explains her experiences were not necessarily "bad, just interesting, funny ha-ha ... where I was looking back on our conversations and they were just absurd." She says the one thing her encounters with therapists have taught her is that "when something hits it on the nail, you know it and when it doesn't, you know it, so you have to trust your gut and your inner barometer."

In "Dream Me a Murder," Blalock's psychologist ends up fighting for her life once she unravels the mystery of a murdered patient. "We had a stunt coordinator work out the fight scene, and we pushed as far as we could push it. I love doing stunts, and as much as you let me do, I'll do. The adrenalin is pumping and I really get a kick out of it!"

Here is what Lifetime said about the movie:

Director: Neil Fearnley

Year: 2006

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Jolene Blalock, Martin Cummins

Johanna is a therapist on the verge of a midlife crisis. When one of her patients is found brutally murdered, she takes it upon herself to solve the mystery. But why is this stressed-out shrink willing to risk her marriage, her career and her entire life to solve the crime? As the case unravels, so do the dark inner demons that Johanna has been trying to hide for the past 20 years!

APRIL 4, 2006 - A Toronto Film Festival Photo

This is a photo of Jolene from her September appearance at the Toronto Film Festival to promote her movie "Slow Burn". It's at Yahoo! Movies, along with more photos of her.

APRIL 4, 2006 - Jolene in TV Movie

Here is what Trektoday.com had to say about Jolene's new TV movie:

By Michelle March 27, 2006 - 11:36 PM

Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) is currently in Calgary filming a TV movie called Dream Me a Murder, noted a Canadian newspaper from that city.

The Calgary Sun reported that Blalock and Canadian actor Martin Cummins, who won a Genie award for Love Come Down, were in town to shoot the film for Lifetime Television in the US and Movie Central in Canada. Cummins is no stranger to genre television either, having appeared in Dark Angel, Smallville, Andromeda and Stargate SG-1 - a franchise in which Blalock has also made guest appearances.

The film, which is being co-produced by US and Canadian motion picture studios, will shoot for 14 days, wrapping on April 6th. Calgary-based Nomadic Pictures and L.A.-based Head First Productions have collaborated before on Behind The Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Mork and Mindy.

Director Neill Fearnley directed that film and episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, The Outer Limits and others.

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