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What's New

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Check out this page for parrot updates or new articles. Anything new will be added here first.

August 25, 2001 - Web site updated with new theme. Our new feathered family additions were added with their stories. I will add new photos within the next few weeks. New awards were added. I hope all the new changes will cut down download time. Please enjoy the new look. :-)

If you are new to HTML and don't feel your site fits in with guidelines of awards please feel free to apply for our Duckie award. This is for sites just starting out but have yet to have their pages totally together. I will give you a link back for posting award. The site must be rated *G*.

June 9, 2001 - The bird show came to town!   I haven't been to any of the shows in years.   The second year I went they had so many birds who were sick - some even died - that I decided this was not the place for me.   I didn't want to take a chance of infecting any of our parrots.  Our first birdshow.

This year Jerry insisted I go because he said there were so many great toy vendors that I wouldn't want to pass it up.   I pleaded for him to just pick out some nice toys and I would stay home. 

I did go and he was correct there were several vendors who made some good money off of us.  :-) 

Then just as we were making our way around the last table I spotted this beautiful little Blue Masked Lovebird perched peacefully.  I had to take a closer look.   I was so in love with Benjamin and his playfullness, that I was drawn with lustful eyes to this darling baby. 

Yes he came home with me.  :-)  Jerry said the look in my eyes said "He's mine and don't anyone try to talk me out of him!"   His name is Simon.   He is very playful, extremely attached to me and quite the little biter.   He's  totally tame and not afraid of hands as Benji but he makes up for it in his bites.  :-)   Simon

March 25, 2001 - Benjamin is missing his little friend Jonathan so much we decided to get him a playmate.   Yes another parakeet, I'm not ready for babies.  :-)    His name is Christopher and he is totally yellow, with a small patch of white on either side of his face.  He is quite a character and doesn't let Benijamin bully him at all. Christopher

On March 10, 2001 - our darling little parakeet Jonathan passed away.  It was a terrible time for all of us. Even though he was with us for such a short time.   He was very special.   Due to the flu and cold season, I didn't get an opportunity to make Jonathan's page before his death, but I will soon so all can get to know what a special little bundle he was to our family.  Please take a moment to read his memorial.    You may want to apply for his Beautiful Site Award.

December 2, 2001 -  Jerry surprised me, again,  with a darling peacefaced lovebird.  Well I knew about it, but it was still a surprise.  :-)    Benjamin is a very colorful little fellow and filled with love and energy.  Benjamin 

October 14, 2001 - Jerry surprised me with a beautiful green parakeet.   I named him Jonathan.   He is so sweet and within only a few minutes he learned the "up" command.   Look for his story and photos.  :-)  Jonathan 


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