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New Site, New News!
Alrighty then! Got a few more updates done on the site including the teaser area for my
Metal Heads Magnetic Stikfas page which will be replacing SHUFT.  Also added my under construction Links page!  Enjoy and remember you can always email me about Stikfas anytime anywhere!
About Stikfas
Stikfas are the ultra cool new toy phenom from Singapore.  The guys at Stikfas teamed up with Hasbro not too long ago and have since been expanding their mission of total toy coolness!

Stikfas Action Figure Kits are 3 inch action figures you put together and customize however you want.  Be sure to check my links page to find sites with hundreds of pictures of Stikfas applied into different forms.

To the right you can see the basic Classic Alpha Male Military figure in black and a pic of the upcoming Samurai set as well. The basic Classic Alpha Male Military is currently available in Black, Green and Tan.

By year end there will be three new themes for Stikfas.   The Deluxe Omega Knight with Horse, Samurai Stikfas, and Firemen Stikfas.  Everyone is looking forward to these great themed kits!!!
Classic Alpha Male Military in Black
So Where To Now?
My Customs(Updated 11/26/02)

S.C.C.C.  (Coming Soon!)

MagneCorp's Metal Head
s (Created 12/5/02!!)

From the Desk of BH  (Coming Soon!)

SAFKITS Interviews (Coming Soon!)

Stikfas Links
(Created 12/5/02!!)

About Jiggs (Coming Soon!)
Alpha Male Samurai
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