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November 9, 2001

  • Well hello to everyone that has been coming to my site over the past few months. I guess you have been wondering when I would get back and start to update the site. Has been some time. Well I'm sorry to tell you all but I don't think that will happen any time soon. School has started and I just dont really have time to work on it. Over the summer I tried but just got to be too much for me. I really don't think many people have actually been coming to the site due to lack of emails and other stuff. I'm going to leave whats on the site right now on. But as of right now, nothing new will be added. I'm sorry for this, if I later in the future get more free time or people wanting me to work on this then I will work on it again. Who knows it may be in a week that I start work on the site again but as of right now I just can't fit it in. So I thank all the people that did come to the site. And good bye.

May 11, 2001

  • Hey, Well I did write a update on May the 8th but I just saw that I didn't save. Well I'm sorry that I havent done anything with the site in two months. It has been kinda hard to find time for the site since it is the near the end of the school year. Anyway I am as always looking for help for my site. So please email me if you want to help. Anyway I'm going to try and do some work this weekend, first free weekend I have had in a month. Anyway please keep on coming back and if you havent already, email me. Jayre_Software@Yahoo.com

March 31, 2001

  • Ok, I would like to first say that I'm very sorry for not updating the site in a long time. It's just been kinda hard for me to keep up on it lately. Have school and all but I'll try to get to it some time around Easter for some major work. Also I've been working on some programs. Right now I'm working on a nibbles game. Yea I know that there are games like that out there, just thought that Jayre Software should have its only version thou. I'll be working on some other games. I got a link cable just about two weeks ago so now I'll be able to up load some stuff off my calulators. Like I said earlier I'm sorry for not updating the site its just hard to get around to it. I can see that we have been having a lot of visiters. But one think that I don't like is that of all these visiters, no one is emailing Jayre Software. Of Jayre Software's few months of being around I have had almost no emails. And no one has emailed me about joining Jayre Software. So please email me even to say "Hello, I like the site" or "Please update the site". Anyway Thanks for coming to my page and I'll try to update soon.

March 8, 2001

  • Nothing really done today. I have been finding other webrings to add this site to. Jayre Software's homepage is only in one so far (please viste it on the "Links and Webrings" section). I've sent out letter to two other webrings. We'll see what happens. I'm think of ways to make this site better, so if you have any ideas please email them to me.

March 2, 2001

  • Little work done so far. I mostly just add some to the archive section. I'm still working on the first section. Its alot of slow work thats getting boring fast. But I will go on. Anyway other then that I've been thinking about the "About Jayre Software" section. I think its just going to be a very short page with a very brief description about Jayre Software. Can't really see much more to put on the page. Now I just have to write these description. Well unless you have something more you would like to see on this about section thats all I'm putting right now. Anyway I've just noticed something, there isn't anything on the homepage that can let you know this a TI calculator website. Well thats is going to have to be changed. Email me if you have ideas about that.

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