Occupation: Sorceror, Land owner
Age: Unknown
History: Mozenrath's history is largely unknown. From undisclosed roots, he rose to power and, aided by the power of the gauntlet, overthrew Desdaine and usurped his kingdom.

Princess Jayde

Occupation: Heiress to the throne of Agrabah, Sorceress
Age: 24
History: After an adolescence rife with trouble, Jayde absconded from the kingdom of Agrabah at the age of seventeen and was unseen for the next six years. While travelling in a far-off land, she recieved news that her sister Jasmine was going to marry. This would make her the new heir, despite Jayde's status as firstborn child. Jayde made the decision to return to the kingdom for the wedding, and possibly avert it. Her reasons for this are unknown, and the source of her magical power is undisclosed.

Kris Safirotu

Occupation: Unknown
History: Shortly after Jayde left Agrabah she met Kris, a fiery red haired traveller. Kris was the subject of much scorn and riducule for her unusual looks and behaviour but despite this, Jayde and the nomadic outcast became firm friends.


Occupation: Merchant
History: Marie was on the verge of ruin when she encountered Jayde. Desperate, she persuaded the caravan train to take her with them, and for many years she travelled from village to village peddling rare artifacts and cheap trinkets.


Occupation: Caravan leader
History: It was Jeffry's caravan train that Jayde met with when she fled Agrabah, and his kindness to her has never been repaid. She travelled with him for many seasons, and they shared hardships and joys. She gave her blessing when he wed Marie, but they were never as close after that.


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