Mixing sands

Part four

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Jayde walked down the halls but the citadel seemed endless and she couldn't get her bearings so she decided to find the entrance and work from there.
Working her way back, to the right, down the hall and down the stairs, Jayde arrived back at the entrance in no time.
Wondering where she would like to go from there, she zapped herself an enchanted map with locations listed.
"Mamluk Quarters.
Sleeping Quarters.
Dining Room.
Developing Center." Jade read, and she decided that she wanted to go see the mamluks. Following the map, she went down the hall, to the left, up the spiral staircase, to the right, down the stairs and straight ahead. In front of her loomed a great door, wooden and with big brass handles. Jayde wondered what mamluks did for fun as she tentatively opened the door. She did not want to scare the mamluks.
Jayde was very suprised to see the mamluks playing ping-ping when she stuck her head around the door, so much so that she fell forward and the door slammed shut behind her with a loud crash.
Their ping-pong ball, a spare eye, bounced off of the table and rolled across the floor as all the mamluks froze.
"Sorry." Said Jayde, before she remembered that these creatures were unthinking and were just standing to attention, not startled.
Also remembering Mozenrath's advice about tormenting mamluks, Jayde gave an order. "Uhh... remove your heads."
All the mamluks obeyed. Jayde was slightly amused by this, but not much as she had seen worse. "Lets see... put your head on the person next to you." All obeyed. "On the count of three... you will think you are a dog." Jayde laughed, it was hypnotism without the hypnotism and all the mamluks started barking and scratching themselves. Jayde pointed a finger at some mamluks and levitated them. The mamluks quarters was like a cathedral so Jayde was able to levitate the mamluks quite high. Suddenly Jayde was overcome by a curiosity to discover whether mamluks could fly. She knew than answer, no, but she just though it would be amusing, so Jayde released her magical hold on the mamluks and they all crashed down and crumbled everywhere.
Interrupting Jayde, Xerxes flew in and scolded her. "No no no, not right." Xerxes said. "What doing?"
"Being bored." Jayde replied as she turned a mamluk into a rabbit.
"Those masters', don't break." persisited Xerxes. "Don't break slaves."
"But Mozenrath said I could torment them." Jayde answered.
"Stop, stop. Lady mussst stop." Wailed Xerxes. "No break slaves."
"Oh alright, fine, you win." Conceded Jayde, and she magiced the crumbled mamluks back together and turned the rabbit back into a mamluk.
"At ease, fellers." She called to the mamluks before turning back to Xerxes. "Are you happy now? I have nothing to do. Can you tell me what else there is to do in this place since I can't relieve my boredom by tormenting mamluks."
"Xerxes show you." Xerxes replied. "Citadel no fun. Land is fun."
"Oooookay, I didn't understand half of that but okay then, show me."
"Lady come." Xerxes said, slithering out of the mamluks quarters and Jayde followed him. They left the citadel and Xerxes kept going for quite some time until they were as far away from the citadel as possible without travelling back to the citadel in the magic that Mozenrath had described to Jayde earlier.
Xerxes stopped in the middle of the dunes.
"Board and harness." Said Xerxes, turning to Jayde.
"Ohh.... I get it." Replied Jayde. "Kind of like surfing... you're going to pull me. Are you sure you're strong enough?"
When Jayde didn't get a reply she materialized a harness on Xerxes that she, Jayde, can hold on to and a snowboard to stand on, since that is the only thing she can think of close enough to Xerxes' description.
Jayde clambered to the top of the dune and stood on the board while she held onto Xerxes' harness. Xerxes set off down the dune, pulling Jayde with him. Jayde laughed with delight. It was tremendously more fun than tormenting mamluks. Jayde sandsurfed for a few hours before remembering that Mozenrath was back at the citadel, probably awake and wondering where she was.
"Xerxes! Back to the citadel." Jayde called, an order.
"Yes, Lady." Xerxes replied.
"Man, That is SO much fun! Does Mozenrath do this?" Jayde asked, because the sorceror seemed to preoccupied with other pursuits to spend much too much time having fun, no matter how much he had enjoyed spending the previous days buggy trip with Jayde.
"Master much busy."
"Oh, Well not for long!" Jayde called back.
"What Lady mean?" Xerxes asked, confused.
"Moze and I are getting married..." Jayde looked a little sad. I know its a bit fast but...
"No!, Master stay."
"Xerxes say."
"Well sorry Xerxes. Mozenrath and you, if you want, are coming to Agrabah with me." Said Jayde indignantly
"Sigh, Because I'm Princess Jayde of Agrabah..."
Xerxes now fell silent. As they entered the citadel he wriggled free of the harness and flew away, causing Jayde to topple on the cold marble.
"Enemy of Black Sands!" Jayde could faintly hear as Xerxes retreated out of view.
Jayde zapped her compass back and she could tell that she had guessed right. Mozenrath was awake. In fact, Mozenrath was back in the room near the lab. As Jayde could not remember the way she simply teleported there, landing inches from the floor so that once again Mozenrath would not know of her presence in ther room. Mozenrath was talking to himself.
"Not just any magical amulet." Mozenrath said. "This amulet will..." Mozenrath's voice was drowned out by a magic stream of light from his hand, which sent sparks everywhere and made alot of noise, performing as a welder. "...but she will love it, I am certain."
Jayde quietly teleported to the kitchens when Mozenrath finished his little speech. She realized now that it was time for dinner. As it was Jayde's turn to cook, she decided on tandoori chicken wraps, her favourite.
Jayde was in a good mood so she set the table manually. She zapped four tandoori chicken wraps onto the serving dish and set it on the table. She zapped a vase of roses too. Red of course. At this point Mozenrath walked in. "So when do we leave?" He asked. "Just out of curiosity."
"Well... Jas and Al are getting married in a week or so, so soon as possible."
"Tomorrow?" Mozenrath asked.
"Yeah, That will do." Jayde replied. "I'm ready to go at any rate. Xerxes seems seriously annoyed at me."
"Ignore him." Moznerath replied. "Good, so we leave tomorrow."
"Do you need anything packed?" Jayde asked.
"Just a few things, out of my library, workshop and room." Said Mozenrath. "Some stuff too valuable to leave behind."
"Hey!" Jayde interrupted as she could not see the conversation getting anywhere. "I cooked dinner, Eat up!"
They ate dinner, which was marvelous because Jayde was a marvelous cook... well, food materializer, and Jayde decided to tend to her flock of pets after zapping the dishes away. Mozenrath went to practice his new magic and Jayde retrieved her bottomless backpack from where she left it in the bedroom. She opened the zip and set it on it's side on the floor. A flock of geese, two puppies, a kitten, a cat, a chicken, a kiwi, a kangaroo, a San Joaquin kit fox, a piglet, a baby velociraptor, a red fox, a baby elephant, a tribe of miniature horse people, a rabbit, a corella, a galah, an emu, a numbat, a tasmanian devil, a wombat, a tasmanian tiger, a donkey, a horse, a tiger cub, a spider monkey, an orang-utan, a lioness cub and a snow leopard paraded out. Jayde zapped up a giant bowl of bird seed, a tray of hay, a bowl of scraps, a few bowls of meat, a few bowls of cat food, dog food and other assorted foods. She also zapped a pond into the floor. What a menagerie filled Mozenrath's room now! About the only thing Jayde didn't have was a flying eel, as well as other non-cute animals. At this point Mozenrath walked in, obviously satisfied with his newfound powers.
"My room!" He screamed. "What have you done to my room?"
"Calm down Moze." Jayde told him. "I can fix it."
"Okay, back in the pack!"
Jayde's menagerie then paraded back into the bottomless backpack which was amazingly light considering the baby elephant. She then had to zap away the food bowls and the pond. The animals left no mess whatsoever.
"What was that?" Asked Mozenrath once he had recovered from the shock and he sat down heavliy on his bed.
"Just my pets." Replied Jayde. "I never go anywhere without them."
"You certainly have a lot of them." Mozenrath said.
"Yeah?" Jayde asked.
"Yeah." Answered Mozenrath.
"Not really." Argued Jayde.
"Do you have names for all of them?"
"Of course." Said Jayde. "There is Orange, Red, Black, Yellow, Green and Duck the geese, Joe the king charles spaniel and Rick the westie, Kumo the himalayan, Snow the siamese, Pex the chook, Dribble the kiwi, Eilish the roo, Nix the kit fox, Gytha the pig, Slaz the velociraptor, Vermillion the fox, Hajag the elephant, Grathawg, Dagbar, Leonie, Elias, Chaca and Tash the travelers companions, Hops the rabbit, Banjo the corella, Flew the galah, Cathy the emu, Triple the numbat, Nate the tasmanian devil, Imp the wombat, Vincent the thylacine, Don the donkey, Feigh the horse, Kezza the tiger, Fingers the spider monkey, Ganteng the orang-utan, Nastha the lioness and Stop the leopard." "Do you always have all of them out?"
"No. I normally keep them in suspended animation with a spell but that's been acting up lately." Said Jayde. "And the geese, Pex, Dribble, Eilish, Hajag, Hops, Flew, Cathy, Triple, Nate, Imp, Don, Feigh, Fingers, Ganteng, Nastha and Stop belong to a friend of mine."
"So that leaves..."
"Joe, Rick, Kumo, Snow, Nix, Gytha, Slaz, Vermillion, Grathawg, Dagbar, Leonie, Elias, Chaca, Tash, Banjo, Vincent and Kezza"
"You certainly have a lot of pets."
"Yes, I guess." Conceded Jayde. "But Slaz, Grathawg, Dagbar, Elias, Leonie, Chaca and Tash are more like familiars, they talk so I am never lonely."
"Wow, I'm going to bed." Said Mozenrath. "This has been one eventful day."
"Okay, I'm going to return my friends pets."
"Bye, love."
Jayde zapped herself out of there and she was floating in a cloud far above the world.
"Jayde!" A voice called. "I finished the ground, you can stand now if you like."
"Krys!" Jayde called back. "But how did you know it was me?"
"Who else would it be?" Replied Krys. "So how's the Sultana thing going?" "Great, I've actually found someone for the position." Said Jayde. "He's wonderful. A bit contraversial though."
"Just the way you like them... So do you have a photo for me to see?"
"Krys! You forget that we can't use cameras here, I already had a close call with my watch."
"Oh... That's right. Have you got a magic crystal then?"
"Always." Replied Jayde. "I see you've finished redecorating. Ease up on the cloud though, people do like to see."
"Let us see that crystal, then." Krys said as she stepped into view. "And by the way, you're standing in a cloud bank."
Krys led Jayde out of the cloud bank as Jayde fished a crystal out of her backpack and magiced it to show Mozenrath presently.
"Where is the house?" Jayde asked as Krys examined the crystal. "Just down that path." Krys said. "Not bad. He's not bad at all, though not my type."
"Great. He's not for you." Jayde said as she put away the crystal. "Let's go. Are Ty and Ann here at the moment?"
"Yes, but they're busy as usual." Said Krys. "The zoo is next to the house, you can unpack the pets there."
Jayde and Krys walked to the house and the zoo and Jayde set her backpack down but before she open it she instructed the backpack on who to let out.
"Just Kris's pets now."
Out paraded the geese, Pex, Dribble, Eilish, Hajag, Hops, Flew, Cathy, Triple, Nate, Don, Imp, Feigh, Fingers, Ganteng, Nastha and Stop.
"I really have to go now. It's late but I promise I will visit again soon. Tell Ty and Ann I was here and give them the message Hi." Jayde said, all in one breath.
"Okay. Bye then, See you later, I will be sure to do that and good luck!" Called Krys as Jayde zapped away.
Once back in Mozenrath's room in the citadel, Jayde zapped into her nightgown and slipped quietly into bed beside Mozenrath. Looking at him, she wondered where her luck came from as she slowly fell asleep.

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