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Welcome to the homepage of Jaridis Blade

Legends of the Blade is a page devoted to some of my many interests. Hopefully, a few of them will also interest you, while others will just seem strange. Many of my sections feature either roleplaying or Mr. T, but as this introduction indicates, I'm also partial to random rambling. Finally, this site also features a quote of the week which I've been updating regularly for the past several years. I like to think that most of these quotes are funny, though you're welcome to disagree, provided you do so in a funny manner. Regardless of the dubious humour quotient of this site, I'm sure you'll be able to agree that it provides twice your recommended daily dose of insanity, guaranteed. Enjoy!
-Jaridis Blade

Enough of that little speech. Now it's time for:


The Wild Thing!

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people have seen the light and visited my page. Thanks for viewing Legends Of The Blade.

Don't try reading this; you'll merely strain your eyes. Almost everything on this page was written by me, Jaridis Blade. The stuff that wasn't is mainly on the Spherus page, wherein the text files denoting the rules of Spherus were written by the creator of Spherus himself. Legends Of The Blade is copyright by me, and Spherus is copyright Jeff Long. Even some of the small Spherus bits were not written by me, but by someone else. All credit for those Spherus concepts go to them. Copying Spherus in any facet will result in excommunication from the Spherus religion. Thou would never be allowed to play Spherus, or to speak of Spherus. Your Spherus career would be at an end. That made no sense, but hey! At least only a fool would actually read this ;>! It merely deals with Spherus in general. That's all here about Spherus..ENOUGH OF THAT! Legends Of The Blade is a Jaridis Blade mass production.
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