The existance of Santa Theresia School had to be credited to Sister Angela Merici. If not because of her hardship, today, there will be no Santa Theresia School. Sister Angela Merici is the one to be cherished by all students and alumnus of Santa Theresia School.

Sister Angela Merici was born in Italy and she was the founder of Santa Ursula Congregation in Brescia, Italy. The Congregation was founded with the sole Objective for education of girls to be  well educated women. There were her followers, known as Sister Ursulin, commencing works at Batavia (former name of Jakarta) in 1856.

Until present time, the mission trusted by catholic church to them is Education works for the sake of Bible announcement.
Their dedication are proven with well established schools like Santa Ursula, Santa Maria, Santa Vincentius (Jakarta), Santa Angela (Bandung), Santa Maria (Surabaya), Cor Jesu (Malang), Ursulin (Solo) and Santa Theresia (Jakarta).

At the beginning Santa Ursula was first founded, located in Jl. Pos 2 (near central Post Office) Jakarta as well as Gedung Kesenian (Art Building) Jakarta. Due to the expansion, Santa Ursula was not able anymore to accomodate its pupils, hence a branch school was opened.

The branch school was still located in Jl. Pos 2 under the same  Foundation named Yayasan Setya Bakti which was managed by Sister Ursulin.
In the first year of this branch school (starting 1 August 1960), there were only 2 (two) class rooms,, namely class A (Culture) with 33 girls and class B (Science) with 42 girls. In August 1965, based on the Government Release, the branch school formally separated from the main school and started to be called Santa Ursula 2 with status as subsidized by the government and got a new location in Jl. Haji Agus Salim 75 Jakarta.

in 1975 Santa Ursula 2 opened education for boys with the aim to help women educate both her sons and daughters. After Accreditation, in 1985 Santa Ursula 2 obtained equal status, 25 years after Founding Year.

It was exactly on 17 August 1985, the date of obtaining the equal status, Santa Ursula 2 formally changed to Santa Theresia and belongs to Yayasan Ananta Bhakti who also manage kindergarten (preschool), primary school, junior secondary school and tourism secondary school Santa Theresia.


Santa Theresia is well known as one of the best Catholic School in Jakarta. This is also supported by the school location, in golden triangle, surrounded by shopping centres, office complex and sufficient entertainment facilities. No wonder, this school is seen as an elite school. Often also got a title as bourgeois.
This situation is a unique challenge for boys and girls of Santa Theresia to show themselves as responsible pupils at the same time also as scholars with achievements and self esteem.

In 1996 total pupils of Santa Theresia Secondary School is 624 consists of 386 girls and 238 boys. Many of them already got further education in best local Universities, State as well as Private. Part of them even, continued their studies abroad.
Capacity of Santa Theresia Seondary School is now 5 classes 1, 5 classes 2 and 6 classes 3.


Santa Theresia Tourism School called SMIP was established by Sister Herlindis Snelder OSU, Chief School Officer SMIP Santa Theresia 1970 - 1979 who was impressed by the Pope Paul VI acceptance to the youth.

So SMIP Santa Theresia was born, at the beginning only one class with tourism subject as part of the Santa Theresia Secondary school.
This school was first aimed towards the school generation who do not want to continue their studies to the Universities due to the lack of competence.

Not so long ago, in 1981 SMIP Santa Theresia was registered in  of Education and Cultural Government Regional Office and strengthen its objective as school for education of middle work force with capability and specialty.
Since then, SMIP graduated pupils can continue their studies on the High Schools, especially in languages subjects and other subjects related to tourism.

SMIP Santa Theresia is located in jl. Haji Agus Salim 75 and under the Foundation Yayasan Ananta Bhakti.

History of SMIP Santa Theresia could not be separated from all helping hands, especially Tourism Body of Jakarta with 1970 Leaders such as Mr. Soetopo Josomuhardjo, Mr. Baroto and Mr. Wim Tomasoa as well as Mrs. Threes Soesbandijah.

(translated from annual book Santa Theresia 1995-1996, page 11)

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