Member Poetry

By: AfterGlow

The Dark Rose

Waves crash against the black sand, Reminding me of that day long ago. The constant thundering Reminiscent of the loud shots, The scrambling footsteps in the dark hallways. As I think of those shots That began the end of the world, I am reminded of the girl Who had the courage to stand up And profess her beliefs. A modern-day martyr she was, An innocent victim whose death changed many lives. And I believe there is a simple lesson in her story- Always stick up for your beliefs, And donít let othersí criticism change them.

Victim of Fate

She stared down at the cold body, Glancing at the freakishly empty eyes. Her friend, once loved, Was now lost forever- His bright laughter Muted by bold bullets.

The shots rang out- The shots heard 'round the world? - Deafening her, causing her to fall back in surprise. All this pain, all this loss, Over such a stupid situation.

It started weeks ago, He simply told her the story of a murder. Probing ears overheard, Plotting their fatalistic revenge. As the ears had done before, So they did again.

And on that cold, cruel January night, An innocent young man's life was taken.

The Rain

I stare out the window, The gray fog envelops everything. This day seems to never end, As so many others.

The months endless, The years wasted. Seems I do nothing important, Nothing can make my life worthwhile.

Seems all I can do is sit back And watch the cold rain fall. Seems all I can do is sit back And watch my life wash down the drain.

The months endless, The years wasted. Seems I do nothing important, Nothing can make my life worthwhile-

So it seems.

Thorns of Love

The thorns of love have pricked me, Bled me to the bone. And never will I feel the soft petals Of true happiness.

The unrequited love I have for you, Seems only my demise. It tears me apart, Rips me to shreds.

The need for your sweet touch Drives me insane. I long for you, Long to hold you.

But yet, I walk through life alone.

Teach Me

Seems that as I've gone through my life I've forgotten so many things. Things so important, No wonder I can't survive.

Seems I've forgotten how to smile, How to laugh. Perhaps you could be the one To teach me how.

In all that I've been through, The sad moments seem to stand out more. Happy moments are lost, Please help me remember them.

Seems I've forgotten how to smile, How to laugh. Perhaps you could be the one To teach me how.

I tried so hard, Still I couldn't cheer up. Then you came into my life, Bringing forth a new meaning.

Seems I've forgotten how to smile, How to laugh. Perhaps you could be the one To teach me how.

You're already doing so much for me, But please can you do one little thing more? Please teach me how to smile again.

Run To Me

Forget me not, When you feel you cannot go on. Run to me, I will embrace your needs.

That it should come to this! - This longing to hold you, This longing to make everything right, This longing to comfort you.

Do mine eyes deceive me? Is that you I see, Running from life? But, ah, my love, let us be true!

To have seen what I have seen, see what I see! Run to me, love, come to me, care for me, like no one has, And I shall do the same for you. To thine own self be true!

By: Beth

Star's Cry

I am a little star, about a billion miles away No one listens to me, cause stars can't talk they say But my voice is the wind that blows through the trees, And pushes the water that flows to the seas Most people below see with only their eyes So my voice is, to them, just a series of sighs Over the years no one answered my pleas, Except for the one who sits in the trees I give her the knowledge of the universe and space She tells me of earth, and the human race I ask her my questions, and she replies Cause she sees with her heart, and not with her eyes

Silent Child

A silent life woven in the fabric of dreams Slowly that fabric starts to rip at the seams Silent child living inside her mind Searching for answers she may never find So few know what she feels inside Yet so many will mourn her after she's died Silent child is the strong one, she has to be So she locked up her feelings and lost the key She acts out her life as if nothing is wrong But inside she knows that she doesn't belong Silent child hiding her silent fears Silent child crying her silent tears Deep inside, unheard, is her silent voice Would anyone listen if given the choice Her silent shell begins to crack The key she lost has been brought back But the door remains shut inside her mind The key waits in the lock for someone to find So far silent child has been on her own But she can not take this last step alone So silent child sits, not saying a word And waits for someone, so her voice can be heard

By: Callipso

Midnight Thoughts

Gazing out my window to the city far below, I pause and think of you, Muse of my midnight hours. The darkness/space/glass between us is only despair/emptiness/fear. The night, through glass and screen, only serves to remind me of you. The light of a falling star: your eyes sparkling as you smile. The gentle whisper of the breeze: your breath against my skin. The crickets sing to me, telling me you are too beautiful and finely made a thing for me. The moon gazes at me with envy, that she can only look upon you at a distance, and not touch your ivory limbs. Alone in my bedroom, staring out the window in your direction, I think myself as forsaken by you, as she is.

The Muse

My Muse drifts to me in the early hours, A secret shadow in the moonlight. His skin, like marble to the touch, chill to the kiss. His eyes, grey flames, hematite's set in alabaster and curls black as the mantle of night, black as raven's plumage. Surrender to the aesthesia of the moment, too soon it ends, a flickering candle... Snuffed. Darkness descends at daylight, a brighter pyre than our own wich burns the ends of our time together. He is the stuff of dreams by the time I rise and return to common life. Emptied.

By: Christina


Fighting to cover my ears This huge machine buzzing of death We are one from the bottle to the plot This iron fist of conformity is crushing my wings to fly. I understand the world you know unchanging, ruthless, loving, hating, breathing, raging, comforting, Giving in. I can't be a part of this I am as the wounded soldier, dying on my knees Dreaming of my wife's pink flowered dress and open arms. This can't be our lives young soldier Swimming in the jungles. We haven't yet been born.. and already we're staked to die

By: Corinth


In a secret garden
A black rose grows
The garden her kingdom
Conceals what she knows
Things in our past
They often remind her
Of the tears we let drop
To the ground so slow
But as the black rose cries
Our sorrows grow worse
Because mortal affairs
Will break so suddenly
This symbol of sorrow
Within her kingdom
Hopes one day to shed her light
To stop the pain we mortals have caused
She is also a symbol of wisdom
Who knows how to stop this pain
But as winter nears
Mortals shun the black rose away
Which ruins all hope we have
For each new day

What Lies Beneath

Side by side to lovers stand
Together vowing hand in hand
Eternal love they both now pledge
High upon a lonely ledge
A leap of faith they both now take
What could be their last moments awake
What lies beneath refuses to show
The hidden truth resting far below
If tragedy awaits it chooses to hide
Just underneath the oceans tide

The moon above shines full and clear
A romantic scene it would appear
Yet only sorrow awaits this night
As death decides she will strike and bite
A rocky doom lines the shore
The love they shared it is no more
Wearing love as their armor
They challenged death and thought to conquer
A foolish chance they decided to take
With none to attend this silent wake

If love truly can conquer all
Then why did these two ever fall?

By: D Vampyra

Black Magic

Black magic,
The sleeping Beauty
Rise to the command
Of my heart.
Awake thy dormant self
So as to awake me.

Do not covert what I seek,
Unlock your dark thoughts,
Your deathly desire,
And come to my beckoning call.
Show thy self
At my loyal side.

Creep into,
The watery confines,
Of my dreams,
And be with me.

By: Daniel

The Crow

Black bird, resting on his perch, watching over the world.

Sleek, majestic to some; ugly and scrawny to others.

Some say a gardener's pest, a scavenger.

Is he but a scavenger, only because he is seen that way?

Seen in the wrong light; seen as something dark, dirty and ugly.

Wouldn't that be sad? If only he was a friend. Someone you used to know. Someone trying to complete, his last task on earth.

Now despised, shamed; thrown to the side. The dirge of the world.

Only wishing to be loved; lonely, hurt.

On a long journey, for the last task to be done; His soul to be free, and finally at peace.

The Crow.

The Loss

Once upon a time we were very happy we could talk about everything. Once upon a time.

Once upon a time we looked forward to everything. Every waking moment that we spent together. Unspent time went on for eternity. Once upon a Time.

Now, all we ever do is dread each others presence. A word from each other is like a dagger through the heart; Now.

Now, we only hope it would end. Please end.

Why do we have to be here? Why? Can't this ever end?


By: David

Bearer of the Scythe

Beneath an Omen of dark clouds
I wait for the rain.
Welcoming Sepulcher
Charming as a winter's rose --
Looming monument, menacing Seraphim.
I am complacent.
King Death's subjects speak
Regardless of their stillness.
An affable fellow--
He takes
Heedless of deed or crest
Cruel sympathy
All vain mortal strife ends with his caress
His chess,
His game,
Played with the fates' hands.
Morbid Beauty
The gods weep.
I finally reach to him.

By: Devils Lie

How odd it is to find you here

Once in a blue moon am I ever so burdened by work, I am always so happy go lucky. But now I find my brain is being pulled in so many directions. I am in an odd place where nothing is the same, I am quick to anger and my words fall so short... I need to go to a place of peace I need to see the tree's of the hallow woods where only people of insanity go. Why must I feel so empty and look so full? Why must I work so hard and be so burdened? Why must I cry when I feel nothing? Hmm this world is strange to me and how odd it is to see you here in my lap, telling me of things to come and things that will change for all of us. How odd it is to be here now with someone who is similar to me... How odd indeed!

Queen of the Damned

Her lips oh so soft, her skin oh so hard, Her vision oh so mad, Her love oh so full. Her voice now but an echo, Her blood but a memory, Her touch now but a chill, Her kiss missed so much. They gained so little in her death, I lost so much, They stayed with each other, I wrote the story. My love, we will walk hand and hand one day, Above the clouds We will taste each others blood... I will be at peace.

Lost in love, lust and pain

As I sit in my chair with my lover near by, I wonder if the pain I endure through the years will be recognized in heaven, if the lust I felt in moments of passion will be shunned, if my lost loves will know my name. I wonder if I will meet my creator and my destroyer. I hope it all wasn't in vain this life I live, I hope it all will be forgotten... I don't want my past to echo in the heavens I don't want the gods to talk of the deeds of a mortal... I don't want this lie any more...

Thoughts of You

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I see in my mind is your face I walk through the empty house, a place where many would gather for so many occasions, and I remember your touch I sit down for a moment and I pray for your looks, I gather my thoughts and realize you are gone and I am alone once more... And yet these endless thoughts of you are always in my mind.

By: Emerald


Rhyme and reason
There is none
We look for answers
But what do we find
The search goes on
And still we pray
That hope will not be lost
No obstacle can stand
Look once to me
And take my hand
Two souls as one
Can triumph in the end.

By: Katrina Alexandre


Sparkle, little stars up high,
Make me dazzled, make me die,
Can you feel my beating heart,
My body and soul being torn apart.

Beauty such as this is a terrible force,
Such tender indescribable remorse,
Would I could follow your shining light,
Would your shining heat still warm my heart?

Sparkle, little stars up high,
Make me dazzled, make me die,
Can you feel my beating heart,
My body and soul being torn apart.

Beauty such as this is a terrible force,
Such tender indescribable remorse,
Would I could follow your shining light,
If I knew your path was right.

In my eyes, we never part
Would your shining heat still warm my heart?
If I glanced and turned away,
Would you love me enough to stay?

I glance back, and feel the heat,
My heart, it misses a single beat
Your light is constant, even during my fears
And even in the darkness, it stops my tears.

By: Kesa


She walks through the night
black on black
midnight voyage
of tempted fate
the dusty remains
of her mortal love
crumble as she kneels
the worms have fed
and become ashes
the eternal markers
stand as a cold guard
tears of blood stain her face
remorse for what time has stolen from her

By: Leila

You Leaving

The sideways knife beat of my heart
Keeps time with your footfalls
Fading into the distance

And I watch you leaving

Silent screams of madness
Filling my head like hot air
As though it will float away

And I watch you leaving

My knees buckle
I stagger like a drunkard
Reaching for a steady thing

And I watch you leaving

I heard something break
That sunny afternoon

While I watched you leaving

The Clock

Today the clock ticks too slow

Left alone with my thoughts of you
My head turning with your laugh and smile

In my mind I plan what I'll say
How you'll look
What we'll feel

My secret heart trembles
Earthquakes of anticipation
And pleasure

Tomorrow is so far away
And I know then
The clock will speed like lightening

So I'll be patient with the clock today
And hope for it's patience tomorrow

In The Dark

I sit in the dark and I think of you

It's always like this
As soon as the chatter of friends and acquaintances is gone
As soon as the food is cold and the wine is drunk
As soon as I'm alone
I think of you

I've tried to stop, you know
I've replaced you a million times
I've tried to drown out the sound of your voice
I've tried to cover your face

But it's all still there
Just inside my mind
Waiting for a moment of weakness
A moment in the dark

Captive Heart

Hold my beating heart in your hand
Squeeze it all to pulp
Only keep me now
Your dearest slave
Captive and bound
My wandering, restless spirit
To haunt the palace of your heart
Until you tear it down

You'll Never Know

Free me from this wretched pain
My love, my dear
Hold me now and kiss me
Chase away my midnight fears
Love me now and forever
Be the balm to ease my soul
Sweetness, how I yearn
How I despair
You'll never know


The quiet creeping light of my heart
Steals across another's floor

The gentle tones of midnight desire
Whispered in another's ear

The touch of silken fire
Plays across this skin of mine no more

All alone I play my part
In the emptiness you left here

Think of me tonight, my love
In dreams of love and loss

Remember how I held you then
How I loved you with my soul

And wonder how it could have been
And what has been the cost

Tighter, Love

Pull me closer, Love
Hold me tight to your chest

Till my flesh melts into yours

I'll live in you
Hiding down inside your soul
My heart will beat with yours
And when you draw breath
My lungs will fill with air

In mirrors I'll see myself in your eyes
Hold me tighter, Love

By: Louis

For Merrick

I look into her eyes
And this is what I see
The crests of passion, of love
Awakening within
Her skin the richest cream
Strands of hair the softest silk
Her touch the Emperor's fortune
Desire burning free
A voice to seduce the angels
Her smile my purest delight
Set me not free of this spell
Release me not of this hold
For nothing could match
This blessedness I feel
O, beautiful witch
How you have enchanted me


Porcelain ashes scattered.
Eternity, succumbed in an instant.
Desolation found its horrid foundation.
Obsession festered and flourished.
I heard only the silence.
Cruelly disallowed this sanctity.
Betrayal and pain paved the way.
Darkness showed the emptiness.
Love lifted the veil.

Reflection Within The Mirror

I press my palm to the cold glass, waiting...searching.
Do our fingertips meet?
Where are you?
I am here.
Do you mock me now?
And yet, that is what I hear.
Not so.
There is nothing.
The barrier has been put in place once more.
Why can't you hear me?
Where have you gone?
The emptiness returns.
Promises...turned into lies by my own hand.
Shall I sever it?
Will that destroy the doubt?
Or shall I now thrust it through the glass and let the shards bear the weight of truth as they embed themselves into the flesh?
It comes in so many forms...but the source is always the same.
Created by the one who fails to see.
That is me.
Still I reach for you.
I call out your name.
I hear its echo.
Please listen.
But there is no answer.
I surrender now.
There is nothing left.
The illusion splinters...reality faced.
Crashing through, the mirror shatters.

I am no more.


Sultry waves come blanket me
I need your sweet caress
Listen...can you hear the whisper?
Fruitful was its blend
Peacefulness swept through once more
The offering, intoxicated bliss
Tremors of tranquility wove its web
Gripping its torrid core
The ache stilled with just one touch
Completion reached at last

Tell Me

Tell me once more
Before the door is closed forever
That in the moments when words were spoken
It was truth that passed those lips
Tell me it wasn't merely a dream
Or my imagination
Tell me that time was not wasted
Tell me that you will never forget
Tell me that the love was real
Then tell me how to say goodbye.

In the darkness, finding the light

In the darkness
I touched the splintered faith
In the darkness
I relinquished reality
In the darkness
I met with raging despair
In the darkness
I knew the truth of regret

In the darkness
I felt the emptiness
In the darkness
I lived in sorrow
In the darkness
I tasted the pain
In the darkness
I heard the melody
In the darkness
I saw the flicker
In the darkness
you became that light.

By: Merrick



I dream of you in color,
In washes of deep violet and blue.
Your embrace soothes me in the twilight,
And your smile is of honey and sex.
I taste it.
I consume you. II

I dream of you in color,
In brilliant hues of seething red.
I touch your face with whispers,
And I sink. I have fallen.
Do you feel it in my stare?
My lust is silent.
You are Desire.


My right hand reaches out for Love,
My left for Desire.

I touch only sorrow.

I dream no more,
And I awaken.

By: Rhiannon

For Lestat

He entices me with beautiful eyes that reflect the light so well Sometimes blue sometimes grey, it is really hard to tell He slips into my bed at night through the portal of my dreams He pulls me in with his velvet words that freely from him stream You have me now you golden god, you have pulled me to your world Were ever I look I see your smile and my head begins to swirl Your teeth sink in with quiet lust as you start me on this ride As you drink your soul speaks and says now love you are mine

The Class Ring

Close to the doorway he paused to stand,
As he slipped the class ring from her hand.
All that surrounded dared not speak,
As a silent tear ran down his cheek.
"I love you" he whispered in her ear,
As the crowd around them began to clear.
Then the door blew open, and the wind began to blow,
As they carried her casket into the snow.

By: Sybelle

For Fear Of Love

It's the love that we have or, had. You cannot see it, smell or, touch it. Love is a flight of distant lands, that you never see. It is that breath of fresh air when you are just a babe. We all know what love can be or, is but, we all don't know the weakness it gives. The faint smell of death, the fresh red blood that we seek. Is that love? Is that the feeling we must have? Can we really be loved by death? Yes, we can. Death I welcome thee. Please come and, take me away from all of this hell I am damned in. For if death is a doorway to eternity then, I welcome it as the love I miss.

By: Tristan

For Armand

How sweet your face, like that of an angel fallen left to fend for his self. Little angel, such beauty as yours is the reason that man put brush to canvas, the reason others have gone to war and friends become foes. When you speak, your words are like finely woven silk that make men quiver and women melt. How shall I speak of your lips and when they were pressed to mine were like the first swallow of wine after crossing the desert. You are the rose that blooms in the night, which bares thorns that are sharper then any others, but worth grasping for the chance to hold you close, if only for a moment that would last an entirety. You are the dream that has made me God; for what is God, but only the title of someone who creates, and you have given me the inspiration put words together to create this.

Lost in a storm

As I sit in the darkness of existence, nature opens her arms to embrace me. As the heavens part and droplets of water begin to cleanse my body and soul of all that which holds my being hostage. As I inhale deeply, the gentle sent of damp earth fill my lungs. As I close my eyes to listen to natures lullaby, the sound of hail pelting soft earth fills my ears and the soft whisper of the wind calms me completely, the thunder crashes and makes the very ground which I lie upon, tremble. As I open my eyes, I see the lightning which illuminates the sky as though the flashes were openings of day light that pierce the darkness which surrounds me. I, the child lost in the beauty of nature alone and frightened; and yet unable to leaveÖ


As I watch you sleeping, the only words that come to my lips are beautiful child. As I sit by your side, I canít help but continue to watch you; almost spell bound by your beauty. The longer I watch, the more I notice that not even in your sleep do you find peace. My beloved little angel, how I wish I could take your pain and make it my own. Sweet child, even in your dreams do the tears fall from your tired eyes. As I gently kiss away your tears, I canít help but shed one of my own upon your cheek. Oh, my little love, share your pain with me, let me fight the demons that chase you in your sleep, and the past that cuts you while you are awake. I can no longer stand and watch your soul be drained by the shadows of the past. As I lie beside you, all I can offer you in your battle is a kiss for luck and love to embrace your soul.

To My Immortal Beloved

As we sit in this dark place of thought, the pale light from the moon reflects off your black hair and gives you the look of an angel in grief. Oh, my little one, why do you mourn for the past? You mourn for what was, and cannot be again. You weep for your thoughts, and they weep for you. As your heart breaks, your soul falls further from the grace you seek. Pain be your armor and fear your sword, you hide from your lust and give in to your grief. If only you would turn to face the demons that cut your soul and bled your life, you would see they are only shadows of the past, and only hurt because you feed them your fear. Open your heart to me as I open my arms to you. Behold the dark figure that stands before you, for he is your salvation, and you, his reason.

For Louis

As the sun falls behind the horizon and the hours have become days and they in turn weeks, I feel more and more lost and alone, more than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow. I sit in dark waiting for your return, closing my eyes, hoping to feel your warm breath upon my neck and hear your loving voice whisper my name as your arms close around me. The dark now seems to be all that I can see and the pain of not having you with me all I can feel. Oh, the pain, this is the worst of all the pains, not having you close to me. It is the pain that cannot be numbed by any drug; nor lost in any bottle. In vain, I cut into myself, hoping to feel something else. But even as the blood flows down my chest, all that I can see and feel is your absence. The darkness has again set in over my eyes, but no stars tonight; nor is there a moon to behold. Instead, I lie alone with my thoughts, my only company is that of a cold stony pillow for my head. At last the pain has ceased and no longer do I feel lost.

For Armand -- Vagabond

Oh, little vagabond, what secrets do you hide, what knowledge can you share with me? To the world you seem one of many, but I see the wisdom of the ages, concealed in the face of an angel. Come into my arms, my little one, let me clean your face, feed your stomach and fill your soul with love. Stay with me my beloved one, fill me with bliss from one of your smiles and weep from your gentle touch. Hold me close when you are frightened, let me kiss away the tears when you are sad, and sleep in my arms when you find peace. My little vagabond, never leave my side, and know when you feel alone, I will never be more than a whisper from you.

A Perfect Love

I, the child, you, the ancient, as I sit here in your arms, a feeling of peace over comes my senses, and all I can feel and see is love. A perfect love, a love of respect and a love of trust, as though the veil of society, which is placed over all its madmen has been lifted and now I can see the beauty of all that exist around me. As I begin to regain my senses, a great sadness fills my heart, and I begin to weep. I weep not for me, but for you, for I know that such love and clear sight is sadly not part of this world, and in time those who I call brother will come and rip you from your place in this world. No longer will you be here to open the eyes of man, but be nothing more than a memory, and for nothing more then a hand full of silver. So now I will leave and shed my tears, not only for you, but also for my brothers, for they will never know the love I feel now. So, farewell my love, a tear will always be in my eye for you when I see this place of peaceÖ

Within The Flame

As I walk in peace beneath the cover dark, I see your face within my mind. I smile at the thought of your words and wonder. Coming to that place where we sat and discovered what was to be for us, I weep for what I lost, and what I took from you, no longer can you see the world through the eyes of a child in awe of the wonders that lay in wait of youth.
I surrendered my pain, my solitude, that which gave my being reason, brought order to the chaos which kept me in the shadows, always looking in from above never being within the fire below.
Standing before the flames, I laugh the laugh of the mad, and I wonder if it was the flames that I hid from, or if it was the arm around my waist that I truly feared.
As the vision of your smile and warm eyes pierce my soul, the darkness parts, the flames lose their heat, but still I feel the cold grasp of oblivion around my arm beckoning me to its breast. The never quenched thirst for a release of this existence pulls me closer to the whisper of promises never to be kept.
Again I think of you and think of me, but it is the thought of us that I try to grasp, if only for a moments strength to pull my self free of my own pity and walk through the flames once more without falling.
As I come to the end of one more path, my tired body begins to rest, awaiting the next crucible to begin. As I close my eyes for a moments rest, the taste of dirt awakens my tongue and again I see you.
As the tears fall from my eyes and moisten the ground beneath, I can only smile and weep for you, and weep for me hoping all this pain was not in vain. Keep me in your heart as I have kept you, for that is the only place that I continue to exist.

By: Uva Deae


Reality is a horrid monster.
He watches intently as you dream of spectacular things.
waiting for the perfect time to sneak up
And pull you into him with grotesque hands,
Decaying with sad truths.
As his nails dig into your being
You squirm trying to evade his grasp- but to no avail.
But as you catch a glimpse of yourself in his eyes you cease to fight,
For in that moment you know who you really are.
In that moment you are on the other side,
You are he,
And he is only trying to escape from himself.

To Write

To feel something become real through me. A need to create beauty. A want to be understood, or misunderstood, at times. A chance to express to others what I see. To explain to myself the world and all its ugliness, beauty and fault.

To create beauty.

Like the idealists of Ancient Greece. A beauty so profound nothing compares. A chance, a dire need to fill this intoxicating earth with something pure. But is it truly pure or merely sacrilege? Is it an evil force in disguise, like Lucifer with his tattered angel wings and broken halo pretending to still be holy?

To become what I write.

To be transformed with every keystroke or line of ink on paper.

To become something I am not.

Like Dr. Frankenstein with his monster, I am a creator, just another playing God for a moment. Disenchanted with this world, I vow to create and then destroy another.

To know just how ambiguous the life cycle really is, having qualities of beauty and then deformity and love then sincere malice. Knowing the sad truth: What goes up must come down. Inevitably, a living being will grow old and become decrepit. Ponder this: is it truly inescapable? Could the ball of life- thrown into the air by a preternatural being with the sole intention of letting it fall helplessly to the ground- be suspended indefinitely in the air? Outright defying all beliefs, a mockery to all existence. A grand statement of defiance.

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