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- This is a very special photograph - taken at the Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio on Dec. 7, l978. During the last song of the last encore, I knew this would be my last chance to give him the rose I was wearing on my lapel. I finally made my way down to the front of the stage, but I was out of film. So I pushed in the release button of my camera to allow me to advance the lever for one last tiny piece of film and hoped for the best. I held up this rose, and after what seemed like a long time, he finally looked down at me, and during a long gaze between us, he slowly drew the rose from my fingers. The audience behind me squealed and some cheered, and he looked away to bask in the stir this you can see on his face in the image of him holding the rose. This was my chance; I lifted my lens to my eye, and the magic of this remarkable man did the rest.

- This is NOT a touched up photo or compilation, nor was it my intention to multiple expose my film. This was a remarkable accident. Period. I have the last tiny scrap of transparency film to prove this.

- Two hours later, after this performance, in a press room in this stadium, I met and spoke with Neil in person for the first time. Yes, he held both of my hands in both of his, and at one point we hugged. He was unaware that I was the girl with the rose at the end of this show, and I was unaware that this photograph had turned out like it did.

- He autographed this for me in front of The Mayfair Regent Hotel in April of l980. His signature appears in silver ink at the bottom left. He was impressed with this picture and asked me for a copy of it, which I gave to him on the spot as I had two prints of it with me. He also, by the way, commented on how cool the pen was that I presented to him to sign this print with. I bought it at a photo shop for $4.00. He was so sincere - almost plain, so comfortable to be with that I said about the pen "Do you want to keep it?" He said "Yeah. Thanks!" Then his attention was turned to other fans who were waiting to greet him, and then I watched him board the bus with my print and my pen.........

Cindy in 1983

I hope you all enjoy my collection of Neil Diamond photography!



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