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Chicago Stadium l976



My very first photo of Neil

That night, an hour before leaving for the concert, my friend with the camera and the skill announced that he couldn't go. I remember having a sudden and stoic presence of mind that told me this was an obstacle that simply was NOT going to stop me from getting pictures of Neil that night, even if it meant that I had to take them myself. Without hesitation, I took the camera from my friend's hand, turned to his father and calmly said: "Teach me how to work this thing". It amuses me today to remember back at the look on that man's face as he must have realized the depth of my conviction in that moment. He deserves much credit, for in the span of less than 15 minutes he very clearly explained the basic operation of a manual 35 mm camera and zoom lense to a complete novice. I went to the show alone. I remember sitting in the 26th row. At one point, I got out to the center aisle and moved up to take this picture. Of the roll of pictures that I took that night, this was the best. I was hopelessly hooked from then on.
Neil Diamond 1976 (c) Cindy Shunko

Neil Diamond at Chicago Stadium 1976


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