Crime Spree
In Banyo



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Nelly On The Scene

Our Girl-on-the-spot, Nell was there when Hapennys Antiques staffers sent out the message to their customers, "Our savings are criminal!"

The new front window features a criminalist inspired theme of thrown chairs, chains and scattered and broken china. The savings are store wide and feature many items including a silky oak dining table, china and various other knick knacks. Customers are invited to take 20% of all books including a rare 1891 copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin, valued at $1200!

The store is celebrating its fourth birthday this month with selected savings on many of our items.



Hapenny Antiques has recently joined the internet revolution by joining the Antiques and Collectables Webring. We look forward to meeting all of the members and would like to say a hearty G'day to any foreign visitors...


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