The Lethbridge Family, 1998

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Disclaimer, Please Read
Welcome to our home page. It has been requested that I build a page to tell our story.

Our story is not an easy one to tell. It is not easy to relive it and share it with others. In telling it, I take a risk...a risk that you will not understand what I am saying, that you will judge me differently than I had hoped. I am taking a risk that you will consider me a liar, a fraud. That you will send me hatemail or tell me I deserve this.

Please, before you think such hateful thoughts, if indeed you do, ask yourself if the true victims in this deserved what happened to children. My children were innocent, and now they are forever changed by what has happened. They will never be the people they were intended to be. Ask it worth it? When a parent is accused of something so minor, is it appropriate to storm their house, steal their children out of their arms, and shatter their fragile psyches? Is it appropriate to spend billions of dollars 'protecting' children from neglect, when what the system does to them can ruin their lives?

My children carry with them the burden of not knowing where they belong, where their loyalties lie. They will shoulder this burden for the rest of their lives. For the rest of their lives they will live with the memory of seeing their mother, the woman who was always there for them, broken, in tears, on the floor sobbing while holding them one more time. They will never recover from this. Nor will I.
A message to my children:

If you find this page, know that I am always thinking of you. The fact that a court told me I am no longer your mother makes no difference to my heart or mind. You are my children, always and forever. Whoever you are, whoever you will be, you will always be my sons and daughters. I will love you no matter what you are, what you do, what you believe. I am your mother and NOTHING can change what I feel for you. This was not your fault. I do not blame you for the things you cannot control. I couldn't. I saw you suffer, I lived your pain.  I live it every day.

If you find this page, know that I wait every day to talk to you, to hear you, to see you. I will wait for you til the end of time. I will always be here, waiting for each and every one of you to come home to me.
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