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Character Info
Here is some information on all the Galactic Sailor's and other characters.

I hope you enjoy them! =^-^=

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Sailor Meteor

Name: Tasha (Tash) Woods
Age: 17
Birthday?: Sept. 13
Race/Religion: Italian
Astro. Sign: Virgo
Element: Earth
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Gold/Bright Blond
Pet: Unisis
Favorite Colors: Red
Favorite Food: Fish
Least Favorite Food: Liver
Favorite Subject: History
Least Favorite Subject: Science
Notible Skills: Very tuned into nature and can tell when it is hurting
Notible Weaknesses: Often goes off in her own little world
Wants To Be: Historian
Hobbies: Going to museums, watching the sunset, walking and thinking, and raising plants.
Sailor Outfit: Dark red skirt, dark orange gloves & shirt, dark yellow bows
Planet Or Other: Meteor
Transformation: Meteor Galactic Power
Attacks: Meteor Shower
Other Info: She was raised by her loving grandmother who was always into nature. Tasha became a sailor while watching the stars one night. A shooting star (Her transformation star) fell  out of the sky and landed in her backyard. She then went and picked it up.
Sailor Shooting Star

Name: Erin Edwards
Age: 18
Birthday?: Aug. 06
Race/Religion: Australian
Astro. Sign: Leo
Element: Fire
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Brown/Light brown
Pet: Orbitor
Favorite Colors: Orange, Yellow, Red
Favorite Food: Chicken
Least Favorite Food: Beans
Favorite Subject: Geography
Least Favorite Subject: Drama
Notible Skills: Very athletic & good at assessing peoples phsysical abilities.
Notible Weaknesses: Often too serious.
Wants To Be: Personal trainer
Hobbies: Biking, running, walking, hockey, basketball, watching athletics on TV and going to athletic competitions.
Sailor Outfit: Yellow skirt, Red bows, Orange Shirt
Planet Or Other: Shooting Star
Transformation: Shooting Star Galactic Power
Attacks: Flaming Star
Other Info: She was raised by her father who was very strict due to being a war veteren. She became a sailor while running late at night on her schools outside track. She was thrown back when something hit the ground just infront of her... Her Transformation Star.
Sailor Dione

Name: Ashley (Ashy)  Banks
Age: 15
Birthday?: Nov. 24
Race/Religion: Russian
Astro. Sign: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Eyes: Pale Green
Hair: Orange
Pet: Serpentine
Favorite Colors: Camoflage
Favorite Food: Broccoli
Least Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Subject: Gym
Least Favorite Subject: English
Notible Skills: Athletic, hardworking, independent
Notible Weaknesses: Hot temper, pushy,
Wants To Be: Soldier
Hobbies: Army cadets, sports, reading about various soldier type things, and martial arts.
Sailor Outfit: Dirty green skirt & shirt, green gloves, dirty blue bows
Planet Or Other: A Moon of Saturn
Transformation: Dione Galactic Power
Attacks: Demi Moon Beam
Other Info: She was raised in an orphanage and became a real troublemaker. She became a scout when she attacked a Nega Star Soldier that had attacked a young girl that looked up to her.
Mythology: Dione was the mother of Aphrodite (Venus) by Zeus (Jupiter)
Sailor Callisto

Name: Mellany (Mel) Sanford
Age: 19
Birthday?: Oct. 12
Race/Religion: Japanese
Astro. Sign: Libra
Element: Air
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Pale Violet
Pet: Orico
Favorite Colors: Pale Colours
Favorite Food: Fried Rice
Least Favorite Food: Poutine
Favorite Subject: French
Least Favorite Subject: Gym
Notible Skills: Good with language, very smart, the voice of reason much of the time.
Notible Weaknesses: Too emotional at times, doesn't want to fight,
Wants To Be: Aristocrat
Hobbies: Watching international news, teaching sunday school,
Sailor Outfit: Light blue skirt, choker, and shirt, pale yellow bows, and sleeves, and shoes, pale cherry red collar, gloves, gem, bow decotation and shoe stripe.
Planet Or Other: Moon Of Jupiter
Transformation: Callisto Galactic Power
Attacks: Moon Hurricane, Callisto Winds
Other Info: Her father is an aristocrat. She became a Sailor when her star fell from the sky while she was outside reading the international news
Sailor Triton

Name: Shawna (Shawny) Stevens
Age: 17
Birthday?: March 25
Race/Religion: French
Astro. Sign: Aries
Element: Fire
Eyes: Navy Blue
Hair: Redish/brown and golden blond
Pet: Galileo
Favorite Colors: Cherry red, blueberry blue
Favorite Food: Spagetti
Least Favorite Food: Broccoli
Favorite Subject: Drama
Least Favorite Subject: Geography
Notible Skills: Very good at acting and infiltration
Notible Weaknesses: Not extremely good in a hand to hand fight or direct fight,
Wants To Be: Actress
Hobbies: Drama Club, reading plays, watching various movies and such
Sailor Outfit: Cherry red skirt, gloves, choker and collar, blueberry blue boots, bows, and sleeves, bright light blue belt, shirt, glove bands, and hair band.
Planet Or Other: Moon of Neptune
Transformation: Triton Galactic Power
Attacks: Fire Of Triton, Blazing Moon Beam,
Other Info: Became a sailor when her acting class was attacking by a Nega Star Soldier.
Sailor Astron

Name: Britney (Brit) Lorence
Age: 16
Birthday?: April 20
Race/Religion: American
Astro. Sign: Taurus
Element: Earth
Eyes: Light purple/pink
Hair: Navy blue and Navy green
Pet: Terrestria
Favorite Colors: Blues and Greens
Favorite Food: Pizza
Least Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: World Religion
Notible Skills: Active, energetic, friendly
Notible Weaknesses: Sometimes too hyper,
Wants To Be: Doesn't know
Hobbies: Fashion, listning to music, talking on the phone, hanging out with friends, going to the mall,
Sailor Outfit: Green gloves, shirt, belt, blue collar, skirt, light blue bows, sleeves, boots and glove bands.
Planet Or Other: The Asteral Planes
Transformation: Asteral Galactic Power
Attacks: Asteral Projection
Other Info: She's a pricy type girl and very popular. Her works as a waitress in her mom's new restaurant. She became a sailor when the school she'd just transfered to was attacked.
Sailor Twilight

Name: Trinity (Treeny) Fox
Age: 15
Birthday?: June 7th
Race/Religion: Canadian
Astro. Sign: Gemini
Element: Air
Eyes: Purple/Blue
Hair: Navy Blue/Dark Purple
Pet: Nebula
Favorite Colors: Puple & Blue
Favorite Food: Perogies
Least Favorite Food: Spinach
Favorite Subject: English
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Notible Skills: Writing
Notible Weaknesses: Fear, rushes into things, a bit clumsy,
Wants To Be: Writer
Hobbies: Writing, listening to music, reading and hanging out with friends
Sailor Outfit: Purple bows & Gloves, blue top, purple/blue skirt with lighter star symbol
Planet Or Other: Twilight (Imperfect Light)
Transformation: Twilight Lunar Power
Attacks: Twilight Shine, Twilight Ilusion
Other Info: Treeny is a gentle soul and seems to be able to adapt to any situation. She is an intellect in ways but can be very superficial. She can also be a chicken at times. She became a sailor when Nebula came to her while she was being attacked by a Nega Star soldier.
Sailor Comet

Name: Cassandra (Cassie) Preston
Age: 15
Birthday?: July 14th
Race/Religion: English
Astro. Sign: Cancer
Element: Water
Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Pale Blond
Pet: Orion
Favorite Colors: Pink, Purple
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Least Favorite Food: Spinach
Favorite Subject: Art
Least Favorite Subject: Science
Notible Skills: Drawing
Notible Weaknesses: Shy
Wants To Be: Cartoonist
Hobbies: Drawing, singing, reading, collecting various things
Sailor Outfit: Light pink bows & Gloves, light Purple shirt & skirt
Planet Or Other: Comet
Transformation: Comet Galactic Power
Attacks: Comet Wave
Other Info: She comes from a rich family. She is a perfectionist when it comes to herself. She became a Sailor when an injured Orion fell through her bedroom window. He'd been attacked by a Nega Star soldier. She nursed him to health and in return he
gave her the power of the Galactic Comet Sailor.
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Sailor Eclipse

Name: Iesha Quailond
Age: 13
Birthday?: Feb 19
Race/Religion: Egyptian
Astro. Sign: Pisces
Element: Water
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Pet: Moonsheen
Favorite Colors: Black, yellow, dark red
Favorite Food: egyptian food
Least Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Subject: World Religion
Least Favorite Subject:  American History
Notible Skills: Always the one to cheer everyone up and cheer them on, great with astrology, very caring
Notible Weaknesses: She's young and no one listens to her and she's gullible
Wants To Be: Astrologist
Hobbies: Watching the stars, watching space movies, reading space books.
Sailor Outfit: Black collar, chocker, gloves, skirt, dark red bows and shoulder bands, yellow belt, glove bands and bow decoration.
Planet Or Other: Eclipses
Transformation: Eclipse Galactic Power
Attacks: Solar Eclipse
Other Info: Came to America from Egypt with her mother and younger brother. She became a sailor while watching the stars one night through her telescope.
Neo Tuxedo Mask

Name: Alexander (Alex) Wilson
Age: 20
Birthday?: Jan 25
Race/Religion: German
Astro. Sign: Aquarious
Element: Air
Eyes: Dull Brown
Hair: Brown
Pet: Gowron
Favorite Colors: Red & Blue
Favorite Food: Bierocks
Least Favorite Food: Pastas
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Least Favorite Subject: Social Sciences
Notible Skills: Very acrobatic, athletic, leadership skills
Notible Weaknesses: Hot Tempered, Stubborn
Wants To Be: Rich (Heh)
Hobbies: Hanging with friends, Excercising, Lifting weights, Karate,
Sailor Outfit: Blue top hat with red strand, red mask, red cape, blue tux with red cuffs, white shirt, red bowtie, gold buttons, black boots.
Planet Or Other: Unknown
Transformation: Unknown
Attacks: Rose Throw, Rose Hurricane,
Other Info: Alex can be a very rude individual and has lived a rather harsh life. He doesn't accept help from anybody and enjoys playing leadership roles. He's known to be a troublemaker and has been kicked out of several schools. He can be a very jealous person at times. He does, however, enjoy helping people
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