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Coven of the Unicorn's Realm


1. Have the Physical Tools prepared. The candidate should have the basic altar tools. An athame,(No Sword), Book of Shadows, Incense Burner, Salt and Water Vessels, Altar Candles and the White Handled Knife. A wand if possible.

2. Have the Internal Tools prepared. The Initiator should be sure that the candidate is prepared mentally and spiritually for this step. Stress the responsibilities this entails; morally, ethically, and physically. The First Degree is a "LIFETIME commitment, the candidate should accept the fact that she or he will be "CLERGY. Stress the future responsibilities of example and teaching others. Emphasize that they are entering a Priesthood, therefore they are expected to teach, to lead, to use Wisdom in judgement and action. Make very clear the "KARMIC responsibilities for teaching others and for work that is done. Have the candidate meditate upon this step and upon an appropriate name.

3.Learn divination in some form. Divination is a tool of the Craft. It is one of the Eight Fold Path. If a Neophyte is not able to do divination, it does not necessarily disqualify them from the Priesthood. However, it is a useful accomplishment, valuable for assessing and judging a person or work to be done but do it objectively, without emotional involvement. The key is discipline.

4. Learn the construction of Rituals and Spells and how to make his or her own.

5. Learn the Casting of Circles: Mental, Salt, Formal.

6. Learn working with Types of Magic: Cord, Candle, etc.

7. Have the candidate meditate upon a Patron and/or a Totem Animal. However, the results often do not come until after Initiation.

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I have chosen my path
The choices I made
They thrive as part of my soul
I can never change my roads
For I must make do with this string
The life I could have had
For better or worse
I know not the future
Nor the dimensions of time
I feel my parallel self
We are one in the same
Yet different in choice
We are both regretful
What may have happened
Though We are intertwined
Our roads can never cross
F.W. Vickers

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