logo five to twelveFive minutes before midnight is the frightening hour when the world is still safe, but not for very long. When the forces of the Dark are gathering and when little can be done to stop them.

Five to Twelve is here to offer you free online eBooks from the public domain, book reviews, biographies of authors of Gothic Literature, essays and research, ghost stories, horror stories, but also science fiction, and utopia. You will note that I do not reveal too much in the reviews - I don't like spoilers. My purpose is not to offer full reviews for people who have read the books, and I certainly have read most of the books presented here (I accept donations for a new bookshelf :o) ) and wish to give my readers the reasons to read them. It's always nice to know enough about a book to bring it to the till but not enough to think you no longer need to read it. In many things the travelling is often as important as the inn at the end of the day.

Welcome then to my new visitors.

This site is taking over from the Littérature Fantastique section of la grenouille qui rêve to offer my readers more content and more downloads - eBooks of course but also wallpapers and fonts.

Also this new website will be reborn in English, virtually created anew. I will offer the original texts of la grenouille in French whenever possible, although the French pages will no longer be updated.


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