Centaur Class Starship History: The Centaur Class of starship began as a Miranda Class development which later progressed into its own class.  The original brief was for an uprated Miranda Class ship to possibly replace the Miranda Class as the mid-range multi-purpose starship of the fleet.  The Designers felt that using existing components from classes such as the Miranda, the developmental Ambassador and the Excelsior would be an excellent way forward and began work.  The end result used in the major part Miranda and Excelsior chassis components with advanced material from the Ambassador, such as the warp drive, computer systems, and IPS systems.  Initial testing proved the ship to be fast and agile which eventually led to its major usage as a mid-range scout ship.  One of the first ships in the fleet to use a modular approach to design and retrofitting it laid out the path for its larger predecessors, the Akira Class and Nebula Class.  The Centaur Class ships have been called back for retrofitting using the latest technology.  A total of 36 Centaur class ships spent nearly 4 years in space dock having their warp drives and computer systems overhauled.  Initial testing proved that all of the improvements helped to extend the life of the Centaur Class starships.  Now, with the continued work on the Sovereign Class being the top priority for Starfleet, no more Centaur Class ships are scheduled to be built and production has been halted.  The USS Gunstar was the last of the Centaur Class starships to be commissioned in 2383.
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