Prologue: The beginning of the 25th Century and the USS Quintessential: NCC-10101


The year is 2401, the beginning of the 25th Century. It is an ominous time for the Federation. The Federation is in a state of civil war amongst itself; there are those who favor an end to the restrictive treaties that the Federation has had to sign over the course of its history, and then there are those that want to maintain the status quo and explore the galaxy. Led by Admirals Ror and Omega, this new rogue force is trying to seize control of the Federation and start chaos among its members. If this should happen, the Federation will literally be at war amongst itself, a war that will cause the end of years of peace throughout the galaxy.


Unknown to this rogue faction is one starship that was constructed by Section 31 entirely of Breen design on the outside of the ship. This ship, the USS Quintessential: NCC-10101 is the only hope for the part of the Federation that wants to continue the Federation’s main purpose of peaceful coexistence among the other races in the galaxy. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the ship are unknown, it can only be hoped that it can be located, and then used against the rogue faction’s forces to crush the rebellion on Earth.


History of the USS Quintessential: NCC-10101. The USS Quintessential was brought about during the peace treaty signed on Deep Space Nine between the Dominion and the Federation. In the treaty, the Breen who along with the rest of the Dominion were obligated to donate their resources to build a starship for the Federation using primarily Breen designs as far as the outside of the ship looked. This allowed the design team to implement weapons and other systems that would never be approved onboard any other Federation class of starship. Being the secret that is was, only a few details are known about the ship and its history, most of which come from dubious sources. Using a Breen battleship that was given to the Federation as part of the treaty, the intelligence agency known as Sector 31 was given complete control as to the designs of the new starship. Using the donated battleship as a guideline, the vessel was constructed, designed, built, and operated entirely under a shroud of secrecy—only a handful knew of the vessel’s existence. It was decided early on to construct the ship in a new Dominion shipyard deep inside the Gamma Quadrant to further hide its construction.


Sector 31 instituted the design phase somewhere around late 2393. It is believed that a Breen agent by the name of Thot X’mar’sp started the project under the direction of Section 31 after the covert acquisition of several advanced technologies. Reports as to the nature of these technologies are contradictory, but the general theme conforms to the idea that both Borg and technology acquired from the future were to be implemented in the design. It is believed that two Vorgon agents by the names of Poowock and Enzyme who came from the future were the ones who carried out the thefts of these future technologies.


Design proceeded at a maddeningly slow pace, as constant delays from secret Federation accounts led to several detrimental losses to the program, including at one point over half of the design team. New life was breathed into the project in late 2396 when a Romulan Engineer by the name of D’Deridex, who is the daughter of the Romulan who invented the D’Deridex class Warbird; was given full control of the engineering systems on the ship. The Federation also enlisted other alien species to help complete the ship. This included mainly species from the Dominion, but also the Cardassians, Nausicaans, and the Gorn as well.


Despite the astronomical cost of the project it still remained a secret, and in early 2399 construction was begun. Further hampered by the loss of the originally donated battleship, the project was supposedly abandoned a mere six months later. But that was only a ruse used by Sector 31 to throw off any suspicions that they were building such a ship.


USS Quintessential Features: With a zero-point energy-based transwarp drive, superior biotechnology, and photonic weaponry, the Quintessential is probably the most sophisticated craft developed by any major Alpha Quadrant power. The beam weaponry is divided between a more efficient plasma-based disruptor and the revolutionary photonic energy cannon. Photonic energy, by its very nature is extremely volatile, although very powerful--it passes through most shielding systems and hull armors as if they were nothing. The ability to harness the energy source (which in and of itself is difficult to produce) has been the goal of the Federation, Tholians, and Romulans for years. Photonic energy is further utilized in the torpedoes of the Quintessential, of which there are two classes--charges (equal to a photon torpedo in yield) and warheads (about three times the strength of a tri-cobalt device in yield). For a ship of its size, the firepower is unbelievable--most battleships don't even have comparable strength.  

The Zero-Point Energy source is another technology that many of the Alpha Quadrant powers have struggled to master. And while the Federation is [supposedly] the first to develop any form of Transwarp, the Transwarp capabilities of the Quintessential are clearly superior. The ZPE drive is so efficient that the only other power source needed onboard is for the photonic energy of the cannons--otherwise it powers (and enhances) every ship system.

While it has not yet demonstrated its full maneuverability capability in any recorded engagements, the Quintessential will definitely put all of the other Federation class starships to shame. SIF and IDF generators of immense power along with a staggering amount of thrusters provide the ship with maneuverability previously thought impossible.


USS Quintessential Problems: Though reportedly unbelievably easy to maintain, the cost to build a Quintessential-class is staggering--almost a years' worth production of any other starship class in production. But even though the Federation would have the resources to field this vessel on more than an extremely limited scale, it was decided early on to only build one vessel. The original Quintessential is therefore almost 100% likely to remain unique, especially so since the only copy of the schematics are within its own databanks, and those databanks are under the control of the ship’s hologram, known as Quint. This hologram is a plasma computer generated image that has ultra-realistic substance and features of a Breen literally integrated into its programming. It is very much both a physical and sentient being, albeit a rather unusual one. This computer hologram is scheduled to go online January 1, 2401.


USS Quintessential Crew: Being the secret that it was, Section 31 knew that the least amount of Federation personnel onboard, the less likely the chance that anyone would be able to report on the Quintessential’s existence. Therefore, it was decided early on that the Quintessential would be the first starship with an entirely non-Federation crew except for the Captain. All of the crewmembers except for the Captain were selected primarily by the Dominion with Sector 31 having final approval. Sector 31 insisted on choosing the Captain for the ship, but never did finalize its selection, so the ship left for its shakedown cruise minus the Captain. It was supposed to proceed to Deep Space Nine where the Captain for the vessel would assume command there. The journey was scheduled to last two days at transwarp factor nine. Unfortunately, it would be a journey that would only partially take place. The two Vorgon agents, Poowock and Enzyme, and the other crewmembers commandeered the ship, including the computer hologram Quint. When the computer hologram came online, they told it to only accept their voice inputs and left the Dominion shipyard with the following crewmembers: Vorta Commander Rewlisk, Executive Officer, Breen Commander Thot X’mar’sp, Science Officer, Gorn LT Commander S’Sgarn G’naan’t, Tactical Officer, Romulan Sub Commander D’Deridex, Engineering Officer, Cardassian Gul Vennitt, Communications Officer, Nausicaans LT Siccan Naus’t’ex, Operations Officer, Jem’Hadar First LT Zwee’gle, Security Officer, and Doctor Boomdoom, the Changeling.


USS Quintessential Service: The vessel was commissioned on January 1, 2401. It was dispatched on a shakedown cruise to test its systems out. Reports of its whereabouts since then have never been conclusively proven. It is unknown as to what has happened to the vessel or to its crew. Section 31 came under fire with the civil war brewing amongst the Federation and all information about the ship was purposely destroyed. It is believed that the two Vorgon agents who helped steal the technology also decided to take the vessel as their own. Whether or not this has actually happened is unknown. Prior to that, reports of the ship are sketchy at best, but it is believed to have plagued Romulan, Lyran, Hydran, and even Breen shipping posts on more than one occasion. What plans these two Vorgon agents have for using the Quintessential is entirely speculative. This is where the adventures of the USS Quintessential begin.


Chapter 1: December 31, 2400


The USS Quintessential sits in the Dominion shipyard awaiting its shakedown cruise. It is December 31, 2400, the last day of the 24th Century, and just one day away from the launch of the Quintessential. It’s construction lasted a mere 18 months and now it was finally the time for Section 31 to launch its secret to Deep Space Nine where it will receive its new Captain and be announced to Starfleet as the newest addition to the fleet. On hand was only one Section 31 operative by the name of Captain Q. Being a member of the Q Continuum, she was given specific orders make sure that the ship left on time from the Dominion shipyard deep in the Gamma Quadrant. That was all she had to do; she was not to beam aboard the ship, merely to ensure that the ship left the shipyard. This did not sit well with her, but she had little choice given that she was deep in Dominion territory and any opposition she voiced would simply be spoken without any response from the Dominion personnel present. So she just looked at the PADD she was holding and read aloud to herself what it said.


Q: From Admiral Benjamin, Commander Starfleet Command to Captain Q. Your orders are to proceed to the Gamma Quadrant just inside the wormhole for rendezvous with a Dominion warship. After beaming aboard, they will escort you to a Dominion shipyard deep inside the Gamma Quadrant where you are to witness the launching of a new Federation vessel. This ship is of Breen design on the outside and has been commissioned the USS Quintessential: NCC-10101 effective January 1, 2401. Under no circumstances are you to board this ship; you are to verify its existence and then verify its launch from the shipyard to occur on January 1, 2401 at 0001 hours. If the ship is not at the shipyard you arrive at, you are to encode the subspace subharmonic energy cell located in your communicator with a message that will inform us of the Dominion’s deceit. If the ship is located at the shipyard, you are to watch its launch from the station to occur at specified time above and then encode your energy cell with a message stating that the ship has left the shipyard. No one must know of this ship until it arrives at Deep Space Nine. Admiral Benjamin out.


After volunteering for this mission, Q would be promoted to Admiral.  Now that was something she could not refuse no matter what the risks. After all, it would allow her to gloat to the other members of the Q Continuum and to her husband, Q.


Vorta Commander Rewlisk: What do you think of it, Captain Q? (Motioning at the Quintessential).


Q: It just looks like an ordinary Breen ship to me. How do I know that this is actually the Quintessential and not some other Breen ship you simply brought here to deceive me?


Rewlisk: Now, now Q, why would the Dominion want to violate its treaty with the Federation, we are here to serve the Federation in all ways. Long live this union between the Federation and the Dominion.


Q: You are the Executive Officer on the ship, is that correct?


Rewlisk: That is correct Q, and I will show you with my tricorder the plaque that says “USS Quintessential: NCC-10101” on it. You have my word that what you are looking at is the Quintessential, the first vessel jointly built by the Federation and the Dominion. It signifies a new co-existence for our races, one that will surely allow the Federation to control the galaxy.


Q: All right, Rewlisk, I’ll believe you as soon as the vessel departs and joins the other ships of the Federation. Who else will be joining you on the ship’s shakedown cruise to Deep Space Nine?


Rewlisk: A few other privileged officers of the Dominion, plus some Alpha Quadrant alien species put on here with final approval by your very own Section 31, so I don’t think that you’ll have anything to worry about Q. Everything has proceeded according to Starfleet’s plans.


Q: I’ll feel a lot better once it leaves dry dock tomorrow morning. Until then, I’m going to stay here until then if you don’t mind. I wouldn’t want to miss this special occasion, now would I? But, I’ll be watching very carefully.


Rewlisk: Stay as long as you want Q. We’ll give you a sendoff you won’t forget.


Q: That’s what I’m worried about.


Q watches and waits impatiently drumming her fingers on the bulkhead while continuously looking out the window and the ship in the dry dock. She constantly glances at her tricorder while using it to scan the ship in front of him. It definitely registers some Starfleet signatures. The tricorder informs her that there are other compounds unknown to its instruments. She tries to fine-tune the tricorder to read these mysterious compounds but it’s of no use as it continues to register them as unknown.


Q: Damn thing’s probably got so many secret components I wouldn’t doubt if someone tried to hijack it.


Rewlisk: Q, I have the plaque to show you. Are you there, Q?


Q: Yes, I’m here.  Q looks at the plaque showing “USS Quintessential: NCC-10101” and the ship’s motto that reads,  “The answer to the quintessential question… Is there life out there?” That’s pretty impressive Rewlisk. The only other question I have is now what are you going to do for an encore?


Rewlisk: Thank you Q, and now the answer to your question…


Just then two mysterious figures appear out of nowhere and knock Q out. They disappear again and reappear on the ship and put Captain Q in the brig.


Rewlisk: Report status.


Poowock: We took care of that Federation spy.  We locked her up in the brig. You have nothing more to worry about. We now we have a ship to wreak havoc among the Alpha Quadrant. The galaxy will be ours for the taking.


Enzyme: Yes Poowock, I can’t wait to blow the Dominion and Federation to bits upon our theft of this starship.


Rewlisk: Don’t forget that they were the ones who took out your genetic implants allowing you to time travel. That was a mistake that they will live with for the rest of their lives.


The two are Vorgons from the future who where used to steal many components for the ship. The Federation betrayed them after they had finished their thefts. They took out their genetic devices which allowed them to time travel and banished them to an existence in this time period. They have come back to get their revenge on their betrayers. With the aid of a trans-metagenic vertion polarizer, they were able to detect one of the component signatures that they stole and thus locate the ship. There they contacted Commander Rewlisk who guaranteed that they would have their revenge upon the Federation for what they had done.


Poowock: Hopefully this will not take too long and we will be able to destroy all of them. As soon as we get far enough away from the dry dock, I say we blow the shipyard away thereby ensuring our renegade status.


Enzyme: I say we kill them now!


Poowock: Patience, Enzyme, we’ll be rid of them soon enough.


Rewlisk: Calm down, you two, you will have your revenge very soon.


The two Vorgons and Commander Rewlisk proceed to the Bridge of the Quintessential and encode the computer to only accept verbal orders from them. The two Vorgons take the helm station and start to power up the ship’s systems to leave the dry dock. Commander Rewlisk sits in the Captain’s chair. The other officers of the ship are beamed aboard and take their stations on the Bridge and throughout the ship.


Rewlisk: All officers, report status.


Commander Thot X’Mar’Sp: Science station is up and ready.


Gorn LT Commander S’Sgarn G’Naan’T: Tactical station is armed and ready.


Romulan Sub Commander D’Deridex: Engineering is standing by.


Nausicaans LT Siccan Naus’t’ex: Operations is ready for departure.


Cardassian Gul Vennitt: Communications station is operative.


Jem’Hadar First LT Zweegle: Security Station is ready.


Vorgon Ensigns Poowock and Enzyme: Helm Station is ready.


Doctor Boomdoom: Sickbay is standing by.


Rewlisk: Remember, we have to wait until 0001 hours to depart. That will be in fifteen minutes. Prepare to engage thrusters to leave dry dock.


Enzyme:  Okay, I’m going to encode the ship to make way from the dry dock at normal speed, then I will program it to execute a zero-point energy turn and then we can destroy the dry dock.


Rewlisk: Make sure that it will look like someone else destroyed the dry dock; we don’t want to make them suspicious?


Enzyme: Perhaps you are right? I’ll also superimpose a Borg ship over our own. That way they’ll see that it was a Borg ship that destroyed the dry dock, but it’ll actually be us.


Rewlisk: Good, proceed and inform me when you are done.


Enzyme encodes the computer to project a Borg ship appearing as soon as the Quintessential leaves the dry dock. He has the computer generate a hologram of the Borg vessel of the crew.


Enzyme: There you go, Poowock. Not bad if I say so myself.


Poowock: Good, I will enable all visual screens and have the Computer Hologram show and tell us what will be happening when we depart in ten minutes.


Enzyme and Poowock program the computer to give a rundown of what will occur when they leave the shipyard in ten minutes. It shows them the Quintessential leaving dry dock and then going to warp. One minute after that a Borg vessel appears and destroys the dry dock, then leaves following the Quintessential.


Rewlisk: Good work, you two. This will ensure that the Borg have tracked down the stolen technology you two stole and have come to make sure that it does not get used. Dominion Shipyard Commander, the Quintessential is standing by to leave dry dock.


Dominion Shipyard Commander: Copy, Rewlisk. You can leave dry dock in ten minutes. You are to proceed to Deep Space Nine for rendezvous with the Federation there. Do you have any questions?


Rewlisk: None Commander, we are preparing to leave dry dock. Stand by.


The time counts down until finally it is time for the ship to depart the dry dock.

Chapter Two: January 1, 2401


Quint, the computer hologram: It is 0001 hours, January 1, 2401. I am Quint, the computer hologram. I am here to serve you. Your orders are my command.


Rewlisk: Very well, Quint. Take your station next to Science Officer Thot X’Mar’Sp.


Quint proceeds to the computer station next to the Science station.


X’Mar’Sp: Not bad for a computer generated Breen. What all can you do?


Quint: I am Quint, the computer hologram. I am here to serve you. Your orders are my command.


X’Mar’Sp: I guess we’ll have to find out later…


Dominion Shipyard Commander: Commander Rewlisk, it is 0001 hours. You have permission to leave dry dock. Good luck, Commander.


Rewlisk: Excellent, Commander. We are engaging our thrusters and proceeding out of dry dock.


The USS Quintessential slowly inches forward from the shipyard gradually leaving the dry dock area. After clearing the dry dock, the impulse engines are engaged and it leaves the shipyard in its wake. It then engages its warp engines towards the wormhole to Deep Space Nine. After one minute a Borg vessel appears and destroys the shipyard leaving nothing but rubble. It proceeds after the Quintessential.


Poowock: The plan has concluded as expected, Commander Rewlisk.


Rewlisk: Good, this will be a day for the Federation to fear forever. Tell the computer to continue with deception and have the hologram Borg vessel destroy us and then go back to Borg territory. After that we will proceed onward towards Romulan territory.


Enzyme and Poowock encode the computer hologram to have the hologram Borg vessel destroy the Quintessential, thus deceiving anyone from knowing that they are in fact still alive.


Quint: I am the computer hologram, Quint. I am here to serve you. Your orders are my command. All objectives have been completed.


Rewlisk: Well done Quint, your ability to perform your programming has helped us to cause further havoc on the Federation.


Quint: I am the computer hologram, Quint. I am here to serve you. Your orders are my command. I will help cause further havoc on the Federation.


Rewlisk: Quint, you do not have to repeat that you are a computer hologram, your name, that you are here to serve us, or that our orders are your command. Just continue to follow orders and enjoy the experience of the wars we will rage with this vessel.


Quint: I am the… I will enjoy the experience of the wars we will rage with this vessel.


Rewlisk: Good, I think that you are getting the hang of it. You can now turn yourself off. I will notify you when I need you again


Quint: Effective, 0001 hours, January 1, 2401, my program cannot be turned off and I cannot end my program. I am the computer hologram Quint and my program cannot be turned off. Any further suggestions or attempts to cease my program will cause the destruction of the ship.


Rewlisk: Now, Quint, don’t get crazy. I was only kidding. You can stay. Just make sure that you only respond to my orders or to anyone else on the ship, but no one else. Understand?


Quint: I understand. I am the computer hologram Quint. I am here to serve you. Your orders are my command. I cannot go against my programming.


Rewlisk: Good. I want you to engage transwarp as soon as we clear the planetary systems, and then engage the cloaking device.


Quint: Understood. I am here to serve you. Your orders are my command.


Rewlisk: Quint, don’t forget about what I told you about stating your name and service to us, we don’t need to hear it over and over again.


Quint: Understood, Commander.


Enzyme: Hopefully he means it.


The Quintessential clears the planetary systems. The computer hologram engages the transwarp system and cloaks the ship. The vessel vanishes from space and proceeds towards the Wormhole to Deep Space Nine and the Alpha Quadrant.


Rewlisk proceeds to the brig to interrogate Q, but finds no one there.


Rewlisk: Enzyme and Poowock, I thought that you locked the Federation spy up in the brig.  She’s nowhere to be found. What happened to her?


Enzyme: I do not know Commander; maybe she just vanished.


Poowock: You mean like a Q.


Enzyme: Exactly.


Rewlisk: You mean that she was a member of the Q Continuum and you two didn’t notice.


Poowock: No, we knew she was a Q.


Enzyme: After all, Vorgons are telepathic you know, Commander.


Rewlisk: When I get back up there I’m going to make your lives miserable.


Poowock: Do you think she means it, Enzyme?


Enzyme: I know and I’ll tell you she will just lecture us to inform her about any future telepathic activities we notice.


After making her way back up to the bridge, Commander Rewlisk orders the two Vorgons to from now on tell her any telepathic activities they notice.


Poowock: Look like you still got it, Enzyme.


Enzyme: I know. I just hate to show it sometimes.


Chapter Three: January 2, 2401


Thinking that they will soon be able to control all of the Dominion threats in the Gamma Quadrant, the rogue faction of the Federation has ordered the starships under its control to do the unthinkable; strike down their own vessels. Led by the USS Battlescar: NCC-86420, a Yamato Class Battleship and the USS Draconis: NCC-91919, a Draconis Class Starship; they are to engage any Starfleet vessels that they encounter.


On Planet Earth, there is a meeting going on with various Admirals in charge. This is the rogue faction of the Federation led by Admirals Ror, Omega, Ataka, and Sassin discussing their plans to annihilate the rest of the Federation.


Admiral Ataka: Listen up, you measly maggots, if we do not strike the fleet while it’s at its weakest point, we lose any chance of being in control of the Federation Council.


Admiral Ror: I agree with Admiral Ataka, unless we strike now, we will lose all that we have gained in the preceding months that we have conjured our devious plans to wrestle control of the Federation from those deplorable diplomats. Our time is now. If you don’t agree with us, then walk out of here, but be forewarned, if I or anyone else sees you again, you will be killed on sight.


With that, a few of the Admirals and other diplomats do actually walk out of the meeting talking amongst themselves, wondering what they have done to cause such a violation of the Prime Directive on the Federation itself. But, they don’t get very far. Admiral Ror and the other three Admirals that stayed behind have made sure that if anyone left the meeting that they wouldn’t get a chance to tell anyone else what is going on. They close the doors to their chamber and release poisonous gas throughout the structure killing the others who have left. They then dissipate the gas from the passageways and continue with their meeting.


Admiral Ror: Okay, now that we really know who’s going to go through with this plan, we have to decide who’s the main contact for our fleet of starships, who will run our new Council, and which ship do we strike first.


Admiral Ataka: I will be the one who is the main contact for our fleet of starships. Only I will give the orders as to who is to strike which starship.


Admiral Ror: Very well, then I will be the one who is in charge of the Council. Any objections?


Admiral Ataka: You have my full support, Admiral.


Admiral Omega: You have my support as well. I would like to be second in command.


Admiral Ataka and Ror: Very well, Admiral Omega, that just leaves you Admiral Sassin, what do you want to do in this new Federation?


Admiral Sassin: I want the command of a special starship, the USS Executioner: NCC-95614; with it I will personally destroy the renegade fleet.


Admiral Ataka: Excellent, it does make sense to have at least one of us out there amongst the fleet stirring up trouble and causing massive malcontent.


With that the meeting is ended and the Admirals get to their business. Admiral Ataka orders the starships under the rogue Federation’s control to hunt down the other starships. Admiral Ror takes control of the Federation Council with Admiral Omega as second in command, and Admiral Sassin proceeds to the transporter room to be beamed onboard the USS Executioner.


Meanwhile, onboard the USS Battlescar, under of the command of Captain Cablieuszrhfy, who is reviewing the orders given to him by Admiral Ataka.


Captain’s Log: Captain Cablieuszrhfy in Command of USS Battlescar. I have just been given orders by Starfleet to hunt down some renegade Starfleet vessels. I look forward to destroying as many of these renegade vessels as possible. I have only recently been assigned to the Starfleet Special Task Force and I will not disappoint them. These Starship Captains have to realize that if that this is what is good for the Federation, otherwise they will be destroyed. Cablieuszrhfy out.

Battlescar crewman: Captain, long range scans have picked up a Federation vessel.

Cablieuszrhfy: Scan it to see which one we have.


Battlescar crewman: Aye, sir. Scanning… Scanning reveals it is a Galaxy class ship, the USS Venture sir.


Cablieuszrhfy: Hail them.


Battlescar crewman: USS Venture, this is the USS Battlescar, come in.


Venture Captain: What do you want?


Cablieuszrhfy: We have been ordered to escort any Federation vessels back to the nearest Starbase, please comply.


Venture Captain: I don’t think that we’ll acknowledge that order, Captain, sorry it has to end this way, Venture out.


Cablieuszrhfy: Red Alert, engage QCB once we are in range, disable their shields via the quantum metaphasic particle emitter.


Battlescar crewman: Sir, if we disengage their shields, we’ll blow them up with just a few shots.


Cablieuszrhfy: Exactly, do as I say, drop their shields and open fire.


Battlescar crewman: Aye sir, disengaging their shields and preparing to open fire.


The crewman on the Battlescar engages a particle emitter device on the bridge that permanently disengages the affected ships shields. This device was put on the Battlescar and other ships controlled by the renegade Federation faction to easily dispense of any other starships they encountered. Of course, the other ships in the fleet do not know what the Federation has done.


Venture crewman: Sir, our shields are dropping!


Venture Captain: Raise them!


Venture crewman: Sir, I can’t, the manual override is not restoring them!


Venture Captain; I think you just sealed our fate. But we are not going without a fight. Fire all phasers and photon torpedoes at the Battlescar.


Venture crewman: Aye sir, with pleasure.


The Venture fires on the Battlescar, but with its shields still up, it only inflicts minor damage to it. Meanwhile, the Battlescar fires on the helpless Venture relentlessly. It aims at its warp nacelles blasting them off of the helpless Galaxy-class ship. Then it concentrates it aim on the engineering and main saucer section of the ship literally drilling multiple holes into the hull of the vessel.


Battlescar crewman: Sir, we are ready to engage QCB on the Venture.


Captain Cablieuszrhfy: Engage QCB!


The Battlescar engages the QCB, Quantum Carrier-Wave Beam Weapon. This weapon consists of a highly specialized tractor beam emitter and a high-energy metreon plasma array. When a vessel fires a QCB, the tractor beam that holds the affected ship and forms a kind of gravitic conduit. The metreon plasma array then sends a series of quantum energy pulses through this conduit, striking the target and splashing damaging energy across it obliterating any targets without shields and disabling any targets shields if they still have them. Needless to say, after engaging the QCB, the Venture dissipates into non-existence.


Battlescar crewman: Sir, did we have to blow it up? You didn’t even see if they wanted to renegotiate, or take in wounded.


Cablieuszrhfy: I have my orders, and if you ever question them again, you’ll be dead as well.


Battlescar crewman: Aye, sir.


The Battlescar crewmen look at each other and realize that the Captain means business. The Battlescar continues on looking for the next Federation ship. Meanwhile, onboard the USS Battlescar, the Captain is in his ready room, sending a transmission to Starfleet.


Cablieuszrhfy: Admiral Ataka, we have destroyed the USS Venture as ordered, sir.


Admiral Ataka: Well done, Captain, you are to proceed to Deep Space Nineteen, we have information that other Federation vessels are there. Once you are there, other rogue Federation vessels will join you and help destroy the fleet of vessels massing there.


Cablieuszrhfy: Understood sir, Cablieuszrhfy out.


The Battlescar proceeds to Deep Space Nineteen and begins scanning for the Federation ships. It is joined by the following rogue Federation vessels: USS Corsica: NCC-10079, USS Odysseus: NCC-36912, USS Ulysses: NCC-45654, USS Python: NCC-55391, USS Scavenger: NCC-63289, USS Sequoia: NCC-70050, USS Doomsday: NCC-76543, and the USS Manhattan: NCC-82428


Battlescar crewman: Sir, we’ve picked up numerous Federation vessels, now what do we do?


Cablieuszrhfy: How many vessels, and designations.


Battlescar crewman: 18 vessels sir, with the following designations: USS Perseus: NCC-10680; USS Exeter: NCC-26531; USS Twilight: NCC-29287, USS Marauder: NCC-33699; USS Gunstar: NCC-42613; USS Renaissance: NCC-45000; USS Curry: NCC-45617; USS Appalacia: NCC-52136; USS Independence: NCC-61776; USS Yeager: NCC-61947; USS Proxima: NCC-61952; USS Deliverance: NCC-63636; USS Buenos Aires: NCC-69337; USS Manta: NCC-72060; USS Discovery: NCC-73078; USS Supernova: NCC-80000; USS Resistance: NCC-88888; and USS Youngblood: NCC-96749.


Cablieuszrhfy: Hail them.


Battlescar crewman: Federation vessels, this is the USS Battlescar, come in.


USS Perseus Captain: USS Battlescar, what do you want?


Cablieuszrhfy: All of you are to proceed to the nearest Starbase immediately for questioning.


USS Youngblood Captain: I don’t think so Captain, you are outnumbered by a 2 to 1 margin.


Cablieuszrhfy: To all ship Captains, you have 1 minute to surrender or face immediate destruction.


All Federation Captains: Fire on the Battlescar and those other traitors!


The Federation vessels start to fire on the Battlescar and the rest of the rogue Federation fleet. They take on some minor damage while evading their fire.


Cablieuszrhfy: Red Alert, engage QCB, and drop all of their shields, we are going into battle.


Battlescar crewman: Sir, we are outnumbered by a 2 to 1 margin; surely we can’t beat those odds!


Cablieuszrhfy takes out his phaser and fires it at the insubordinate crewman killing him. He looks over the rest of the crew with a killer’s grin.


Cablieuszrhfy: Anybody else want to question my orders?


Battlescar crewmen: No sir!


Cablieuszrhfy: Good, now carry out my last command before I start shooting someone else!


Battlescar crewmen: Aye, sir!


The Battlescar and the rest of the rogue fleet engage their quantum metaphasic particle emitters on each of the Federation starships one by one dropping their shields and then commencing fire on each individual ship. The Battlescar tracks down the Perseus and opens fire with the QCB immediately destroying the vessel.


Battlescar crewman: Sir, the Perseus has been destroyed.


Cablieuszrhfy: Good, proceed onto next starship.


The Battlescar continues its assault tracking down the next nearest starships, continually firing its QCB on the helpless Starfleet vessels. Each vessel that it fires on suffers a similar fate as the preceding ones. Meanwhile, the other rogue vessels do the same on the Exeter and Twilight.


Battlescar crewman: Sir, the Exeter and Twilight have been destroyed by the Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan.


Cablieuszrhfy: Poor Federation vessels, they are defenseless without their shields.


Battlescar crewman: Targeting the Renaissance, Curry, and Marauder.


The Battlescar, Odysseus and Ulysses track down the Renaissance, Curry, and Marauder respectively and target their weapons on the helpless Starfleet ships.


Cablieuszrhfy: Continue to wipe them out!


Battlescar crewman: The Python, Scavenger, and Doomsday have targeted the Gunstar, Appalacia, and Yeager sir.


The three rogue Federation starships lock their weapons on the three Federation vessels and destroy them. The other Federation ships realizing that their shields are down start to break off from the attack. But with the rogue fleets relentless attacks, more and more ships fall by the wayside.


Cablieuszrhfy: Chase after them, don’t let them get away!


Battlescar crewman: Aye sir, we are going after the nearest starships.


The Battlescar, Odysseus, and Ulysses chase after the three nearest starships. The other vessels of the rogue fleet chase after three other remaining vessels.


Battlescar crewman: Budapest, Independence, and Deliverance destroyed, sir.  A few vessels have engaged warp, sir, leaving the damaged ones behind.


Cablieuszrhfy: Tell the others to finish off the remaining damaged vessels; we’ll deal with those other cowards later.


The Python, Scavenger, and Doomsday track down the three remaining ships. They fire on the three remaining defenseless ships blowing them to oblivion.


Battlescar crewman: Aye sir, Proxima, Discovery, and Supernova have been destroyed. The Manta, Resistance, and Youngblood were the vessels that escaped sir.


Cablieuszrhfy: We’ll deal with them soon enough. Tell the remaining ships that were not damaged to engage warp after those cowards.


Battlescar crewman: Aye sir.


The Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan engage warp after the three Federation vessels that escaped. The Battlescar and the rest of the rogue fleet proceed to Deep Space Nineteen for repairs. They contact the station commander for permission to dock.


Cablieuszrhfy: Deep Space Nineteen Commander, requesting permission to dock at your station for repairs to our vessel.


Deep Space Nineteen Commander: Federation vessels, we have been receiving reports of a breakout in this sector. It’s lucky for you that you only received minor damage. Proceed to docking bay for repairs, Deep Space Nineteen out.


The Battlescar and the rest of the rogue fleet proceed to the Docking Bay at Deep Space Nineteen for repairs while the Captains of each ship contact Starfleet for their next set of orders.


Cablieuszrhfy: Admiral Ataka, we destroyed 15 Starfleet vessels, while three vessels, the Manta, Resistance, and Youngblood warped out of the system.


Admiral Ataka: Well done, Captain. You have done well for the Federation, we’ll track down those remaining starships soon enough.


Cablieuszrhfy: It is estimated that we and the other starships in our fleet will be at Deep Space Nineteen for approximately nineteen days for repairs sir.


Admiral Ataka: I’ll have to send Captain Norvax after those remaining starships then, we can not have any Federation vessels reporting back to Earth what has been done.


Cablieuszrhfy: I understand sir. Cablieuszrhfy out.


Admiral Ataka contacts Captain Norvax who is the Captain of the USS Draconis: NCC-91919, a Draconis-class starship that has trans-warp capabilities.


Admiral Ataka: Captain Norvax, I order you to proceed after the three starships that escaped from the Battlescar. You are to proceed along with the Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan after those three remaining ships. You will destroy any other Federation ships that you encounter. Understood?


Captain Norvax: Understood Admiral. Norvax out.


Captain’s Log: USS Draconis: NCC-91919, Captain Norvax in command. I have been ordered to track down three Federation vessels that got away during their battle with the USS Battlescar. They are the Manta, Resistance, and Youngblood. I can only hope that they haven’t spread any stories of what is going on. We are proceeding at maximum sustainable trans-warp velocity to catch up with the remaining starships.


Draconis crewman: Captain, long-range scans are picking up two Federation vessels; we are proceeding to intercept them. The Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan are chasing after them as well, sir.


Norvax: Good, they must be part of the fleet that escaped from the Battlescar.


Draconis crewman: Sir, they are the Manta and Youngblood.


Norvax: Red Alert, lower their shields and prepare to open fire on them.


Draconis crewman: Aye sir, their shields have already been disabled.


Norvax: Open fire!


The Draconis, Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan open fire on the Manta and Youngblood. After firing on them with the QCB and multiple phaser and photon fire both vessels are destroyed easily. There pummeled hulks float away in the vastness of open space.


Draconis crewman: Both vessels have been destroyed sir.


Norvax: Well done, now all that is left is one vessel, the Resistance, and we all know that according to the Borg that Resistance is Futile!

Captain Norvax proceeds to his ready room and contacts Starfleet Command.


Norvax: Admiral Ataka we have eliminated the Manta and the Youngblood. The only vessel remaining is the USS Resistance, a Sovereign class starship.


Admiral Ataka: Well done, Norvax, the Resistance is proceeding towards Deep Space Ten, you are to destroy it there, plus the station as well.


Norvax: Sir, Deep Space Ten maintains the neutral zone close to Romulan territory, if we destroy it, we’ll just be inviting the Romulans to invade the Alpha Quadrant there.


Admiral Ataka: You have your orders, Norvax, do as I say, otherwise I’ll get another Starship Captain to do it for you.


Norvax: I will obey your commands, Admiral, you do not have to resort to replacing me; my duty is to the Federation.


Admiral Ataka: Good, proceed as instructed, Ataka out.


The Draconis, Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan proceed to Deep Space Ten.


Draconis crewman: Sir, there is one vessel docked at Deep Space Ten.


Captain Norvax: Identify the starship.


Draconis crewman: It’s the Resistance, sir, it seems like we have them.


Captain Norvax: Good, now we can rid ourselves of the last remaining starship that escaped from the Battlescar!


Draconis crewman: She’s powering up, Captain, we better get there quickly.


Captain Norvax: Red Alert, engage shield lowering device and QCB; all hands to battle stations.


The Resistance tries desperately to engage to Draconis and the rest of the rogue fleet, but it’s of no use as vessels fire repeatedly upon the Resistance finally destroying the last remnant of the fleet that escaped from the Battlescar. They then turn their guns on the defenseless space station, firing volley after volley of photon torpedoes and phaser fire upon the station. Never before has the fate of a Federation base been so bleak.


Captain Norvax: It looks like the station will be history in a few short moments. Finish it off now!


The Draconis, Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan destroy the station and then proceed towards Deep Space Nineteen to undergo minor repairs from the battle. There, Norvax runs into Captain Cablieuszrhfy and the rest of the Captains from this rogue fleet. He tells them the ominous reality of there missions. Meanwhile, the Battlescar is empty except for maintenance crews and a few remaining crewman. Captain Cablieuszrhfy is in the main ready room.


Deep Space Nineteen Commander: Captain Cablieuszrhfy, it seems that you have other starship Captains here to greet you.


Captain Cablieuszrhfy greets Captain Norvax and the other starship Captains. They proceed out of the main ready room and enter Captain Cablieuszrhfy’s private quarters.


Cablieuszrhfy: Well, Captain Norvax, what do you think of our missions?


Norvax: Well, Captain Cablieuszrhfy, along with the Corsica, Sequoia, and Manhattan, we destroyed the remaining three starships that escaped from your little battle, but we also were ordered to destroy Deep Space Ten as well, so now the Federation has no defense against any Romulan incursions in sector 31.


Cablieuszrhfy: I wonder what Admiral Ataka is up to.  Do you think that he is negotiating with the Romulans as well?


Norvax: I wouldn’t doubt it. It does makes sense, have all of this blamed on the Romulans, thereby avoiding any Federation entanglements.


Cablieuszrhfy: Well, one thing’s for sure and that is there’s no turning back now, I guess we’ll have to see if there are any more ships that we have to go after or not.


Norvax: Well, I’ll only be here for a couple of days for the repairs needed on the Draconis. I’m sure that we see each other again. Good luck, Captain.


Cablieuszrhfy: Good luck to you as well.


With that, Captain Norvax leaves Captain Cablieuszrhfy’s quarters and beams back onboard the Draconis. The other Captains exit from the meeting as well discussing each other’s involvement in this new war. Meanwhile, Admiral Ror and Admiral Omega are in a meeting with a Romulan Captain.


Admiral Ror: So there you have it, Captain Antangon, the Romulan fleet will take the blame for the destruction of Deep Space Ten along with the destruction of nineteen Federation starships. We’ll build it as a massive Romulan fleet that invaded Federation space along the neutral zone close to Deep Space Ten. In return, you will be given all systems close to where the space station was. You will control those systems for the foreseeable future. And we may even give you additional systems for further cooperation.


Captain Antangon: Thank you, Admiral, we have an agreement on one condition, and that is my ship and I will be allowed to stay in Federation territory indefinitely. That way you will have a finger to point at and a ship to blame for any additional incursions.


Admiral Omega: That is acceptable, Captain, just make sure that your ship remains cloaked while in Federation space, we wouldn’t want it to be destroyed for those additional incursions, now would we?


Captain Antangon: You have nothing to worry about, Admiral Omega, we have plenty of work to get done in the area close to where Deep Space Ten use to be, so I don’t think you will hear or see from me again, but rest assured that if you do, it will not be as friends, but as enemies.


With that, Captain Antangon leaves the meeting and beams aboard his vessel, the Romulan War Eagle Nei’rrh.


Admiral Omega: What do you think, Admiral Ror?


Admiral Ror: I don’t think that he can be trusted along with the rest of those Romulan maggots, but for now, we will let him go and take the blame. We’ll inform Admiral Ataka and Admiral Sassin, plus the rest of our faction as to what to do if they ever see a Romulan ship again.


Admiral Ror and Admiral Omega inform Admiral Ataka and the rest of the Federation under its control the news concerning Captain Antangon and the rest of the Romulans. If they see his ship or any other Romulan ship, they are to engage it. Meanwhile, Admiral Sassin is on patrol in Sector 29, close to the Romulan area of space.


Executioner crewman: Admiral, we are picking up tachyon signatures of multiple Romulan ships. They must be getting ready to take over this area of space due to the new treaty Admiral Ror and Admiral Omega signed with them.


Admiral Sassin: We are only here to observe the peaceful turnover of this sector of space. But if any of those vessels decloak or power up any weapons systems we will go to war right here and now.


Executioner crewman: Understood sir, we will continue monitoring them to make sure that they comply with all aspects of the treaty.


The Romulan ships proceed into Sectors 30 and 31 with multiple supply ships that they are using to take over this sector of space. The ships stretch for miles and the Executioner’s crewman realize the relevance of this sector of space.


Executioner crewman: Sir, with this sector of space under Romulan control, they will be now within two days of warp travel from Earth, instead of three from there space. It’s practically unbelievable that we actually turned over this area of space to them without a fight.


Admiral Sassin: That’s the price you pay for negotiating with the enemy. Hopefully, they will one day step out of line and then we will take back what has been given away. I promise you that even if they don’t that we will regain this sector of space again.


The Executioner departs from Sector 29 to Sector 27 where the rogue faction of the Federation is building a new space station to keep its eyes and ears turned towards this new area of Romulan space. Sectors 28 and 29 will now be the new neutral zone between Romulan and Federation space. The Romulans continue to build up their newest sector of space given to them by the Federation while the Federation rebuilds the listening posts in Sector 27. But, unknown to both the Romulans and the Federation they are being watched by a cloaked vessel. This vessel is the USS Quintessential: NCC-10101, which is in the control of the Dominion crew led by Commander Rewlisk plus the two Vorgon agents, Ensign Poowock and Ensign Enzyme.


Rewlisk: Enzyme, what do you make of this Romulan incursion into Federation space. It seems to me that the Federation is not even engaging them, but literally giving away this area of space.


Enzyme: I say we engage them now, and just be done with both of these measly opponents.


Poowock: I agree. This will be our first true test of this ships powers! Quint, give me a reading on any Romulan warships and Federation starships in this area.


Quint: I am reading a total of five Romulan Warbirds in Sector 31 and one Federation starship in Sector 27.


Rewlisk: Six to one odds, eh, this is great, we’ll either die or die trying. Red Alert, decloak and raise shields. We will engage the Romulan Warbirds in Sector 31 first.


The USS Quintessential decloaks. It is of Breen design on the outside, thereby causing the Romulans to not suspect any Federation input into the vessels real purpose.


Romulan Warbird crewman: Sir, Breen vessel decloaking off of our port side!


Romulan Warbird Captain: What are the Breen doing way out here! They were supposed to disarm after the Treaty we signed with them in 2374.


Romulan Warbird crewman: Sir, they are powering their weapons system up.


Romulan Warbird Captain: Raise shields and engage that vessel!


The Romulan Warbird opens fire on the Quintessential, but their blasts have no effect on the vessel. Meanwhile, the Quintessential opens up its artillery on the Warbird causing massive damage to the vessel. The other Romulan Warbirds in the sector seeing another one of their vessels in trouble engage their engines and converge on the Quintessential.


G’Naan’T: Quint, engage the spatial dynamic warp injectors. Perform evasive maneuvers and target all Warbirds in range.

The Breen generated computer hologram engages the spatial dynamic warp injectors which causes a collapse of subspace in front of two Romulan Warbirds causing them to be torn apart by the rip in the fabric of space. That leaves two fully operational Warbirds and one heavily damaged one trying to escape from the wake of the spatial distortions.

G’Naan’T: Target the two fully operation Warbirds first, Quint. We’ll leave that heavily damaged one for last.


Quint: Copy, targeting closest Warbird.


The precision of the computer hologram is without equal and Quint releases multiple phaser and photon fire upon the Romulan Warbirds. The computer hologram releases another spatial distortion that rips the two Warbirds out of existence. They both succumb to the deformation of space in front of them and vanish. The Quintessential tracks the remaining damaged Warbird and fires at it with a volley of photon torpedoes to its hull and finishes it off as well.


G’Naan’T: Good work, Quint; that was amazing. The firepower of this starship is truly incredible. Now let’s test it upon the Federation itself if we can. Engage cloak Quint and proceed to Sector 27.


The computer hologram engages the Quintessential’s cloaking device and proceeds to Sector 27 to face the Executioner.


Executioner crewman: Sir, multiple Romulan ships have been destroyed in Sector 31!


Sassin: It must be a trap, get us out of here now!


Executioner crewman: Aye sir, engaging maximum warp.


The Executioner engages its warp engines and precedes further back into Federation territory.


Poowock: Rats, they must have chickened out or something. Quint, where did they go?


Quint: The Federation vessel has warped out of the system and is proceeding along coordinates that will take it back to Earth.


Enzyme: There’s no way we can go back there. We’ll just have to wait until a later day to test this starship up against the Federation’s starships.


Rewlisk: Yes, unfortunately, that’s right. I can’t wait until we do though. That would definitely make my day. Let’s destroy what the Federation has started here, then go back into Sector 31 and cause some more trouble there as well.


The Quintessential targets the listening posts in Sector 27 and blows them away. It then reenters Sector 31 and destroys all of the Romulan cargo vessels and posts in the area before engaging its trans-warp engines out of Romulan space.


The Nei’rrh, under the command of Romulan Captain Antangon appears from cloak in Sector 31 and surveys the destruction of the Romulan fleet.


Antangon: The Federation has betrayed us. Inform Romulan command of the situation. From this moment on, we are at war with the Federation. They will pay for their betrayal with their lives. Helmsman, proceed to Romulus at maximum warp. We will join the war fleet there and then come back to destroy the Federation.


Nei’rrh Helmsman: Aye sir, laying in course for Romulus.


The Nei’rrh enters warp towards the Romulan homeworld. There it joins up with a massive Romulan fleet that proceeds back to Federation territory. Once there the Romulan ships release volley after volley of fire upon any Federation planet or installation they come upon. The future of the rogue faction is beginning to look bleak.


Epilogue: Prelude to the Joint Confederacy


News of the destruction in Sectors 27 thru 31 spread throughout the galaxy. The new rogue faction of the Federation tries desperately to prove its innocence, but their story falls upon mistrusting ears.


Ataka: We have to do something, Admiral Ror. The Romulan empire has declared war upon the Federation. Without some outside help, we are doomed to a short-lived rule in the Federation Council.


Ror: Don’t worry, Ataka. I have a surprise for you.


A green alien with a face similar to a frog enters the Council chamber. He sits between Admiral Ror and Omega.


Ror: I present to you, Admiral Visc of the Interstellar Concordium.


Ataka: Admiral Visc, the pleasure is all mine.


Visc: Thank you Admiral. The Interstellar Concordium controls the part of the galaxy on the far side of the galaxy beyond the Gorn-Romulan border. The Romulans will be in for a complete surprise from our vessels attacking from there.  They will be utterly destroyed and you will be rid of them forever.


Ataka: That is all that I ask for, Admiral Visc. And what does the Interstellar Concordium want in return for the help you will provide us in destroying the Romulans?


Visc: I propose a joint confederacy between the Federation and the Interstellar Concordium. Together we will rule the galaxy and conquer anyone who opposes us.


Ataka: That is acceptable, Admiral. Welcome to the joint confederacy of the Federation Interstellar Concordium.


Visc: I think it will be called the Interstellar Concordium Federation if you don’t mind, Admiral Ataka. After all, it is we who are the ones helping you get rid of the Romulans from your space.


Ataka: Of course, that’s what I meant to say, Admiral Visc.


With that, the Federation becomes the Interstellar Concordium Federation and is now a joint confederacy.


…To be continued in USS Quintessential: NCC-10101, Episode 2: Joint Confederacy







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