Steamrunner Class Starship History: The Steamrunner Class of Starship is another of Starfleet's latest warships.  Like the Defiant class it is officially dubbed an Escort vessel.  The design of the Steamrunner class is revolutiry in its field with its rather odd looks.  The Steamrunner class does its job with extreme precision.  During the recent Borg attack on Sector 001 the USS Steamrunner managed to do heavy damage and it had less than 40% of its systems operational.  It joined the fight at the last minute having left Utopia Planitia with much of its systems not complete.  Starfleet, desperate for ships ordered the Steamrunner out of spacedock incomplete and against the wishes of the Fleetyard commander.  However, the ship proved itself beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the best warship in the fleet as is proceeded to destroy the cube alongside its fellow starships in the late hours of the battle.  The Steamrunner class features triple type three warpcores and it is armed to the teeth with Starfleets latest weaponry.

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