Southern Cross Characters

Dana Sterling
Age: 18
Rank: Lieutenant

The daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling, Dana is not only the first child born froma union betwen two races, she is the first child to be dorn from the womb of a clone.  Dana is among the first graduates of the Robotech Military Academy founded in the aftermath of the First Robotech War.  Dana is very feminine, her child-like curiosity combined with her natural intelegence and compassion seem odd combonations to make a successful soldier, but somehow, it works.  Cross-breeding gives her the added dimension of precognition concerning the Robotech Masters and their schemes.  She also shared an unusual phychis bond with the renagade clone, Zor Prime.  Dana is the catalyst for much of the action that takes place during the Second Robotech War.

Nova Satori
Age: 19
Rank: Lieutenant

Nova is one of the hihgest ranking women in the elite Global Military Police.  Although appealingly attractive, she maintains a cold outer shell.  She is a soldier first and foremost, and nothing gets in the way of her job.  As part of military intelligence, Nova has the thankless job of trying yo gather informatin from captured spies and prisoners of war.  She is envious, almost jelous of Dana's carefree attitude, amd this causes great tension between the two.  Their rivalry increases when Nova is placed in charge of the interrogation of Zor Prime.  Nova must deal with facts, not feelings.  The situation becomes the greatest challenge of her life, personally and professionally.

Sean Phillips
Age: 23
Rank: Private

Formerly a 1st Lieutenant, Sean was demoted to the rank of Private because of his amorous advances, unfortunately to the wrong women at the worst time.  Sean is the troop's Casanova.  He is also an excellent combat soldier and well liked by his fellows.  He ha difficulty adjusting when Dana becomes his new commanding officer, especially in light of the fact that she was once a sergeant under his command.  There is even more trouble in store for him when he falls totally in love with Marie Crystal.

Bowie Grant
Age: 18
Rank: Private

The son of Claudia Grant's brother, Bowie is a sensitive and talented musician and not really suited for military life and seems to stay in trouble.  His one ally is Dana.  Dana is more like a sister than a commanding officer to Bowie, and together they face many dangers.  Bowie stays at odds with his guardian, General Rolf Emerson, throughout much of the Second Robotech War.  The muscian and the soldier just don't seem to see eye-to-eye, especially when Bowie finds himself attracted to the clone, Musica.

Marie Crystal
Age: 20
Rank: Lieutenant

Independent, proud, Marie Crystal is a feisty young woman, an ace fighter pilot, and a good friend to fellow officer Dana Sterling. Together, they lead their squads with the flair of military precision as well as a sense of humor and humanity. Marie falls in love with Sean Phillips---not a wise choice, considering his reputation with women. But somehow, this gutsy soldier manages to prevail, in battle and in love.

Angelo Dante A.K.A. ANGIE
Age: 26
Rank: Sergeant

Despite the space battles he constantly finds himself involved in, Angie is a very down-to-earth kind of guy. He grew up during the intial confilict between the Zentraedi and the humans. He regards his commanding officer, Dana Sterling, with a mixture of curiosity, chauvinism, and respect. He's always game for a good fight.

Louie Nichols
Age: 20
Rank: Corporal

Louie lives in a world of his own creation. A lanky hybrid of punk and nerd, the young genius excels in mechanical dexterity and lives only for the study of Robotechnology. He is constantly tinkering with various "mecha." As a result, he becomes quite an inventor. It would seem that if Louie can think of a machine he needs to solve a certain problem, all he has to do is sit down long enough to fiddle with enough circuits, chips, and metals, and-Voila! His only dissatisfaction comes about when his machinery is put to use in ways he did not intend.

Rolf Emerson
Age: 46
Rank: General

Rolf Emerson is an example of the military's finest. Respected by his troops and fellow officers for his skill and humanity, he plays out his hand in the Second Robotech War with a singular sense of purpose. He is Bowie Grant's guardian. While he feels responsible for the young man and takes his commitment seriously, it's obvious that he feels geniuine affection for Bowie as well. He is constantly at odds with Supreme Commander Leonard, and despite his own rank, Emerson finds himself and his men in the unhappy position of playing sacrifical pawns in Leonard's futile attempt to destroy the Robotech Master

Age: 56
Rank: Supreme Commander, Earth Forces

Surpeme Commander Leonard is a pathetic bigot. A skilled soldier and brilliant tactician, the man is nevertheless so blinded by his fear of the invading aliens that he is willing to sacrifice everything-including Earth and her people-in an effort to annihilate the Robotech Masters. Unlike General Emerson, he is unwilling to negotiate. He would perfer the murder of alien prisoners to their interrogation. In the end, it is Leonard's unreasonaing fear that brings about the defeat of the humans and the Robotech Masters by the Invid during the Second Robotech War.

The Robotech Masters
Rank: Masters of Robotechnology

The Robotech Masters are the ones who first send the Zentraedi Forces after the SDF-1 and the protoculture factory hidden on board the ship. After the end of the First Robotech War, the Robotech Masters make a fifteen-year journey to Earth. They are desperate to obtain the proteculture factory. Diruing the journey, the Robotech Masters use up most of the precious protoculture matrix in order to allow their mecha and clone workers to function properly. These aliens are enveloped with a keen sense of urgency. They must have the protoculture for their race to continue along the path they have devised! Not only that, they have discovered an Invid sensor nebula scouting the fourth quadrant of the galaxy in the vicinity of Earth. Now it becomes a race against the biological clock to get the protoculture before it has a chance to mutate into the Invid Flower of Life. The Robotech Masters know that if they cannot recover the protoculture, or if it is found in its mutated condition, their only alternative to preserve the balance of the universe (as they see it) is to destroy the matrix and the host planet-Earth! The Robotech Masters are ageless and arrogant. They have devised a lifestyle where the lesser peoples-close-wait on their betters, the Robotech Masters. These aliens originally created the Zentaedi Warriors and the clones to serve the Robotech Masters. This class structure has continued for countless generations and has evolved into a lifeless, stagnant situation. The Robotech Masters cannot conceive of their creations as indivdual units, only as property. As a matter of course, in order to preserve a sense of dependency, they have devised a triad lifestyle wherein the clone slaves live and mate in groups of three. Independent thought and/or action outside the triad is severely punished. Why did the Robotech Masters devise such a class structure? The original Masters were obviously brilliant to have been able to develop and nurture the sciences their descendants live by Unfortunately, during the time of the Second Robtech War, the society has closed in on itself. It has already reached the height of its grandeur and seems to be waiting to die.

Zor Prime
Rank: Bioroid Pilot

Zor Prime is one of the most memorable and tragic heroes in the story of Robotech. The handsome youth is actually the first clone of Zor, the father of Robotechnology. He is the Robotech Masters' last hope to regain the secrets of the protoculture factory and Robotechnology. The original Zor did not agree with the philosophy of his fellow scientists. When he developed the science of Robotech, he safeguarded the material by hiding all of the data along with the only existing protoculture seed factory in the reflex furnaces of the SDF-1. Then he sent the battle fortress on a one-way trip into the nether regions of space. The Robotech Masters activiate Zor Prime in an effort to regain Zor's secrets and to use him as a spy against the humans. Their plans backfire. The clone shares the same thought patterns as the orginal Zor. Old images and memories return in a series of nightmares that are a source of untold torment. After all, Zor Prime is literally thrown into the midst of the humans. His miltary captors think he is one of the humans shanghaied into service for the invading aliens and an apparent amnesia victim. This cruel treatment is only another example of the callous attitude of the Robotech Masters. Eventually Zor Prime discovers who and what he is. He turns against the Robotech Masters and sacrifices himself to destroy the galactic tyrants. Unfortunately, his noble act results in the successful Invid invasion of Earth.

Rank: Clone, Non-military Status

Musica, with her sisters Octavia and Allegra, are responsible for keeping the worker-clones content. Musica plays the cosmic harp, an instrument as lovel and resonant as its muscician. Musica is happy in her position until she meets the human (and fellow musician), Bowie Grant. Her immediate and impossible attraction to the young man changes her life. To the alarm of her sisters and friends, she begins to question the ways of the Robotech Masters. Unable to condone the life-style imposed on her and her people, the gentle Musica eventually becomes one of the leading figures in the rebellion against the Robotech Masters.

Rank: Lieutenant

Karno is an example of the Robotech Masters' breeding and conditioning. The Robotech Masters intend him to be Musica's mate. The lovely musician rejects him because of her love for the Micronian, Bowie Grant. Karno is more upset over her independent thought, her rebellion against the "Robotech Way," thatn her personal commitment to another man. He cannot accept any changes in "the way." As a result, he seeks retreat in the military, hoping to destroy the Micronian menace before it corrupts any more of the Robotech people.

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