Macross Characters

Here are the Human Cast Members

Rick Hunter
Age: 19
Rank: Lieutenant

As an amateur pilot and close friend of Lt. Cmdr. Roy Fokker, Rick makes his first          apperance preforming a fly-by on the audience at the historic launch of the SDF-1 in his   acrobatic flying-circus plane, the Mockingbird.  Roy is not amused by the antics of his      young friend and scolds him from his podium over the Master PA system.  All fun and     games are put aside when the launch is disrupted by the unordered firing of the SDF-1's   Reflex main guns.  Shortly after the island is invaded by an alien armada of Zentraedi intent on capturing the SDF-1.  Rick is suddenly forced to grow up and take action at the command of Lisa Hayes. 
Rick saves the life of Lynn Minmei and devolops a crush on her.  As the series progresses and he grows up he realizes that Minmei's life to to different from his for them to have a relationship.  Also as the series goes along he begins to have feelings for his commander Lisa Hayes, which by the end of the Macross Saga he is in a solid relationship with. 
He becomes a dedicated and reliable leader of poeple and is promoted to the Rank of Admiral, and noted by Scott Bernard in the New Gereration series

Lisa Hayes
Age: 24
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

She couls have had any position in the United Earth Defence Forces, but when her fiancee, KArl Riber, is assigned to duty on Mars Base Sara Lisa chosses the Space Corps, noping to eventually join him.  Unfortunatly Karl is killed in an anti UEDF attack on Mars Base Sara.  When the SDF-1 is finished with it's refit Lisa is assigned as it's First Officer in charge os all operations.  In this position she handles, with authority and intelligence, all defence operations.  Because she devotes all her energy yo her work, she gains the reputation as a "cold fish".  However her hardline career woman attitude is only a mask for gentle, loving woman she realy is, and Rick finds out. 

Lynn Minmei
Age: 15
Rank: Non-Military

At the beginning of the Macross Saga, it would seem that Minmei is a 15-year old going on 5.  Her personality is best described as a butterfly, although she is always a scene-stealer.  Minmei is one os the brighest stars of the Robotech story.  Talented, charismatic, and beautiful, the young chinese girl becaumes the darling of the SDF-1.out of 70,000 residents of Macross city onboard the SDF-1, Minmei wins a beauty contest becoming "Miss Macross", a morale lifting symbol for military and civilians alike. 
But this seems only a game for her though.  a natural flirt, Minmei accepts the role as spritual cheerleader with enthusiam, but little real responsibility.  Unfortunately, her innocence and lack of maturity prevent her from recognizing the seriousness of Rick's intrest.  Still, it is Minmei's singing that inspires many of the Zentraedi to defect, and ultamtely turns the tide of battle in favor for the humans in this initial encounter.  Minmei grows to accept her responsibility as a leader in the reconstruction of earth after its destruction during the 1st Robotech War.

Roy Fokker
Age: 30
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Roy is the devil-may-care commander of the famed "Skul Squadron" and combat veteran of the Global waw that had ravaged Earth.  With the arrival of the SDF-1, Roy enlists in the United Earth Government's Robotech Defence Force.  He appears to be the classic swashbuckling hero, but roy is able to transcend this mold and be as compassionate and human as any of his crew.  it was during his stint as a famed air circus pilot, before his involvment in the military, that roy befriended young Rick Hunter.  During his involvment in the Global War he falls in love with and preposes to Claudia Grant.  His death in battle comes as a shock to all who knew and cared for him.  Still, Roy's dynamic presence continues to be felt throughout ther series.  He is the inspiration for Rick's incresed devotion to duty.

Henry J. Gloval
Age: 52
Rank: Captain

Captian Gloval is a perfect example of what a person can accomplish in the face of overwhelming odds.  He enters the Macross Saga as a war-weary veteran placed in command of the SDF-1.  Not only must he put the mysterious battle foutress through her paces, he had the added responsibility of breaking in a crew of raw recruits.  The initial shakedown cruse of the SDF-1 turns out to be rougher then expected when Gloval must defend Earth aginst invading aliens, aliens who have been bred fr countless generations to be perfect fighting machines.  With the possibility of total annihilation all tpp imminent, Captain Gloval fights back with a vengence.  He plots strategy for strategy against the Zentraedi, always keeping one step ahead.  His courage, skill, and determination become the essence of the RDF.

Maximillian Sterling
Age: 19
Rank: Lieutenant

Max is one of the first of the many young men from Macross City to enlist in the RDF after the Zentraedi attack.  It becomes immediately apperent that this trainee is a natrual when it comes to flying and fighting in the Veritech Fighter.  And, not only is Max a gifted pilot, he is also a charming, modest, and intelligent youth as well.  He is assigned to Rick's Vermilion squad and quickly distinguishes himself in battle.  Unfortunatlly, he distinguishes himself a bit too well. He defeats Miriya, a Zentraedi combat ace, sending her into a frenzy to revenge herself.  She infiltrates the SDF-1 in an attempt to assassinate Max but falls in love with him.  They marry, the first human-zentraedi union, and their child, Dana Sterling, grows to become one of Earth's greatest heroes during the war with the Robotech Masters.

Claudia Grant
Age: 28
Rank: Leiutenant JG

As communications Officer aboard the SDF-1, Claudia's job is to coordinate the various and complex media elements of the Fortress.  She is a fun-loving woman with a good sence of humor, the kind of person who knows just what to sat to creak a tense moment on the bridge.  She knows how to counsel her friend, Lisa Hayes, on matters of the heart as well.  From the first we are aware of Claudia's romantic involvment with the dashing Lt Cmdr Roy Fokker.  After Roy's death, Claudia is philosophical.  She recognizes that the effect of war can be sudden and final.  Claudia invests her energies into putting an end to the war whick claimed her fiancee.

Lynn Kyle
Age: 24
Rank: Non-Military

We first see Lynn Kyle as a student living on Earth.  He believes that his parents have been killed along with the rest of the inhabitants on Macross City during an anti-UEG terrorist attack.  He learns of their true fate when he finds Minmei at her parents home in Japan visiting after the 2 year absence.  He offers to go back tothe SDF-1 as her guardian so he can see his family, thinking they will be reloacated to a new home on the planet.  Kyle is a talented but tracherous young man ans suspects everyone to have the same bad characteristic he exibits.  He is an exploitative and manipulative manager, and poor Minmei gets little joy from her career with this slave-driver in charge.  Kyle's anti-military sentiments occasionally have the ring of truth.  Unfortunately, his ulterior motives peclude his sincerity.

Kim Young, Sammie Porter, Vanessa Leeds
Age: 23, 20, 23
Rank: Enlisted

Kim is Claudia's comm assistant.  Her assignment to the bridge crew is indicative of her abilities, although in her spare time she is more concernedwith having a good time and flirting with the pilots.  She is aided in this pursuit by her best friends and bridge mates.

Sammie is the yougest of the bridge crew.  Her naivete and obvious sence of wonder in Robotech's world of scientific marvels lay the groundwork for a strong, herioc character.  When the time comes to take charge of defending the SDF-1, she accepts the position without hesitation.

As part of the terrible trio, Vanessa feels it's her mission to fill her off-duty time with as much fun and excitment as possible.  She is the computer operator assigned to the bridge of the SDF-1 and although she loves her work and shipmates, she becomes quite homesick for Earth after years of isolation on the space fortress.

Here are the Zentraedi Cast Members

Rank: Commander

Essentially, Breetai in the leader of the Zentraedi Armada.  Breetai is a perfect example of Zentraedi breeding thecniques, he makes no decisions save those that deal directly with military matters.  His only concern is conquest at all costs.  All of this changes however, due to his contact with the Micronians, as the Zentraedi call humans.  Suddenly, this amoral tactician is faced with information he has never encountered before.  He is to intelligent a creature to ingore or deny what he sees, therefore, as Breetai assimilates this new data, he is ultimately forced to confront, and then reject his Zentraedi heritage to join with the humans in their cause.

Rank: Zentraedi Minister of Affairs

Exidore, advisor to Dolza and Breetai, is the voice of law reguarding the Zentraedi Way.  His physical deformities have caused his exemption from combat, so Exedore has focused his energies on the study of Robotechnology.  This brilliant scientist discovers that Robotechnology is the means of creating biomechanical life forces.  For Exedore, the SDF-1 is the physical embodiment of the future of Robotech, a key to immnorallity.  He very much wants to take the SDF-1 from the humans unharmed as ordered by the Masters.  However, Exedore is also aware of the Invid's intrest in Robotechnology and the fear of those aliens, in addition to his growing dissatisfaction with the Zentraedi way of life, force him to join with the Micronians in an effort to keep the secrets of Robotechnology from falling into the wrong hands.

Rank: Zentraedi Warlord

Khyron has a nickname, The Back Stabber, and he does his best to live up to it.  Of all the Zentraedi, Khyron probably exhibits more human characteristics when he first appears than his fellow aliens.  Unfortuantely, none of these attributes is good or noble.  He is a glory-hungry oppertunist who delights in the slaughter of his victims.  He will stop at nothng to achieve his own ends, from the annihilation of entire planets up to and including the sacrifice of his own men.  While Breetai and Exedore seek to capture the SDF-1 and the knowledge it holds, Khyron, bored with the lengthy war, schemes to destroy it.  He is not reluctant to sho his contempt for his superior officers or for the Zentraedi lifestyle.  Se hares a hidden relationship with Azonia, a high-ranking female Zentraedi Commander.  This goes against the Zentraedi culture, which forbids interpersonal relationships between men and wemon.  With the exception of Azonia, most of the Zentraedi reguard Khyron with fear and suspicion.

Rank: Captain, Zentraedi Air Force

As the ace fighter pilot of the Zentraedi Flotilla, Miriya leads the attack on the SDF-1 which results in the death of Roy Fokker.  However, during the battle, she is defeated by Lieutenant Max Sterling.  Her worrior pride, unable to accept defeat, leads her challenge again and again, only to be defeated over and over.  Miriya's obsession takes an interesting twist when she visits the Protoculture Chanber and has herself reduced from her normal size of 45' to that of a micronian in order to infiltrate the SDF-1 and assassinate Max.  Dirnig a savage knife fight with him, Miriya come to realize that the emotion she feels for him is love not hatered.  She vows to stay with her newfound mate and makes her home with the humans.  Miriya gives birth to a daughter, Dana.

Rank: Supreme Commander, General of the Zentraedi Armada

Dolza's interest in Robotechnology and the SDF-1 stems from the Zentraedi inability to repair any of the equipment in their vast armada.  This is one of the safeguards built into the system by the Robotech Masters when the Zentraedi were created.  While Dolza is unaware of the details of the system, he is intelligent enough to guess at these secrets with amazing accuracy.  Dolza forbids his solders to come into contact with the humans in any way other then assigned military missions.  He reasons that there is more of a connection between the Zentraedi and the humans than either side is aware of.  Eventually, he discovers that his theories are true.

Bron, Rico, Konda
Rank: Intelligence Operatives

Bron, Rico and Konda re spies send to infiltrate the SDF-1 to gather information which would be of value in plotting it's defeat.  As spies, they try to blend into their surroundings, to become an unnoticeable part of the human culture.  They succeed too well.  Not only are they seduced by the human way of life, they fall in love with the SDF-1 bridge bunnies.  Impressed with what they perceive to be ideal lifestyle, and Lynn Minmei's singing, they, and many others flock to the SDF-1 and request santuary.

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