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Love, Do you Remember?

Macross the Movie

Later, in a U. N. SPACY officer's lounge, Misa scolds Hikaru about his conduct with Minmay. Hikaru sits looking depressed, while Misa stands over him.

MISA: The PR department told me to specially pardon you because you rescued Miss Minmay. But any further disobedience of orders will lead to strict punishments. Remember that.


MISA: What is the matter? Are you dissatisfied?


MISA: (Annoyed by Hikaru's rebellious attitude) From now on you had better watch your conduct. Do you hear? DO YOU HEAR?

HIKARU quickly stands up and looking very stiff, stands at attention and salutes her.

HIKARU: Yes, sir!

MISA, frustrated with him since he reminds her of her own strict military background (also shown to us behind HIKARU is a recruiting poster featuring MINMAY), turns and walks out of the room in a huff. HIKARU slumps down in his chair.

HIKARU: So mean . . . I wonder how she can still be a woman?

Later, ROY and the guys rush into the lounge to HIKARU to celebrate his rescue and his time spent with the star, LYNN MINMAY. They all surround him at the table and press him for information about his "adventure."

ROY: You did it . . . you did it, Hikaru!


HAYAO: (Tweaking HIKARU: on the cheek) You, you womanizer! Boy, you did pretty good!

ROY: So, how did you enjoy our idol, Minmay?

HIKARU looks at them, confused.

MAX: (Mockingly didactic) I didn't know you were such an unscrupulous character. I'm disappointed in you.

HAYAO: Tell us what happened.

HIKARU: I didn't do anything.

HAYAO: Really! Do you actually think for one moment that we would believe that?

MAX: You will have to accept the responsibilities.

>>So naturally when HE gets involved later with Miria, he accepts the responsibilities.<<

HIKARU: But I really didn't do anything at all.

HAYAO: You didn't do anything to her in the three days you were alone with her?

HIKARU: Nothing.

ROY: And you still call yourself a man?


HIKARU: (Confused again) Huh?

In a cafe elsewhere in MACROSS CITY, some members of the female bridge crew look over a gossip magazine--PEOPLE again? and talk about HIKARU and MINMAY.

KIM: (Reading from the magazine) "What was she doing with Valkyrie pilot Ichijo?" "Has she decided to outgrow her `innocent girl' image?"

VANESSA: (Grabs magazine from Kim) Let me see..."Her mate was a pilot...a filthy relation?"

KIM: Just as I told you.

VANESSA: You're right. No one's innocent anymore these days.

KIM: The entertainment industry deserves corruption. I wonder what number he was?

SAMMI: How despicable, changing lovers like that.

VANESSA: Actually, you're jealous, aren't you?

SAMMI: (Nodding naively) Yes!

KIM: (Teasing Sammi) But the truth is she doesn't understand anything.

VANESSA: (Joins in teasing Sammi) That's right.

* * *

In her home, MINMAY watches a talk show about her and HIKARU.

GUEST: Minmay and pilot Ichijo could have gotten out of the area if they tried. But they didn't. Here lies the suspicion. Etc.

Dejected, MINMAY shuts off the TV in disgust and falls back on her bed in thought, staring at the holographic sculpture on her dresser.

At the officer's club, HIKARU reports to ROY, after he has finished his duties for the day. MISA and CLAUDIA are also there.

HIKARU: Lieutenant Commander, I've brought the patrol schedule chart for tomorrow.

ROY: Thanks. Why don't you have a drink with us before you go?

HIKARU: (Noticing MISA) No...I...

ROY: Come on, have a seat!

HIKARU: But...

MISA: I think I'll be going now.

ROY: What?

MISA: I don't want to be a bother to you.

ROY: Come on Hikaru. See, your superior's trying to make room for you.


HIKARU: sits down next to MISA.

Both of them look uncomfortable.

ROY: What's the matter, Hayase? What's this sulking face you're making? You should try to relax and act more like a woman when you are away from your post.

MISA: A person's habits are not always easily changed!

ROY: Ha, ha, got me there. Hayase, even though you graduated top of the class from military school, you're also a woman. So even if what a man does is wrong, it's important you sometimes pretend he's right. (Looking at HIKARU) And you, Hikaru!

HIKARU: Y-yes?

ROY: You're a man, aren't you? If you want a girl, you must be prepared to go after it. Don't get carried away laboring not to hurt her feelings. If you really love her, you must have the aggressiveness to make her your own by force, if necessary.

CLAUDIA: Oh, Roy. You have already said too much.

ROY: I'll show you how a man and a woman are supposed to act together. Open your eyes and watch closely.

ROY grabs CLAUDIA, pins her down on the couch, and kisses her.


HIKARU AND MISA: (Looking shocked) Huh?

CLAUDIA: See, the two look dazed.

ROY: Aww...that's all right. ROY begins to kiss CLAUDIA again as a waiter approaches the table.


WAITER: Excuse me, but there is a phone call for Mr. Ichijo.

HIKARU: For me?

WAITER: From one of your family members.

HIKARU: Family?

HIKARU grabs the phone.

HIKARU: This is Ichijo. What?...Really? I'll be right over.

ROY: What's wrong, Hikaru?

HIKARU: P-Please excuse me, but there is a sudden illness in my family.

HIKARU runs off.

ROY: (The only one who knows HIKARU does not have a family) Family?

HIKARU meets MINMAY in a park in MACROSS CITY. She sits on a park bench wearing a pony tail and a big pair of glasses, trying her best at disguise.

HIKARU: Sorry to keep you waiting.

MINMAY: Oh my. You can recognize me? I tried so hard to disguise myself.

HIKARU: I'd know you anywhere. I have all of your pictures.

MINMAY: I tried so hard.

HIKARU: Is it OK for you to be doing this?

MINMAY: Are you dissatisfied to be with me?

HIKARU: (Surprised) Huh? All right then...tonight I'll take you out on the town! What do you say to that?

MINMAY: Great!

After a busy and fun-filled tour of the city >>One of the backdrops includes a KMEL-106 bumper sticker. Apparently, during one of director Kawamori's stays in the Bay Area, he came to like the station<< MINMAY and HIKARU rest on a park bench with a big window in front of it, providing a spectacular view of space.

MINMAY: I've become sick of my present life.

HIKARU: I suppose, if your dream is to become a star, you must endure a little.

The planet Saturn slides into the view of the window.

MINMAY: Ah. It's so beautiful. I wish I could go there.

HIKARU decides that he is going to treat MINMAY to a flight outside in a VT-1 two-seater trainer type SUPER VALKYRIE. MINMAY is a little scared by HIKARU'S flying...and the fact that they are using the VALKYRIE without permission.

MINMAY: (Relieved to be alive after one of HIKARU'S maneuvers) Whew! But are you sure we can just leave without any authorization?

HIKARU: (Waving the question aside) I'm going to take you to see an incredible thing!


HIKARU: Ready to go?

HIKARU has the VT-1 blast away into the rings of Saturn.


HIKARU flies through some of the rings, kicking up the dust with his VALKYRIE. He flies through one of the rings, scattering the ice particle in it. Then, he turns the VT-1 around so that they can view the rainbow.

HIKARU: You can open your eyes now.

MINMAY: (Noticing the rainbow) Wow! (Hugging Hikaru from behind his seat in the VT-1) This is the greatest!

HIKARU: This is the rainbow of Saturn.

Aboard his battle cruiser, BRITAI receives a mysterious order from his superior, BODOLZA.



BODOLZA: Your report has been analyzed. Capture an enemy microne human as a specimen.

BRITAI: Understood! (To EXEDOR) What is he going to do with a specimen?

EXEDOR: The Supreme Commander must have a plan.

One of the soldiers on the bridge notifies BRITAI.

SOLDIER: Reconnaissance reports the appearance of one Meltran vessel across the primary warning line.


SOLDIER: What shall we do now?

BRITAI: Reinforce our defense. Do not let Meltran near us.

EXEDOR: If we do not act quickly, it is possible Meltran will succeed before us.

BRITAI: Understood. Commence execution of the microne capture operation immediately.

MINMAY sings, as she and HIKARU fly among the ice in the rings of Saturn.


You walk indifferently ahead.

I follow you with a sulking face.

The shiny white beach goes on forever.

You say I love him, But I love you more.

Always together on Sunset Beach, Ocean breeze, big wave.

He, who's starting to occupy my heart, Jumps around merrily.

Surf, sun, pendant.

An afternoon at Sunset Beach...

A message on the VALKYRIE'S intercom interrupts MINMAY. LIEUTENANT MISA HAYASE and MINMAY'S brother, LYNN KAIFUN have come for MINMAY in a shuttle craft from the MACROSS (MINMAY has a homing device on her).

MINMAY: Huh? MINMAY tries to hind from the intercom camera behind her helmet.

MISA: (On the intercom) No use hiding, Miss Minmay.

MINMAY: I'm sorry...

MISA: I'm amazed! Using a Valkyrie for a personal reason?

MINMAY: It isn't Hikaru's fault. I asked him to take me!

KAIFUN: Minmay! Come back IMMEDIATELY!

MINMAY: (Startled) Big brother!

KAIFUN: (To HIKARU over the radio) Ensign Ichijo! If the media ever find out about this, it would be the end of her career! I've already taken care of those in the upper ranks, but I won't have mercy on you.

HIKARU: I understand. I was already prepared to take my punishment.

KAIFUN: What a pilot. Now hurry and get back to the ship!

HIKARU: (To MINMAY) Let's go home.

MINMAY: (Like a stray kitten picked up by its mother) Yes...

The group of ZENTRADI BATTLE PODS that BRITAI has sent to capture the MICRONES arrives on the scene. Their orders are to capture, but not harm, the specimens.

HIKARU: (Surprised) Dammit!

KAIFUN: (Furiously shouts at MISA, as though this ZENTRADI attack is all her fault) An enemy attack! DO SOMETHING!

MISA: I know! (Talking into the radio to the MACROSS) This is Lieutenant Hayase. Relay this to Lieutenant Commander Fokker's quarters...THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

HIKARU manages to outmaneuver the ZENTRADI PODS, getting the VALKYRIE into a firing position.

HIKARU: Don't worry. I'll take care of them. He presses the fire button on his control stick...but nothing happens.

MINMAY: Hikaru...? He tries to fire again.

HIKARU: Oh no, I forgot this is a training plane!

HIKARU turns the VT-1 around to try his best to outrun the ZENTRADI BATTLE PODS and get back to the MACROSS.

MISA: That's strange...I wonder why they don't fire?

A ZENTRADI POD manages to catch up to the VALKYRIE. It looks very big up close.

MINMAY: (Screaming) Go away!

HIKARU: Dammit, stop teasing us!

ROY arrives on the scene in his VF-1S SUPER VALKYRIE. He appears a little drunk (they probably called him out when he was about to hit his bunk). He pulls up behind HIKARU and the pursuing ZENTRADI.

ROY: (Over the radio) Hey, Hikaru! Making trouble again, eh?


ROY: But you did the right thing...(belch) need that aggressiveness to use force if you want to make that girl your own, you know.

HIKARU: Roy! You're drunk!

ROY: Stupid! Who can go to war if he is afraid of alcohol?

ROY is alerted by his heads-up weapons display that some of the ZENTRADI SOLDIERS are in firing range. He performs a rolling maneuver and destroys three of the pursuing soldiers. But some of the ZENTRADI manage to capture HIKARU'S VALKYRIE and MISA'S shuttle craft. ROY is too involved in shooting down ZENTRADI PODS and does not notice until it's too late.

HIKARU (Startled by the soldiers catching his VALKYRIE) Wha...!

MINMAY: (Screaming) Go away!


ROY doesn't notice yet.

ROY: (Shooting down pod) Yeah! Did you see that, Hikaru?

At last he notices they're caught, but the ZENTRADI have already taken them inside their ship...this isn't good. The ZENTRADI SOLDIERS make it back to BRITAI'S SHIP with the captured "MICRONE specimen." ROY, his VALKYRIE changing into BATTLOID mode, follows them into the entrance of the ship. An armed group of ZENTRADI soldiers greet him, forcing him to surrender. The prisoners are gathered together in a large cell, which is really nothing but a huge MICRONE container. BRITAI and EXEDOR walk up to the container to interrogate the MICRONE prisoners. BRITAI'S face fills the view above the prisoners, revealing just how big the ZENTRADI are. They are all startled by the sight.


KAIFUN: (Awed) Who are they?

EXEDOR: Enemy's language is already interpretable. Answer Zentran's questions.

BRITAI: How can micrones of Man and Woman coexist?

HIKARU: Micrones of man and woman?

ROY: What?

MISA: I wonder what they're after?

BRITAI: We have already found that Man and Woman can coexist on the same ship.

HIKARU: What's the use in finding that out?

MISA: It seems their culture is different from ours.

BRITAI: Why does not Enemy fight? Why did Enemy become micrones?

MISA: Unlike you giants, we are born this way.

EXEDOR: "Boorn?" Does "boorn" mean "created?"

MISA: Created?

EXEDOR: Yes, is that not correct?

ROY: Well, essentially you're right. Man and woman cooperate to "create."

EXEDOR: Man and Woman cooperate? Unthinkable!

BRITAI: Why do not fight?

ROY: Are you kidding? It's far better to hug a woman than fight her.

BRITAI: "Huug?" Show what is "huug."

ROY: THIS is a hug...

ROY grabs MINMAY, but KAIFUN objects.

KAIFUN: Hey! What do you think you are doing?

BRITAI: Do Man and Woman of your kind always perform such unthinkable?

ROY: (Kidding BRITAI) Yes...with kisses and everything else included.

BRITAI: "Keese?" Show what is "keese."

ROY is stumped this time.

ROY: That is...

BRITAI'S patience wears thin. He smashes the container as he reaches in and grabs MINMAY in his fist.

MINMAY: (Screaming) AHH!

BRITAI: Show what is "keese!"

KAIFUN: (Stepping forward) I'll kiss her! Let her go!

BRITAI: (Setting MINMAY back down) Very well...

KAIFUN: (Whispering to MINMAY) Quick, act it out, or they will kill us.

He begins to kiss her.

MINMAY: What? Ahh...

This display shocks the two ZENTRADI.


* * *

The prisoners are taken away in two separate containers, a ZENTRADI guard carrying each one. MINMAY and her brother KAIFUN are in one container. ROY, HIKARU, and MISA are in the other. Each of the groups is taken away in different directions. HIKARU sees MINMAY taken somewhere else, away from him.

HIKARU: (Depressed, looking out of the window of the container) Minmay...

MINMAY: (Looking at HIKARU from the window of her container) Hikaru...

HIKARU: Minmay...

ROY: Imagine that...they freaked out when they saw just a kiss.

MISA: It would appear that their men fight against their women.

All of a sudden, gunfire is heard. The ZENTRADI guard carrying HIKARU'S container is shot dead. Shots also shatter the container. HIKARU, ROY, and MISA make a break for it. A troop from the all-female MELTRANDI is making a surprise attack on BRITAI'S battle cruiser. The fierce warrior MIRIA 639 leads this small group of women.

ROY: Is everyone all right?

MISA: Yes.

HIKARU: Barely!

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the ship . . .

INTERCOM MESSAGE: Intrusion by Meltran! Three of the micrones have escaped in the confusion!

BRITAI: Put the ship on full alert! Annihilate the enemy and capture the micrones. (Bitterly)...that we let this Meltran intrusion happen...

EXEDOR: We still have two micrones in detention. We must take them to the Supreme Commander.

In their escape, ROY, HIKARU, and MISA stumble across the area where their fighter crafts are stored.

ROY: We found them!

ROY'S VALKYRIE is still in BATTLOID mode. He climbs to the head to enter the cockpit. Just as they are getting into their fighters, some ZENTRADI soldiers discover them. But ROY makes quick use of his brain.


ROY: Hikaru! Do a kiss!

HIKARU: What? Oh yeah, that's right...!

HIKARU turns and grabs MISA.

HIKARU: Excuse me!


MISA: (surprised) What?

The soldiers are stunned. They can only stare, as HIKARU and MISA kiss.


HIKARU finishes kissing MISA. She slaps him.

HIKARU: (Holding a hand to his cheek) That hurt!

MISA: (Holding her hand that she hit HIKARU with) Hurry!

HIKARU: You don't have to tell me...

HIKARU closes the fighter canopy and begins to take off.

HIKARU: I must rescue Minmay.

The MELTRANDI women burst in upon the scene, blowing away any ZENTRADI soldier in sight. ROY and HIKARU park their VALKYRIES under cover and watch the battle.

MIRIA: (Blowing away another ZENTRADI soldier) Too weak...


The body of the soldier falls at her feet. More ZENTRADI arrive on the scene to fire at MIRIA. She picks up the body of the dead soldier at her feet, using it as a shield. Then, she throws the body at the other ZENTRADI soldiers. The dead soldier's BATTLE SUIT explodes, killing some more ZENTRADI. Next, she cuts down the remaining ZENTRADI with the machine guns in her BATTLE SUIT. Blood and body parts start falling all over the ground. With the foot of her ARMORED BATTLE SUIT, she crushes the head of one of the SOLDIERS.

MIRIA: Disappointing. None can match my fighting?

Satisfied with the damage she has caused, MIRIA instructs her troops to leave. She flies to the ceiling of the hangar bay and fires several missiles to blow a hole to the outside. Then, she escapes into space. As the other MELTRANDI soldiers follow her, an unseen ZENTRADI soldier shoots one of them down. The female soldier and her BATTLE SUIT crash to the floor. She struggles out of her BATTLE SUIT, crawling out onto the floor. Mortally wounded, she quickly dies, giving HIKARU, MISA, and ROY their first glimpse of a MELTRANDI, the giant female warrior counterpart to the ZENTRADI.

HIKARU: It's a woman!

MISA: Men and women ARE fighting!

HIKARU: What's going on?

ROY steps out of his hiding place, seeing a chance to escape in all of the confusion caused by the MELTRANDI.

ROY: Hikaru! Now! This is the chance to escape!

HIKARU: Yes, sir!

All of a sudden, a ZENTRADI soldier drops from his hiding place in the ceiling. He clobbers ROY'S VALKYRIE. The VF-1S stumbles to the floor. This is the ruthless KAMUJIN 03350, a ZENTRADI OFFICER.

KAMUJIN: Will not escape, microne!

HIKARU, his VALKYRIE in GERWALK mode, rushes at KAMUJIN. The fist on his VALKYRIE'S arms are balled in anger.

HIKARU: Stop it! Aah!

(Charging at KAMUJIN) KAMUJIN turns to shoot at HIKARU:, but ROY blasts at KAMUJIN, making him fall to the floor in his BATTLE SUIT. KAMUJIN gets out to leap on top of ROY, just as his BATTLE SUIT explodes. He rips the canopy of ROY'S VALKYRIE off, glaring at ROY, exposed and injured.


ROY: Get out of here! Go rescue Minmay! Hurry...

ROY then faces KAMUJIN.

ROY: Shit, you!

With KAMUJIN standing over his VALKYRIE, ROY manages to have the manipulator arm of his battloid lift its GUN POD and blast KAMUJIN in the chest. The wounded KAMUJIN spits blood inside his helmet on the faceplate. He falls dead on top of ROY'S BATTLOID. ROY himself is fatally wounded. His battloid begins to overheat.

ROY: Hikaru...tell Claudia...


ROY'S VALKYRIE explodes in a great ball of orange flame.


MISA: Don't waste this opportunity his death gave us.

HIKARU: What! You cold...(notices Misa is about to break down weeping)

MISA: Minmay has a homing device. Follow its signal.

HIKARU: (Understanding) Roger...

Meanwhile, on the bridge of this battle cruiser...

NAVIGATOR: Energy level rising. Flagship coordinates estimation completed.

BRITAI: Long-range fold, stand by.

HIKARU, following MINMAY'S homing device, has located where she and KAIFUN are held. He uses the manipulator arms of the VALKYRIE to rip the wall apart and sticks the nose of his GERWALK through the wall.


MINMAY: Hikaru! (Turning to her brother KAIFUN) It's Hikaru! He's come for us! (Noticing something strange) Ahh?

As HIKARU starts to come through the wall, the room begins to blur out of focus. There is a strange humming noise.

MISA: A fold! This ship is trying to fold!

The big ship begins its hyperspace fold. A MELTRANDI outside shoots one last missile at the ship, creating a hole in the outer wall. The vacuum sucks HIKARU'S VALKYRIE into space. HIKARU dives back at the ship, hoping to get back in before it disappears.


MINMAY: Hikaru...

HIKARU'S VALKYRIE is caught in the battle cruiser's hyperspatial field.


GERWALK disappears into a hyperspatial storm.

MINMAY: (Crying) Hikaru...Hikaru...

BRITAI'S battle cruiser fades into hyperspace.

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