Often described as the flowers of the mineral kingdom, crystals have fascinated humankind from the earliest times, Tales of Lemuria and Atlantis indicate that these fabled civilizations had harnessed the magical power of crystals for both practical and esoteric use and then fell because  if the abuse of that awesome power.

Crystals have been found in the tombs and temples of the ancient Egyptians. References to the magical powers of stones and explanations of how crystals were formed are found throughout Greek Mythology, Pliny, a naturalist of ancient Rome, meticulously recorded the properties crystals were believed to have had at the time, including their ability to replicate.

Crystals were mined and used extensively throughout the Middle Ages where they were often considered to possess magical powers and healing energies. They were frequently ground to powders and taken mixed with water as medicines.

Native Americans used at least eighty different stones before European settlement, Many of these stones were used in healing and spiritual ceremonies or carried as talismans, others were used in more practical ways.

What are Crystals. 

A crystal is a mineral or combination of minerals that has formed in a regular, geometric shape. Some crystals are formed when lava from the earth’s core pushes its way through rock, slowly cooling. Some are the result of the fusion of minerals on the surface of the earth, which will be formed when a mineral is placed under enormous pressure and exposed to heat deep within the earths crust. Quartz crystal is made from silica, one of the most commonly found components of the human body. A wide variety of crystals belong to the quartz family.


Choosing your crystals.

Receiving a crystal as a gift is always a precious experience, and as you begin to use crystals You may discover that you begin to find crystals, or rather they will “find” you. It is not uncommon for these crystals to be just what you need at that given moment. It is also not uncommon to lose crystals, and many crystal healers see this as an indication that the crystal has served its purpose and is no longer required. The best place to first buy crystals is from a store or market stall where the retailer has a genuine interest in their crystals. A good retailer will be able to tell you the general characteristics and traits of a stone, and encourage you to trust your intuition when purchasing a crystal. Crystals grab your attention, You suddenly find your eye drawn to one and it will not let go, you simply have to have it, Or you dip your hand into a tub of stones and one sticks to your fingers, These are the crystals for you, and they are letting you know it.


Caring for your crystal.

Crystals can benefit from being recharged by the energy in sunlight for a short period of time, Too much exposure to direct sunlight can fade the  colour from many stones, However it makes sense to take advantage of their beauty and display them in a well-lit part of your home or office that is not in direct sunlight.

Cleansing the stones of undesirable energies when you first purchase them and then regularly after that will keep the crystals energized and maintain their luster. Crystals should always be treated with care as, although hard to the touch, they can often be fragile and prone to chipping or breaking. There are many ways in which you can cleanse the crystal, choose the one you are most comfortable with.   


Place the crystals in a glass or ceramic bowl filled with cold water and place it outside where it can be bathed in moonlight overnight, Full moons are an excellent time to cleanse the crystals and some people choose to make this a monthly ritual, This method is not recommended if your crystal has been set as a piece of  jewellery as soaking may loosen any adhesive used. It is also not recommended for turquoise which may loose some of its colour through this process.

 Sun bath.

Firstly rinse the stones under running water and then place the crystals in a position where they can catch the rays of the sun as it reaches its peak intensity around noon. Leave for an hour or so.


Leave the crystals in fresh seawater or in a solution of water and sea salt for a few hours, never use hot water to cleanse a crystal as the heat can cause the crystal to split or fracture.


Use a simple meditation to visualize all negative energy flowing from the crystal with each outward breath you make, After a few minutes, imagine the crystal full of brilliant light, clean and clear.

Return to the earth.

You may choose to return your crystals to the earth to cleanse them: this may mean burying them in a pot plant or in rich soil in your garden, but remember where you put them. If your crystal is single terminated, place with the point facing upwards. Leave for two or three days and the uncover.



  Root :      Jasper (bloodstone), garnet, onyx, ruby. 

  Second     (womb): hematite, moonstone.

  Third       (solar plexus): citrine, amber, topaz.

  Fourth     (heart): rose quartz, Chinese Fluorite .  

  Fifth       (throat): aquamarine, turquoise .     

  Sixth       (third eye):  sapphire,  turquoise,  amethyst.

  Seventh    (crown): clear quartz or amethyst.


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