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Welcome to the home of G.H.I.O. , Ghost Hunters & Investigators of the Ozarks!  We are a paranormal reseach team that is headquartered in the "Summit City of the Ozarks", Aurora, MO. G.H.I.O.'s  main purpose is investigating paranormal activity such as hauntings, legends, and strange, unexplainable sightings throughout Southwest MO and the surrounding Ozarks. G.H.I.O. also strives to be active in the community as well, which we call OPERATION: R.I.P., Restoration In Progress.  In this G.H.I.O. participates in volunteer work throughout the area communities. Fill free to check out the website and tell us what you think;, so please email us by going to the CONTACT US link.Thank You, G.H.I.O.
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