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Righto I need a favour from all of you. It wont cost you a cent or subject you to spam. All you gota do is click on this link then join my army. Don't ask just do.

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For a long time now I have been cruising around the net trying to find information about the 4wd'ing to be found in my local area (TOWNSVILLE QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA). At the same time I have wanted to build my own site. So the two have come together and this is the result.

I intend to use this site to let other people know about the places that I have found and at the same time hopefully find out about some myself. I will also from time to time subject you to my rambling's about any topic that bug's the hell out of me i.e.. The National Parks apparent love of locked gates. Is the one that springs to mind. I will also include trip reports of any of my adventures so you may know that you are not the only one to have it all turn to a large pile of brown sticky organic substance, despite months and months of planing and preparation.

26th may 2002

Well I have just gotten home after 6 months away! By god it is good to be home. Not as much work was done to the cruiser as I had hoped but you get that don't you. I did a bit of a trip to Rockhampton as soon as we got home. The photos and story are in Places To Go. due to the cruiser not being on the road yet we had to take the pajero, as it was I could only get away for one day. But what a day.

Some work has been done on the old girl. And I now have a digital camera so hopefully now it will all start happening

6th June 2002

I have just added a new section devoted to what I have done to and am doing to my cruiser. Things are looking up. But not as much as I would like but then when you are doing up a 4x4 things are never as good as you would like them that is the reason why we do these things!

June 14, 2002

Well I have started to change the site around a bit I hope you like it. Either way let me know. Make sure you have a look at the "My Toyota FJ40" page as that is the most regularly up dated. Oh and Go sign my guist book even if just to say G'day.

Feb 5th, 2003

G'day to all. well the "My Fj-40" part of the site look's to be the most active but i hope that is soon to change. That's right folks Tagati the cruiser is almost back on the road. So here is hopping that the trips page will become a whole lot more active.

This Christmas I again made the trip down to Rockhampton and another run out to 9 mile beach. ounce again the pajero was taken. oh well maybe next year the cruiser will get a go.

Tagati is in the shop today getting the safety certificate done and i am hoping to get her on the road by the weekend. I have already organised a trip to ollera creek with at least one mate who drives a 130 land rover with twin ARB air lock's OME suspension and a set of muddies so that will be fun. I will also try to get another mate who just brought an 85 vouge Range Rover. It's very stock but i am looking forward to hearing that v8 revving it's freckle out! Gee I hope he can keep the corgi's from scratching that wood grain dash.

On a side note i have recently become a member of the Land cruiser mail list They seem like a good bunch even if most of them don't speak English (They live in the U.S). But jokes aside It's a great source of info for any cruiser not out their. You can also search the Archive for posts on any subject, this has saved me a lot of time in the past and i would recommend it to anybody doing up a cruiser


Feb 8th 2003

Well the bloody cruiser is still in the shop, So I am left with mucking about with my site about 4wding while not 4wding myself. The good news is that the Photo's page is back up as well as the trip's page so have a look and enjoy.

Feb 21st 2003

Good news today the photo page is back up for real this time. Thanks for everyone who came and had a look and thanks to WJ for pointing out my mistake. Have a look at his site It's huge with a lot of very useful links WJ's 4x4 homepage

I also reduced the size of most of the photos due to my running out of space on the server, It also makes looking at them a lot more fun if you have dial up.

Now for the bad New's! Tagati is still in the shop! It's been almost 4 week's now and not having her is getting a bit old.


Ok I got the cruiser back and I broke it again for the full story go here. Their is no end to my pain.

June 8th 2003

Well just like it says above I got the cruiser back but I broke it yet again, this time it's the alternator but their is more to it than just that! find out more in the My Toyota FJ40 page. On top of all my 4x4 problems my old computer finally died but all is well as I now have an even better and faster new one ( not that the power of the old one was hard to out do)

14th Jan 2004

G'Day again. well I have been a bit slack with the site since I got back from over seas. Tagati now has disk brakes in the front and I have got a power steering set up from a 60s cruiser in the shead. I have been doing a bit of wheeling up and down Mt Louisa and that is about it. new photos in the photo page

27th June 2004

Well it has been a while hasn't it Quite a lot has happened since I did the last update. Firstly in January I got a bit crook. I had a pulmonary embolus. What the hell is that you ask? Well apparently I had a blood clot in my leg or a DVT ( I thought it was just a cramp) a bit broke off and went into my lungs. not good. Long story short it nearly killed me and I had to take a drug called Warfarin for the last 6 months, and get 2 blood tests a week, not fun. But that's all over and done with now and life goes on ...... thank god.

So anyway the other big thing to happen to me was I found a forum called Outerlimits4x4... Awesome I have meet lotsa cool guy's and girls on their and their is a huge amount of info and fun to be had their so if you are not already a member get on over their sign up and say G'Day.

The other thing is that I am finaley getting a V8 for the cruiser. It's a Holden 308 Stroker.

But wait theirs more. Team TAGATI has been borne and we competed in our first comp. did OK too if I do say so myself. I am going to add a com page sooner or later and some other things when I get around to it. In the meantime get on over to the ASCC home page and have a look around and if you live in or around Townsville you could even come out to Black river and have a look at the next round.





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