Farmer Fitzgibbons' Farmyard

Created: 2/2/2000


Hi and welcome to the Fitzgibbons' farm. I'm Farmer Fitzgibbons, your most humble servant. Ever since I could remember, I've been hearing about "The Secret of NIMH" but I never really saw it until recently when Nickelodeon started that new fragment called "Nick Flicks." Every Sunday afternoon Nick would ran a movie, probably just a hour and a half time fuller since their weekend shows are mostly reruns. Anyway, NIMH was the third or fourth movie shown on "Nick Flicks" and I made sure not to miss it. Ever since then, I had a passion for it.

On this site, you'll find a Photo galley, Fan Fiction, NIMH jokes/parodies and other humer, perhaps some fan art (although none of my own), and a lot more.

The Fields

The Imge galley

Fan Fiction


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