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Added 3-2-2009: a webpage on Peter Philp's Furniture of the World
Furniture of the World

Added 5-18-2008: Two pages of notes on Burton Rascoe's Titans of Literature
Literature page 1
Literature page 2

Added 2-12-2007: A summary of the book on the
Native Art of Norway

Added 6-15-2006: Some history notes about the castles built in Wexford, Ireland (this includes a photograph as well as a photograph added to the history page on New Ross):
Wexford Castles

Added 5-1-2006: Some history notes about New Ross, Ireland
New Ross

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Dawn of a New Era 1250 - 1453 by Edward P. Cheney

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Summaries on the book The Dawn of a New Era 1250 - 1453 by Edward P. Cheney:
Trade and Wealth..... .....Merchants and Bankers
Rise of the Middle Class..... Popular Insurrections .....Hundred Years War
Decline of the Church..... .....The Spread of Heresy
Language, Literature and Art..... Revelation of the East..... Eastern Frontiers of Europe.....

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