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Welcome to Evelyn's Polymer Clay Site

Welcome inside!

This is my website about my craft in "polymer clay".

I am a woman, age 37.

When I was a child and teenager, I was very creative, but as grown up, I have had my primary focus on my work (IT), and therefore I have not had much time for working with my creative sides (although designing computer systems require quite a lot of creativity :-) ). But now I feel, I have reached a moment in my life, where I HAVE TO experiment with my creativity, and I work as a part-time artist.

By surfing the Net and reading books, I have "discovered" this media "polymer clay", and have become DEEPLY FASCINATED! In Denmark/Scandinavia you can buy the media as FIMO or Cernit, but it's only sold as a media for children, and there is no information about its vast possibilities. But via the Net I found out, what a fantastic material it is, and that it can be used for making sculptures, jewellery, dolls, boxed, vessel, vases and a lot of other things.

This website is my window to the world, where interested can se, what I am making. If you too get fascinated, you can contact me, or you can use some of the links, which I have put on my site.

As a great part of the artistic development in this area takes place outside Denmark/Scandinavia, most of my links will lead to international websites (mainly english and american), but the e-group PolyLerDanmark is a e-group in danish (interscandinavian) and the website Polymer Clay Danmark, which I also have made, will try to show some of the basic techniques used on the media.

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