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Webmistress's Introduction: Hi, my name is Rainbow SweetPea51, but I'm known as SweetPea51 in the Emergency! and other fandoms on the Internet.  The original 1970s Emergency! is always my favorite TV show for years since I was a very young child.  Of course, I'm still addicted to watch some videotapes during my dinner or spare time.  Kevin Tighe (Roy DeSoto, FF/PM) is my Emergency! favorite actor.  Johnny Gage and Mike Stoker are my favorite Emergency! characters because they were the most handsome and tall men from the L.A. County Fire Station 51 in the 1970s.  I hope you enjoy visiting my Emergency! Firehouse website.  :o)

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Table of Content

~General Fiction~
(G, PG, PG-13, and mildly R stories by guest authors)

Dorm Room
~Adult/Slash Fiction~
(R, NC-17, and Slash stories by guest authors)

Holiday Reading Room
(Holiday stories by SweetPea51 and guest authors)

Gage-Stoker Fashion City
(General and M/M Slash stories by SweetPea51 and guest authors)

Crossover Universe
(Crossover stories with other fandoms)

Exclusive E! Archive
(Exclusive stories by SweetPea51 and guest authors)

1990s Emergency! Series
(My exclusive stories in this unique series for fun.)

SweetPea51's FanFiction Library
(My fic stories in various fandoms.)

Game and Trivia Room
(E! Firehouse's fun games and trivia)

Cast of Characters
(Let's find out who portrayed the characters on E! TV show.)

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